TOP 3 Best Banks Which pay more interest

TOP 3 Best Banks Which pay more interest

By entering fixed-term money in your bank, you will be able to earn interest on that money saved until the date the contract ends and thus you cánido withdraw your commissions and the base capital, but the question always arises as to which bank will be better for these purposes Therefore, we have investigated this top 3 best banks that pay more fixed-term interestaccording to several characteristics.

Average interest paid for having money in a fixed term?

Fixed-term deposits are usually between 180 and 360 days, interest will be added to the initial capital after the maximum deposit term has expired.

Normally each bank manages its interest rate, which depends on the amount of money deposited (the greater the amount, the higher the interest rate would normally be) and the chosen term.

What benefits do you get by leaving your money in a fixed term?

The fixed term, in terms of money deposits, refers to an income of a certain amount of cash in a bank, with the goal of obtaining accrued interest for this money entered.

Now, for the bank to ensure its own profits, it is necessary that this money is not withdrawn from the bank during a certain period at the beginning of the contract.

Some banks offer a higher interest rate as the term to wait for get the primordial and interest earnedOther banks even offer a fixed term from one month to three months.

Normally banks offer 5% annual interest.

Top 3 banks that pay the most fixed-term interest in 2023

Banks pay rates ranging from 0.5 to 5% per year of the deposit you makehowever, the figure is normally between 1 and 2% in most banks.

What are the best banks to deposit money in a fixed term? According to our studies they are the following.

Ibercaja Bank

The bank Ibercaja represents an option that cánido give high opportunities for important profits if you put a good amount of money in a fixed termwith the disadvantage that there are not many alternatives to withdraw it before the stipulated term without having to earn an exuberant penalty for early withdrawal.

Bank N26

He Bank N26 It is one of the most habitual banks for young people, since it has low fees and even no commissions depending on the type of account you open.

But the best thing apart from not having to pay commissions is that you will have a savings account with the possibility of placing fixed-term funds, which is configurable from 3 months to several years.

Santander Bank

He Santander Bank It is one of the banks that offers the best fixed terms in your savings account.

In addition to good percentages too It will offer you a diverse range of products availablefor which you cánido even apply without being an old client in the institution.

Consejos to select the best fixed term option

To select the best bank that has a service to place money in a fixed term, you must, first of all, check if the money that you are going to allocate for this purpose is not going to be needed before the period established for this action.

Remember that you perro lose a large amount of your capital if you escoge to withdraw it early and, in fact, the bank you choose may not have an early withdrawal option available.

After this consideration you should also know the interest rate that will be given to you for your money, normally in the fixed term you will always know how much interest you are going to earn when the established term expires, although you perro use compound interest in some cases to earn more than stipulated.

Did these consejos help you to choose the best bank to save in a fixed term? If so, tell us which bank you choose and why.

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 TOP 3 Best Banks Which pay more interest
  TOP 3 Best Banks Which pay more interest
  TOP 3 Best Banks Which pay more interest

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