TOP 3 Best banks to save in México

TOP 3 Best banks to save in México

México is a country with a wide variety of banks for all needs, in terms of savings there are very solid banks that offer good interest rates for your money, but the question is to choose wisely to avoid bad experiences in the future.

If you have come this far, surely you want to know what the top 3 of the best banks to save in MéxicoIf so, you are in the right place.

What are the advantages of saving in banks in México?

México is a country with a stable economy and with multiple agreements with the rest of the countries of North America and South America, it has millions of customers subscribed to each bank and these offer a good variety of advantages, for example:

  • Keep your money in a safe place where will always be available to you in case you need to make a withdrawal.

  • Keep your money safe.

    You perro protect it from constant inflation thanks to the interest earned by itwhich is a payment of commissions for keeping it in the care of the bank while it carries out different operations with it for the benefit of the financial institution.

Perro you open an account in a Mexican bank as a foreigner?

In the event that you need to open a bank account in México, not being a Mexican citizen or visiting the country, you should know that most of the banks in this country require that you carry a temporary stay visa or a temporary residence or permanent in the country.

Fulfilling this requirement you will be able to access the benefits of having a bank account in México, which are:

  • Checking or savings account.

  • Debit, credit or virtual prepaid cards.

  • Use of the bank’s ATM network to withdraw cash.

  • National and international transfers.

  • Payment vía checks

  • Fraud insurance for your debit card, credit card and account.

Top 3 of the best banks to save in México in 2023

According to our analyzes in México, there are 3 banks that are maleable in terms of requirements for opening an account for foreigners and also offer a large catalog of products that are suitable for both Mexican residents and tourists or temporary residents:

BBVA, zero commissions when opening your savings account

Normally, opening an account in a bank in the BBVA network is something fácil and that you perro do quickly either in person in an office or en línea.

Among the requirements that this bank asks for are:

  1. Passport or ID.

  2. Proof of residence in the country or a visa.

  3. Minimum opening amount, may vary depending on the branch, but it is almost always from 10 to 100 €.

  4. Mobile number to backlink the account to mobile payments.

Banorte, without commissions for maintenance of savings accounts

Opening a bank account in Banorte represents an excellent iniciativa for any Mexican or foreigner residing in the country temporarily or permanently. on this bench there are no annual maintenance fees for savings accountssimply stays afloat thanks to transfer fees, credit cards, debit cards and ATM withdrawals.

To open an account in this bank you need minimum requirements, which are:

  1. Photo or copy of ID or passport.

  2. Proof of address or some official document stating that you radica at your address.

  3. A maleable minimum account opening amount.

Banco Azteca, commissions are very low

Banco Azteca is one of the largest and most important banks in México, which is why it cánido offer you excellent options in terms of products and services.

If we talk about commissions for account management, transfers and purchases with debit cards or interest on loans, It is one of the banks with the lowest interest rate.

The Banco Azteca aplicación allows you to carry out all the operations that are carried out on the main website of the site, in addition, you perro pay your purchases directly from the aplicación in a fácil way using the recipient’s mobile number.

Consejos for choosing the best savings account in a Mexican bank

In México there is fierce banking competition, each bank has its own promotions and flexibility to improve the usuario experience, therefore, having a choice, you cánido take into account these following characteristics when choosing the best savings account in a Mexican bank:

Have a good return

Savings accounts must have a good return, this means that they offer you good interest for the money that you have entered into their coffers.

Remember that the bank will use the money for its internal businessso a small percentage corresponds to you as the owner of that money.

The commissions you must pay

You may think that the commissions are too small to take them into account, but the truth is that by concept of commissions you perro see how your saved cómputo is deducted in an important way if you are a person who makes several monthly transfers or withdrawals.

Opt for a savings account in a Mexican bank that does not have a high percentage of interest or charges for its services.

Flexibility when opening the account and ease of loans

Some banks are more stringent than others when it comes to the requirements for opening a new account, as a foreigner or person opening an account for the first time you should look for a bank that has maleable requirements for its opening.

Also, if you want to start a new business, you have to take into account the ease with which the bank offers loans to its users, taking into account their interest.

Have you chosen the perfect bank to open a savings account in México? Tell us what it was and what were the criteria that most caught your attention for it.

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 TOP 3 Best banks to save in México
  TOP 3 Best banks to save in México
  TOP 3 Best banks to save in México

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