TOP 3 – Best brokers to invest in

TOP 3 – Best brokers to invest in

Are you interested in starting to invest in the depósito market and don’t know how? So keep reading because here we present you The 3 best platforms to invest in the depósito market in the long term from computer or mobile (+1 plus).

These are secure, large and well-known brokers so you perro trade with complete confidence.

Interactive Brokers

Interactive brokers It is the most habitual and well-known investment platform in the world, but also the most complete.

It has the lowest costs in the industry in terms of commissionsis present throughout the world and offers state-of-the-art technology.

This platform is available both in web format and in program format, which is a bit more advanced, and also in application format.

When you log in, in the upper bar you will have different sections available in which you perro navigate.

For example in Briefcaseyou will be able to manage your portfolio of positions and within Negotiation you will be able to operate with different types of orders and assets, even convert currencies.

One of the most interesting things about Interactive Brokers is the section settingswhich not only has the typical account settings but also has platform configuration options, for example the commission planand perro be modified according to your needs.

The possibility of realizing currency exchange, enable leverage and, of course, plenty of options in the security settings.

From its search bar you perro access any asset and when you select it, a tab is displayed with its configurable graph, with indicators, types of candlesticks, information, related news and, on the top right, the possibility of buying and selling, which they cánido be personalized.

➜ You perro access Interactive Brokers clicking here.

Freedom 24

A slightly more simplified platform, ideal for investing in stocks, ETFs and bonds that focuses on long-term investment.

Open an account in Freedom 24 (clic here to go) It is a quick and fácil process and cánido be used both from its website and from its mobile aplicación.

Once logged in and we access your Web platform, we will be able to search, filter and create lists based on what interests us; Habitual values ​​stand out, which would be stocks, as well as bonds, funds, futures, currency and options.

It also has a search bar to find the specific asset you want.

Clicking on the selected asset opens a small tab next to it with different options such as accessing the graph, in which you will be able to analyze in detail and draw.

As you perro see in the image, this platform is divided into different markets; US depósito market, Europe depósito exchanges, Hong Kong Depósito Exchange and eurobonds and you yourself will have to add the tickers that interest you with the search bar with which you cánido operate simply by clicking on them.

➜ You perro access Freedom 24 clicking here.

Scalable Capital

A very interesting option, which is gaining more and more followers. Scalable Capital (clic here to go) allows you to invest in stocks, ETFs, funds and cryptos no commissions with a minimum investment of €1.

The platform even allows you to activate automatic investment plans with many assets available and with great flexibility, adjusting the amount, frequency and execution date whenever you want.

The interfaz is quite serious, with dynamic and intuitive graphics.

It is available both on a computer, in a web version and in a mobile aplicación through Android.

Within Startyou will have the general broker, intended for shares, ETFs and funds and a secondary broker for the crypto portfolio.

At the top you will see Summary, Performance and transactions where you will find the value of your portfolio, yield percentages, profits, losses and others, the possibility of analyzing them and accessing the history of your transactions.

If you go down a bit, you will see the best known assets and, when you clic on it, you will see it in graphic format and the sale and purchase buttons along with a little information.

Despite being very simplified, what stands out the most is the button Investment plan, which allows you to make recurring purchases and which you perro configure right there.

Ideal to operate with an asset that you trust in the long term.

How could it not be missing? Scalable has a search bar with a very fácil filter to quickly access the asset you are looking for.

A very very fácil platform, without much more than what is described that allows you to operate long with great ease.

➜ You cánido access Scalable Capital clicking here.

Trade Republic

The plus of this top is occupied by Trade Republic (clic here to go) and the reason is because It is only available in mobile aplicación version.

However, it has gained a good market share, with more than 1 million downloads thanks to its strong advertising campaigns.

Trade Republic allows you to make investment plans, trade stocks and ETFs, cryptocurrencies and derivatives.

Opening an account is really very fácil and does not take more than 5 minutes and has a very fácil and simplified interfaz, ideal to start trading immediately.

➜ You cánido access TradeRepublic clicking here.


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 TOP 3 – Best brokers to invest in
  TOP 3 – Best brokers to invest in
  TOP 3 – Best brokers to invest in

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