TOP 3 Best income and expense programs

TOP 3 Best income and expense programs

We all want to take control of our economy. And thanks to technology it is becoming easier and easier. Now, in order for the service you enjoy to be according to your needs, it is very important that you take into account your situation as a worker and the frequency of your income. In this article we will highlight the best programs for those who are self-employed.

What are the best programs for managing your finances being self-employed? What are the advantages of using them? And how cánido you do it? Next, you will be able to answer all these questions.

accounting ten free

The program Accounting TenFree is based on the registration of entries. Just as accounting is carried out in any company and with very afín results. In this way, the program will have all the information required to present your real financial statement.

How to use Accounting Ten Free?

To use it you must download the program and install it on your computer or phone. Then you just have to customize it according to your needs. Once this is done, you will have to entrar the information of each of your commercial operations, be it income or expense.

The program allows you to entrar a maximum of 300 seats in a year. Since you are a self-employed person, it is a quite acceptable amount. But, if you require more than that amount, you perro get the paid version and enjoy the unlimited seating service.

Advantages of Accounting Ten Free

The Ten free Accounting program offers multiple advantages that are well worth knowing and taking advantage of. These advantages make it one of the top 3 programs in its class. We will discuss just some of them below.

  • legal books. Just like a company’s accounting works, this program records the entries you make and espectáculos you the books required by law on the subject of finance.
  • Personalization. By being self-employed, you cánido have income that is not fixed. But it is you who makes the seats so that is not a problem.
  • Update. It updates automatically to give you the best service.
  • Laws of the country. Comply with all the requirements and forms required by law.

Disadvantages of Accounting Ten Free

It is true that it also has disadvantages, which we want you to also keep in mind when deciding whether to use it or not. This is one:

  • You must make sure that your computer meets the requirements demanded by the program. And it must be so, to be able to enjoy all its functions.


The program contasimple It was created with the purpose that you perro manage your money inflows and outflows in a practical and fácil way. Thanks to it, you perro obtain the necessary information for tax calculation, as well as the profit and loss statement corresponding to the period you want. In addition, you perro keep up to date with the 4 books required by law with this program.

How to use Contasimple?

Whether on the phone, computer or even on the web, you cánido enjoy its features. And you don’t have to download it because it is a program in which work directly from the internet. Which will allow you to entrar this program at any time and place.

You must necessarily provide your financial situation without omitting any detail. Once this is done, the program fills in, as the case may be, the corresponding accounting book. In a few steps, you perro see your updated financial condition, as well as the amount to pay as tax.

Advantages of Contasimple

The advantages of using this program are great. One that stands out above the others is that, as it is an en línea program, you will always be up to date with the legal regulations that govern accounting in the country. Other benefits are the following:

  • Adaptation. You perro use this program in different countries and since the laws may vary from one country to another, the program allows you to adjust it.
  • All in one. Accounting, taxes, projections, among others are just some of the functions available to you.

What cánido we say about the disadvantages of using the Contasimple program? Well, we think it’s just one. Your financial information is not stored on your computer or phone but In Internet. And that perro pose some risk.


The program moneywiz It is undoubtedly an excellent tool to manage your money. You cánido use it on your computer or your móvil inteligente. Its design is practical and fácil, so you shouldn’t worry too much about knowing how to use it, even if you’re new.

How to use Moneywiz?

You need to download the program and install it on your computer or phone. The same program will tell you what you have to do to install and configure it. You cánido use the budget option to equipo goals What do you want to achieve in the short or medium term?

you should also entrar income and expense information. You perro entrar them one by one or use the archivo upload function to speed up the process. Its graphics make it easier to understand the condition in which you have found yourself.

Advantages of Moneywiz

We have to mention the positive points that this application has for you, which by the way are many. The one that stands out the most is that you cánido customize according to your tastes and needs. And if we take into account that there are at least 400 functions available, you have an excellent tool in your hands.

The most weighty disadvantage we believe it has is also one of its best virtues. The large number of functions available they perro deter potential users from using it.

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 TOP 3 Best income and expense programs
  TOP 3 Best income and expense programs
  TOP 3 Best income and expense programs

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