TOP 3 best games afín to Axie

TOP 3 best games afín to Axie

We are not going to argue that Axie Infinity is one of the most habitual “play to earn” games in the world. His themed to the style Pokemonof raising exotic creatures and then fighting, evolving them and continuing to level up, have made it the king of this type of vídeo game.

However, Axie is not the only one who proposes to play with NFT pets and earn money. There are other afín ones that are not as habitual, but that have a growing ecosystem of jugadores and promise good profits.

In this article we are going to tell you which are the 3 games afín to Axie Infinity to earn money.


Dragonary is a game where jugadores breed and fight dragons to earn NFTs. In addition, it is a game in which you cánido start playing for free, without having to invest money beforehand.

Among the advantages of Dragonary we perro mention that you do not need knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. You do not need to download any additional programa, or synchronize a virtual wallet. Nor use third-party applications to play it. Just download and play.

When you create your account you are awarded 3 common dragons so you perro start breeding, collecting, merging, using them to fight in battle, or to fulfill various missions. Then with the earnings improve your skills.

Every dragon is an NFT and, by winning battles you get obsidian, which by accumulating them you perro exchange for Coinary Token, the game’s cryptocurrency.

My DefiPet

Another title that has become habitual in recent times is My DefiPet. The theme is exactly the same as Axie Infinity or Dragonary; You raise pets, make them grow, reproduce and make them battle against other creatures to earn money.

The game works by token native PDETwhich is used to buy eggs, breed and evolve pets.

Although at the moment it is in beta phase and it still does not generate profits, its main functions and multiple game options are expected to be enabled by the beginning of 2023.

Some vistas previas suggest that jugadores will need three monsters to start battles. The game was recently successfully audited by the analytics firm blockchain, PeckShield and you will be able to have earnings coincidente with Binance Smart Chain and KardiaChain.

H2. illuvium

Is another one game that is in beta phase, but that promises a lot and has an entire community of jugadores waiting. In this open world RPG game, you will have to go with your character to search and hunt for ‘Illuvials‘ while doing missions.

These illuvials will be your ‘pets’ with which you will have to face other opponents. Once you capture more than 100 monsters called Illuvials, with different affinities, classes and abilities, it is possible to fight in the Arenas, or exchange them.

The game runs on the Ethereum blockchain.. The token you will have is called SIL and every day it goes up in value, although like everyone else, it is a bubble that could burst once I am officially available.

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 TOP 3 best games afín to Axie
  TOP 3 best games afín to Axie
  TOP 3 best games afín to Axie

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