TOP 3 Best French banks with basses

TOP 3 Best French banks with basses

In Europe French banks have a very good reputation for charging low interest rates, especially France. Whether you need a French bank account because you are going to travel to this country soon or you are interested in managing it from abroad and benefiting from its low commissions, this is the top 3 of the best French banks with low interest and commissions.

What benefits do French banks offer?

France is especially maleable with the requirements to open a new account. For example, to open a new account with very few banks that request a minimum amount, with the majority accepting the opening even without an initial deposit. In addition to this, the paperwork is especially maleable for foreigners.

Whether you escoge to save or apply for a loan, you will get the best interest rates and, depending on the characteristics of the loan, you will be able to get excellent interest rates in the short and long term.

Perro you use the services of a French bank abroad?

Both opening a bank account in France and managing it perro be done without having to be present in the countryat least for the banks that we are going to recommend later.

To perform the opening, for example, You only need a document that certifies that you radica in your town and countrya high-resolution photo of your ID and a photo of your health insurance affiliation certificate or student card.

As a customer of any bank in France you have the right to request and receive a debit card and checks, if your account is current. Even if a bank denies your application and you think you meet all the requirements for the account to be approved, you perro ask the Bank of France to contact the financial institution with which you want to register to open it.

Top 3 French banks with low interest and fees

The banks of France perro offer you one of the lowest interest rates for loans and good rates for your savings, if this is combined with how easy it is to open an account and that there is no minimum opening amount, it only remains for you to know which are the best French banks in terms of low interest and commissions:

ING Direct, does not charge commission for en línea account

He ING Direct In fact It is a bank based in the different countries of Europe. This bank has a very good reputation thanks to its high rate of acceptance of loan applications, low commissions and interest rates.

It is one of the most stable banks in France, since its business model has withstood various financial crises, even growing after them. If your main intention is saving, you will be able to benefit from up to 5% annual eventual savings that are released during certain periods.

Boursorama, zero commission on account maintenance

He Bousorama bench It is a French bank that has fully en línea services, that is, it does not have physical offices, but boy does it have services that compete in quality of service, maleable installments and excellent interest rates, competing fiercely with any bank with headquarters physical.

It is a bank with young clients, since they focus on providing loans. Despite the fact that Banco Boursorama offers these excellent installments and interests, you must be very aware of encuentro your payment obligations, since they perro charge you up to an additional €20 for non-compliance with your quotas.

When you open an account they give you €80 and if you invite other people they perro give you up to more than €100.

BforBank, lowest interest rates in the market

He BforBank it is another very habitual en línea bank both inside and outside of France. What really caught our attention about this bank over other en línea banks in this country is that does not have an annual account maintenance feeyou do not have to pay for a new card and also their interest rates are excellent.

If you request a credit card from BforBank you will get it for freeas well as its quarterly maintenance if you make at least 3 purchases with it during this period.

The only negative points regarding this bank is that you need to have French nationality to hire their servicesin addition to the fact that it is necessary to open an account in a bank with physical headquarters to be able to open the account.

How to choose a good French bank without so many commissions and interest?

Finding banks with low commissions in France is easy thanks to the Internet, you cánido simply perform a web search of the type “banks with less commissions” and see among the search results to websites such as HelpMyCashwhich offers you a list of the banks with the least commissions, locate a branch of one of these banks in France and open an account.

Banks based in France usually have few requirements to open an account, and perro even be only €100 up to no capital income. If you have opened an account in France, we invite you to tell us how the process was and if the commissions seem appropriate to you.

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 TOP 3 Best French banks with basses
  TOP 3 Best French banks with basses
  TOP 3 Best French banks with basses

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