TOP 3 – Best Brokers to Invest in

TOP 3 – Best Brokers to Invest in

Are you wanting to start investing in the depósito and you don’t know how? So keep reading this article because today we bring you the three best brokers to invest in the depósito market in Latin America in 2023. From México, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, etcétera… Easy to use and regulated.

Interactive Brokers

The first on our list is probably the most famous in the world. Interactive Brokers specializes in stocks, ETFs, and other short-, medium-, and long-term investments.

With this broker you cánido invest traditionally or with options such as leverage and even CFDs.

This platform has a web version, a computer program and also a mobile application.

Interactive Brokers It has various certificates and awards and is present in more than 150 countries and has millions of users.

By clicking on a action either assetwe access a tab where you cánido see the graph of its evolution and the relevant information.

In the top menu you will find different tabs; one of them is Briefcase, where you will be able to make deposits and withdrawals. In Negotiation you will find different orders, even the option to convert currencies.

In Investigation You will be able to create watch lists and you will see different tools for market scanning.

Something that stands out about this broker is that it has different ways to make withdrawals and deposits and their commissions are very good, both in the purchase and sale of shares and in the withdrawal of deposits, sometimes they are even free.

But without a doubt, the most interesting thing is the possibility of adjusting your account by choosing a personalized commission plan that suits your needs.

In the section settings You perro also activate very advanced security options, leverage, change the base currency of your account and also activate the possibility of trading with options or other more advanced methods.

If you want to access Interactive Brokers clic here:

Go to Interactive Brokers

Freedom 24

This platform with a strong presence throughout the world is mainly focused on long term investmentsspecifically in stocks, ETFs and bonds but also offers the possibility of receiving some interest for having savings in dollars.

Within Freedom 24 you have the web platform, you cánido use your personal account or register as a company.

Its interfaz is quite sober and simplified and clicking on each action opens a tab where we perro see information about it, news, graph and if there are dividends.

At the top you cánido access the US depósito market, european stocks, Hong Kong Depósito Exchange and eurobonds among other options.

To access Freedom 24 clic here:

Go to Freedom24


This platform is one of the most complete; not only does it have the trading section, which includes shares, ETFs, funds, fixed income, options and futures, but it also also allows you to trade cryptos, forex and CFDs.

This makes it ideal for those who want to trade a wide variety of instruments from the same account.

Within swissquote you have the section of y también-training which would be the simplest Advanced Trader which is much more specific, an option of MetaTrader and a Hurto Advisorideal for trading long.

When you log in and entrar the option tradingyou cánido move through the different assets, each one accompanied by a graph along with various data and operate on them.

To highlight your low commissionsits competitive prices, its state-of-the-art technology and the guarantee of being a broker listed on the Swiss Depósito Exchange.

To access Squissquote clic here:


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 TOP 3 – Best Brokers to Invest in
  TOP 3 – Best Brokers to Invest in
  TOP 3 – Best Brokers to Invest in

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