TOP 3 – Best Platforms to Invest

TOP 3 – Best Platforms to Invest

Are you starting to take your first steps in the world of trading? Don’t know which platform to start trading with? So this article is for you because today we bring you theThe 3 best trading platforms for beginners.


This broker is a classic for trading on the depósito market. It has 2 million users and is the leading investment platform in Europepartly thanks to its low commissions.

Rotation is focused on the long term investments, especially focused on shares, ETFs, as well as bonds, funds and other instruments. Therefore, it does not have many advanced options.

When you start the session, in the sidebar on the left, you will have different options. The last one isProducts‘ where you perro see the different instruments to invest such as stocks from different countries, ETFs with zero commissions, bonds, investment funds and also options and futures.

The available alternatives will depend on the type of account you have; although the most used is Basic accountyou also have Active account and Trader account which are the ones that allow futures, options and even the option to leverage.

One of the things to note about DeGiro is that, within each asset, you have a sub bar where you perro see the company profileits financial statement, ratio, analysis, indicators and a lot of related information, including whether it pays dividends or not.

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This is the most famous CFD contract based broker in the world.

eToro is a fairly intuitive site and simply using the seeker you perro find the company or asset that interests you. In his profile you will be able to see news, statistics, graphs and others that will allow you to orient yourself.

By clicking on Invest and accept the conditions This is when you cánido buy long or sell, betting that the price will go down. Here you perro invest in quantity, even buying partial shares or directly with units.

Within this section you have the options of Stop loss, Take a profit and Leverage, which will vary depending on the type of action or asset.

In the section Discoveryou perro browse the different categories in which to invest.

To access eToro clic here:

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payer is a cryptocurrency wallet It has a fairly fácil graphical interfaz. Upon entering we cánido see the most famous cryptos.

In each of them you perro clic on To depositto make a purchase with a card or by sending money from another platform here, or Withdraweither to your card or another wallet.

in option Trade you perro access graphs, statistics and useful information, all detailed in a fácil and basic way.

Clicking Exchangeyou will be able to transfer funds from one wallet to another.

To access Payeer clic here:

Go to Payeer


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 TOP 3 – Best Platforms to Invest
  TOP 3 – Best Platforms to Invest
  TOP 3 – Best Platforms to Invest

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