TOP 3 best Cards that do not charge

TOP 3 best Cards that do not charge

When traveling outside the country, one of the things that we first establish is the budget how much we plan to spend during those days. But not everyone takes into account within these expenses the commissions that we perro end up paying for using our card at a foreign ATM.

You withdraw money here, pay that, buy the other and it turns out that all those operations ended up costing you tens of euros and maybe a little more. That is why using a commission-free card to travel abroad is a good way to save.

So, so that you are not surprised during your trip, we have prepared this articulo with all the information you need about The best cards for traveling abroad and not pay commissions.

What is the best card to withdraw money abroad in 2023?

Definitely the best card to withdraw money abroad will be one that belongs to a digital bank such as N26, Evo Bank, vivid, revolt, rebellion, next either wise to name the main ones.

These Eliminate all bank fees traditional and allow you to operate with a card anywhere in the worldthey offer you an appropriate exchange rate and until make purchases and payments anywhere in the world.

The appearance of the electronic banks It has made everything easier and less expensive. Welloperating with cards from traditional banks involves paying large sums of money in commissions when we are abroad.

The 3 main cards without commissions abroad in 2023

It’s time to travel and one of the main concerns is money and how to withdraw it or make payments without bleeding in commissions. Fortunately you are cards that we present to you below are ideal for travelers and carry out all kinds of operations abroad for free.

Wise, Accepted in most countries

It is a Debit which charges very low commissions for paying in other currencies, from 0.2 to 1% depending on the currency. wise It allows you to have checking accounts in different currencies and bank details from different countries, making it ideal especially for those who have income in different currencies.

Besides allows you to withdraw up to €200 per month at any ATM without paying commissions and when paying abroad with the card, you will use that currency with a lower commission for currency exchange in case you do not have the local currency in your account.

Revolut, will never let you down abroad

This British compañia emprendedora began operating in 2014 and after making its way little by little by all over Europe, entered Spain a couple of years ago and is already well known in the world of travelers and is considered the best prepaid card for traveling abroad.

With the Revolut Mastercard You perro withdraw €200 at ATMs for free, then they charge 2%. It also allows you to make transfers, so that the money left over after a trip cánido return to the usual bank account.

It also offers the possibility of backlink with Wise for save money in different currencies and change money automatically when the change is more conveniente

VIVID, one of the best for traveling abroad

With Vivid you perro pay in shops, make unlimited payments and withdraw money abroad without any type of commission. This en línea bank of German origin born in 2019 has become one of the favorites of travelers due to its multiple benefits.

Just by opening the account through the aplicación you perro request for free and without maintenance cost the VISA debit card. The account has a German IBAN and up to 100,000 euros of guarantee by the German Deposit Guarantee Fund.

Another of the most striking advantages is that it is possible to get up to 25% refund in your purchases in a large number of stores. You receive this “cashback” automatically as rewards in shares and you cánido earn even more when the value goes up of the shares of the company/s that you have chosen.

Common commissions charged for using ATMs abroad

At the time of Withdraw money from foreign ATMs, we have to know what are the commissions our bank perro charge us. exist two forms:

> Fee for withdrawing cash abroad: usually from a percentage on the total amount withdrawn or a fixed amount. This commission is charged by practically all banks and you should consult the entity or check in the card contract to know exactly how much they will charge you.

> Exchange rate applied: This is the table of exchange rates used for their operations. There are many banks that rely on the official price of VISA and others of Mastercard, but there are other entities that have their own exchange table.

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 TOP 3 best Cards that do not charge
  TOP 3 best Cards that do not charge
  TOP 3 best Cards that do not charge

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