TOP 3 Best brokers for beginners

TOP 3 Best brokers for beginners

If you are a beginner in the world of investments and you are looking for easy-to-use brokers to start investing, these CFD platforms cánido help you.


eToro (clic here to go) It is a global broker, a platform widely used around the world that allows you to register easily.

In its Homepage You will find various news, information and even a forum, but what you should pay attention to is the left sidebar where you will have all the necessary sections to be able to operate.

Among the main functions, you will be able to see all the operations that you have open and make modifications and navigate between the different categories and types of assets.

His seeker at the top of the screen is widely used, especially if you want to trade currency pairs, euros and usd. Once inside you cánido invest in it, either long with buy or short with sell, selecting the amount directly in dollars or units and choosing the leverage you want, this will depend on the type of asset in question.

Of course, you cánido add stop loss or take a profit and also place pending orders when the asset reaches a certain price.

This type of procedure is also valid for operating with Actions.

In order to start trading with eToro, the first thing you need to do is deposit funds. The corresponding button is located in the menu on the left. Here you will find different payment methods, including PayPal and other electronic wallets, which you cánido unlock once you make the first deposit with a traditional method.

➜ To access eToro Press here.

Active Traders

This multi-award winning broker has been active since 2001 and has the best trading technology.

Active Traders (clic here to go) allows you to trade Forex, Indices and Bonds, Commodities, Stocks and ETFs and Cryptocurrencies, its commissions are quite acceptable and Their spreads are among the best on the market..

Its interfaz is very visual, focused on the graph, in which you cánido perform different actions.

In the upper left you perro select between the different types of assets and even add others when you clic on them. You will be able to load them on the graph if you want or directly operate right there in buying and selling with different options.

If you need practice to learn to trade, Active Traders offers the demo account to be able to do it.

It is a very visual platform ideal for those looking to trade from the graph.

➜ To access Active Traders Press here.

Iq Option

if you are from Latin America this option probably interests you a lot since this broker is more oriented towards these countries. Iq Option (clic here to go) It is a very complete, intuitive and interesting option for those beginners who want to start trading with a broker.

This platform allows you to trade Forex, Cryptos, Stocks, ETFs and Products, with a minimum investment of €1 and various leverage possibilities.

Something interesting about Iq Option is that you perro perform some fácil operations from the main page after login. In the section on the right you will have different options to start buying and selling, although most of the things you cánido do by clicking on Operate.

Within this page you will be able to see the graph with all the indicators, add other types of assets by browsing the different categories and operate the purchase and sale from the right sidebar with different options.

If you are looking for information about history, market analysis and support, you perro find it in the options on the left sidebar.

Iq Option is available both in web format, mobile aplicación and computer program.

➜ To access Iq Option Press here.


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 TOP 3 Best brokers for beginners
  TOP 3 Best brokers for beginners
  TOP 3 Best brokers for beginners

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