TOP 3 Best Collaborative Economy Aplicaciones

TOP 3 Best Collaborative Economy Aplicaciones

One of the most worrying things today is the negative effect of trade on the environment.

And this, far from improving, seems to continue to worsen.

However, not everyone thinks alike.

In fact they have created applications that contribute to the environmentalbeit indirectly.

These are collaborative economy applications.

What are the best collaborative economy Aplicaciones? What are the advantages they offer for you? And how perro you use them? We will answer all these questions below.

Thus, you will see the usefulness of using these applications.


The easiest way to explain what Blablacar is about is by putting yourself in the following situation: you are going to take a tour with your car from place A to place B.

But, instead of traveling alone, you pay transport service to other people they need to make the same journey.

And how do you know who these people are? That’s where the aplicación comes into play.

But before telling you how to use it, it is good that you know that, for your safety and that of others, this application keep a record of the trips made for each controlador.

This will make it easier for you to trust him or her, even if it is the first time you ride in her vehicle.

How to use Blablacar?

The steps to follow to enjoy the benefits of this application are very fácil.

Simply download it from the store according to your operating system and register with your personal data.

Now, It will depend on your condition as controlador or passenger.

Let’s look at each situation.

  • If you are a passenger Are you needing to travel from one place to another and you do not have a vehicle, or do you prefer not to use it? In that case, entrar the application and entrar the data of your trip.

    The application espectáculos you the trip options that fit yours so that you cánido choose one.

    You perro do it in advance and pay en línea.

  • if you are a controlador.

    You perro entrar the application and provide the information of the trip you plan to make, with specific data.

    Passengers who choose your trip receive your contact information and vice versa.

    At the end of the trip, you receive your payment.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Blablacar

One of its greatest virtues is that contributes to improving the environment, because instead of having 5 vehicles making the same trip, there is only one with all the passengers.

But there are also other advantages that you should know.

  • Security.

    Traveling with strangers is not easy.

    Therefore, this application requests information from your bank account and also from your phone.

    This is done with all of them, making it easier to locate any of them.

  • Clear information. Both the controlador and the passengers are expected to express their opinion after making use of these services.

    And that information perro be seen by anyone else.

    This guarantees a good service.

But there are also some negative points that you should keep in mind.

That way you will be better prepared.

Let’s see what they are.

  • Schedule.

    You may have your plans equipo, but you perro’t find a trip scheduled for that time.

    So, you would have to adapt to others.

  • Communication.

    If you are a passenger you cánido only talk to the controlador after paying.


This application is mainly intended for the youth, although everyone perro make use of it.

It is a service of electric car rental for a certain number of hours or for the full day.

The price varies depending on your choice between this and other options, as well as the type of vehicle.

How to use Bluemove?

To start your experience with this application you must download and install it on your phone.

Now it will suffice to register, and doing so is very fácil because the same application has a function with which you cánido photograph the requested documents.

You perro use it this way:

  • Reservation.

    You entrar the application and make a reservation for a car.

    Depending on your comfort, you cánido select the option to receive the card at home or directly at the place where the vehicle is.

  • Schedule.

    You must place the time during which you will use it.

  • pay the service.

    Right there in the aplicación you perro do it.

  • With the received card you open the car and use it.

    After the time is up, you park it and use the card to close it.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Bluemove

One of the best advantages that we perro highlight about this application is the possibility of have a vehicle at any time without worrying about the costs of having your own car.

There are also designated aparcamiento spaces, so you don’t have to worry about finding an available space either.

But you should also know the disadvantages of this application, and more specifically of using this service.

If the vehicle runs out of gas, it is your responsibility to fill the tankwhich would imply part of your time.


The purpose of this application is to allow its users to save money on accommodation when traveling, whether near or far.

The iniciativa is that another usuario emplees your house, while you use someone else’s.

It sounds fácil and it is.

Of course, it is also possible that the exchange occurs in different periods.

How to use GuesttoGuest?

To use it you must download it and register.

Then you just have to entrar the necessary information about your home.

You must also select the houses in which you would like to stay according to your trip.

The Aplicación allows users to contact each other and reach an agreement.

Advantages and disadvantages of using GuesttoGuesto

Among the advantages we cannot ignore the large number of users and houses available In almost all the world.

Another of its strong points are the notifications, which notify you when someone is interested in your house, and thus they cánido be contacted in a short time.

The only disadvantage that we cánido point out, and it is not so much, is that the application does not allow charging for the rental service, rather it emplees an interchangeable system of points.

So the only way to take advantage of it is by traveling and staying in another house for free.

Which is not negative at all.

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 TOP 3 Best Collaborative Economy Aplicaciones
  TOP 3 Best Collaborative Economy Aplicaciones
  TOP 3 Best Collaborative Economy Aplicaciones

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