TOP 3 – Best FOREX Brokers of 2022

TOP 3 – Best FOREX Brokers of 2022

He Forex It is the foreign exchange market, that is, pairs of one currency with another. And it is one of the most active markets in the world.

Banks, central banks, corporations, institutional investors, and individual traders exchange one currency for another for various reasons, including to cómputo markets, facilitate international trade and tourism, or obtain benefits.

If you like trade forex we invite you to meet top 3 easy to use forex brokers. All of them allow you to have a demo account to learn how to trade these types of assets without losing real money trying.

Ava Trade

With more than 15 years of experience and 400,000 registered traders, AvaTrade It is one of the most regulated brokers in the world and also one of the most awarded.

This very interesting platform for trading currencies among many other types of assets, but the Forex section is its forte.

The interfaz operates from the platform itself and you perro adapt it to your own way since it is very visual and very intuitive.

When you press sell or buy, a very interesting menu is displayed on the right with different options, where you perro put the lots, what would be the impact it would have, what would be the spread and below another menu with other variants such as take a profit, stop loss or the possibility of executing when the price reaches X number.

If you want to access Avatrade clic here:

Go to AvaTrade


Little more than 20 years of experience in the world of trading, ActivTrader It is a fácil option to operate in the markets, especially as far as forex is concerned.

As you cánido see in the graph, just press one of them to start trading.

The graph is very complete and you perro add all kinds of indicators, make comparisons, draw on the graph and it even has a very interesting option that is trade on own chartsimply by right-clicking you perro add a purchase or a sale to the limit depending on where you clicked…

A very interesting and very intuitive platform who stands out for going straight to the point without beating around the bush.

To access ActivTrader clic here:

Go to ActivTrader

Iq Option

Our last option is ideal for those who live in Latin America. Iq Option is an award-winning trading platform that has more than 46 million investors from around the world.

It stands out for being fácil, extremely intuitive and because its graphics is one of the best you perro find.

Within the section of forexwhich is what interests us, you cánido find the 33 major currencies to be able to operate.

Pressing any of them changes to graphic and from the menu on the right side You perro operate by setting the number of lots, you perro add stop loss or take a profit, establish if you want a limit or market price when it reaches a certain price and, of course, go long or short.

If you want to access Iq Option clic here:

Go to IQ Option


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 TOP 3 – Best FOREX Brokers of 2022
  TOP 3 – Best FOREX Brokers of 2022
  TOP 3 – Best FOREX Brokers of 2022

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