TOP 3 Best banks to save in Colombia

TOP 3 Best banks to save in Colombia

In Colombia, the financial situation forces the citizen to save to be able to acquire their personal and immovable property, but this is not an easy task, there are banks with high maintenance fees, commissions and fees that instead of allowing savings, so instead of saving you will be seeing your capital go down month by month.

To avoid this scenario we have created a Top 3 of the best banks to save in Colombia, with the best interest rates, savings plans and reasonable commissions. We present them to you one by one.

Is it safe to open an account in a Colombian bank?

An account in a Colombian bank is an excellent option to manage your income. Most Colombian banks They do not charge monthly or annual maintenance per account, You don’t even have to close the month with a positive cómputo, or have a certain amount of money to open a new account. These characteristics make the requirements for a person to open a new account very maleable.

Regarding security, bank accounts in Colombia have fully secure configurations, such as the two-aspecto authentication, pins and passwords with a minimum level of security. In the same way, its websites and mobile applications have good levels of security.

What commissions and interests does a bank charge in Colombia?

In Colombia there are average interest rates compared to other banks worldwide. If we take a random piece of data within your handling and loan fees, we have to the interest rate for a purchase with a credit card is at least 22% while the maximum perro be located up to 26%.

Regarding, for example, the acquisition of a house, banks like BBVA cánido give from 60 to 360 months to pay loans that They range from 6 million pesos to 120 million, with interest of up to 16%. Other commissions charged by banks in Colombia are those for withdrawing cash at the ATM, commissions for bank transfers and the use of debit cards.

Top 3 banks in Colombia to open savings accounts in 2023

In our studies we verified that there are about 3 banks in Colombia that offer interest rates and commissions below the average usury threshold in the country, which are the following:


Bancamia is a bank with extensive experience in Colombia, offers small-scale loans for both companies and individuals who need a loan to acquire personal property. Bancamia is usually responsible for providing its services to low-income people, wage earners and people from rural areas.

Due to the nature of its philosophy, Bancamia is a bank where It is easy to obtain a loan to create a new venture, acquisition of a good or to beat the payment of basic services, for this reason it has rates and commissions specially designed for the vulnerable situation of a good part of its clients.


Bancoomeva is a Colombian bank headquartered in the city of Cali. This bank is very clear with its rates and feesIn fact, it has a section where it clarifies all doubts about it, placing the figures updated month by month that let the client know when it will be deducted under these concepts.

If we talk about a loan to remodel a home, Bancoomeva cánido offer from 1 to 150 million pesos with up to 72 months to pay, under a rate of 22%. If it is a free investment loan, it perro be variable in terms of minimum amount and with a maximum amount of 120 million pesos at 23% of the capital.


Banco BBVA is one of the most solid, secure banks with the best rates in the world. With your presence in Colombia you cánido ensure safe savings, with good interest rates and an excellent rate of acceptance of loan requests. For example, if you want to request a loan for general consumption, BBVA Colombia cánido approve for a payment of 6 to 72 months with an interest rate between 16 and 27%.

How to choose the best bank to save in Colombia.

Before opening an account in a bank, it is necessary to examine certain determining aspects regarding the future management of the account, among them the most important is the monthly maintenance fee, the interest rate of the loans, if there are bank ATMs in the place where you live (to avoid excessive commissions for withdrawals) and also what is the percentage of interest that they will pay you for your savings.

In the especial case of Colombia, there is a fierce struggle between the different banks in the nation, which allows them to compete healthy, offering increasingly greater advantages to their clients. perro occasionally be found offers or flexibility in terms of opening accounts and credits, so it is convenient to be aware of these promotions to open an account in a bank in Colombia.

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 TOP 3 Best banks to save in Colombia
  TOP 3 Best banks to save in Colombia
  TOP 3 Best banks to save in Colombia

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