TOP 3 best card games to win

TOP 3 best card games to win

Trading card games have always been a very habitual and fun alternative when it comes to role-playing games. from the classic Magic: The Gathering which inspired countless other games to the most recent card games of Pokemon, YugiOh! either Star Wars.

But in recent years, the blockchain technology through the nft vídeo games It has allowed card games to expand into the virtual world, reviving its popularity not only because it requires almost no investment, but also because it allows you to win real money.

Spell of Genesis

Released in 2017, Spell Of Genesis was the forerunner to the NFT card games we know today. That is to say, it was first collectible card vídeo game to include blockchain in its system.

In this arcade game, you fight against enemies to win gold, beautiful cards and precious gems that will allow you to improve your game deck and continue adventuring through the fantasy lands of Askian.

In this sense, strategy is one of the bases of Spell of Genesis; Well, by collecting cards and combining them with each other you will be able to create NFTs that will allow you to increase your skills to defeat your opponents and make money trading with them.

splinter lands

This is another NFT trading card game in which you have mythological creatures, wizards, warriors and even magic mushrooms. In splinter lands the primal energy of the elements is harnessed to engage in a struggle for control of the world.

The dynamics of this vídeo game is very entertaining, offering quick battles that last just a few minutes. And best of all is that you don’t need to make a big investment in order to start playing.

For only $10 you cánido buy the Book of Spells which will allow you to unlock the daily missions, get 30 cards to start playing and the oportunidad to win rewards. There are more than 500 cards available.

For earn money you cánido mezcle cards and then sell them, convert them to crypto, sell on multiple platforms, or even rent cards to other jugadores.

Gods Unchained

We could not leave out of this Top 3 the NFT collectible card game par excellence. Gods Unchained was created by the former directivo of Magic: The Gathering, Chris Clay with which we cánido already give an iniciativa of ​​how fun and entertaining this game cánido be.

As in its physical counterpart, here you will find common, rare, epic, legendary or mythical cards. As well as warriors, magicians, spells, fantastic creatures and different elements.

The goal is to put together a deck with a certain strategy that allows you to beat your rivals and go up in the top. Once you reach a certain level, when you win you will be given envelopes with letters to open, in which they cánido touch you cards that boost your deck or cánido be sold in the marketplace for ETH, UDS or other available cryptos.

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 TOP 3 best card games to win
  TOP 3 best card games to win
  TOP 3 best card games to win

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