TOP 3 – Best Futures Brokers with

TOP 3 – Best Futures Brokers with

The futures are financial contracts in which a buyer and a seller agree to exchange a good for a fixed price on a date on which future. In this case, cryptocurrencies.

To be able to operate in futures it is necessary to have knowledge, study the market, evaluate the risks and, obviously, have a reliable broker.

That is why here we bring you this Top 3 of the best brokers to trade cryptocurrency futures.


the well-known Binanceamong many other options, also offers futures trading.

To do this you simply access ‘derivatives‘ and there you will find two options to trade in futures: USD-M Futures and COIN-M Futures.

Important clarification, to be able to operate in Futures on Binance you must open a subaccount.

The difference between conventional trading and Futures is that here you perro operate with much more leverage.

In the right sidebar you cánido indicate how much you want to invest, at what price, add stop loss or take a profit and, of course, trade long and short.

The chart also features quick buy and sell options and also allows for ‘trading view‘ as well as the option to draw on it among many others.

In the upper bar there are more than interesting options such as strategic trading, battlesand even tournaments.

To access Binance clic here:

Go to Binance


kucoin It is probably the most used platform to trade futures.

Within ‘trade‘ you have different sections and in ‘derivatives‘ you’ll find classic futures, Lite Futures and futures battle.

The Lite interfaz is the simplest; It has very basic information without too many options, while the classic version is more advanced, includes order book, graphics with more options.

Its mobile interfaz is also something to highlight, superior to other afín platforms.

To access Kucoin clic here:

Go to Kucoin


This platform (StormGain) this specialized exclusively in cryptocurrency trading and that is why we have chosen it to finish this Top 3.

One of its main characteristics is that all operations are opened with 0% commission by default and that, when operating in futures, it offers leverage up to 500.

Within the chart, you cánido add indicators, change its display, view it in full screen, and perform trades by right-clicking, among other things.

To access StormGain clic here:

Go to StormGain


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 TOP 3 – Best Futures Brokers with
  TOP 3 – Best Futures Brokers with
  TOP 3 – Best Futures Brokers with

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