TOP 3 – Best CopyTrading Exchanges with

TOP 3 – Best CopyTrading Exchanges with

He copy trading it is literally “copy and paste” the success of another investor.

That is, it allows an individual who operates in the financial markets to automatically copy the positions opened and managed by other selected individuals.

In this way, those investors who, for various reasons, cannot or do not want to manage their own investments, perro do so. investing your money in the operations of others and making a profit in this way.

If you want to know where you cánido do copy trading, be sure to read this top 3 of the best exchanges to copy trade cryptocurrencies in 2023.

The first in our top is which has a copy trading section that is widely used by many people and, therefore, allows many opportunities for different investors to copy, being able to choose those with whom you most identify in their strategy or even diversify if you want to do so .

Within the copy trading section you cánido use different filters; method of operations, concrete strategy, time, rate of return and even the option that they perro copy you and obtain certain benefits for it.

Of course, the most recommended is look for strategies that take a long time and have a good percentage of profits.

Clicking on one of these traders displays their entire trading history and a graph that indicates what its performance has been.

Then, if you want to copy it, you just have to clic on the corresponding button and indicate with what amount of USDT you want to copy it

To access clic here:

Go to

Prime XBT

This platform (PrimeXBT) founded in 2018 and with presence in more than 150 countries as well offers many copy trading options Although it does not have so many tools, it does have the necessary ones to filter well.

Currency type, total (desired profitability), active days and total followers are the filters that will allow you to configure your copy trading.

Clicking on each of the traders You will be able to see in its graph how its evolution has been since it began to operate until today and, of course, the option to continue in green will allow you to start investing in BTC the amount you want for that person.

Here you must take into account the commissions and it is clarified that, of the profits, your you will receive 60%.

Of course If you consider that you are a good trader, you perro offer yourself so that they copy your strategy. and profit from this process.

To access PrimeXBT clic here:

Go to PrimeXBT


bitget is one of the world’s leading crypto derivatives copy trading platforms that allows you to trade more than 100 cryptocurrencies.

Within your section copy trading you cánido order by Roi, by followers, accumulated earnings and NLP of copiers among others.

When you entrar each of the traders that are offered to copy, a graph is displayed with all the information since it began operating on the platform, offering the option to copy it up to now.

Information on your trading and how your account has been working is also provided.

This way you will be able to see your earnings.

If that usuario has a full copier quota, you cánido clic on remember to be notified when a spot is available.

When you find someone you like, you simply clic on follow and then all that remains is to entrar the amount of USDT that you will invest to follow them.

In each profile the usuario puts the profit share ratio.

As in the rest of the platforms, you perro apply as a trader to be copied and profit from the profits.

To access Bitget clic here:

Go to BitGet


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 TOP 3 – Best CopyTrading Exchanges with
  TOP 3 – Best CopyTrading Exchanges with
  TOP 3 – Best CopyTrading Exchanges with

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