TOP 3 Best banks to domicile the

TOP 3 Best banks to domicile the

Domiciling the pension is the act by which a person cánido transfer your monthly pension payment collection to another account banking other than the one you are currently using.

This decision may be based on the different benefits offered by the new bank you want to migrate to or on the horrible service conditions with which you want to end your contract.

But there are several alternatives regarding this advantage, therefore, here is the top 3 of the best banks to direct deposit the pension.

How to select a bank to domicile the pension?

The transfer of payroll should not be taken lightly, normally there are permanence clauses in which the bank forces you to keep you as a customer for at least one or two years after domiciliation, Therefore, if you choose wrong you will have a headache when it comes to charging for a long time.

That is why you should select a bank that offers these advantages, or at least most of them:

The commissions

It is convenient to choose the bank that does not have multiple commissions for moving your money. Some banks have a monthly maintenance fee, others do not but charge a notable commission for international transfers or withdrawal of money from an ATM.

Banks usually have a commissions and fees section that you perro review before deciding whether to migrate to that institution.

Customer Support

A bank cánido offer acceptable benefits, but if the customer service is lousy, added to a website subject to various failures, It is best to skip this bank to save yourself possible headaches future that cánido be produced by the malfunction of the system.

In these cases, it is enough to see the bank’s interfaz and see if it is well cared for and investigate the bank’s opinions through web search engines.

Types of operations and ease of use

A bank should have several types of operations that you perro carry out with low commissions, for example, withdrawal from electronic teller machine, national and international transfers, debt expiration notification service or new instruments available for activation among many other services that your bank could offer.

You should also take into account how easy it is to obtain the benefits of the bank with which you want to direct your pension, in this way you will know exactly if you meet the requirements to obtain them and how easy the approval process is.

Top 3 banks to direct deposit your pension in Spain in 2023

According to an exhaustive investigation, we managed to find which are the three banks that best manage pensions in Spain.

These banks They offer direct debit of quick payroll pensions and without any kind of difficulties, also adding all the features that we mentioned earlier in their services.

Know right now what they are and choose one of them:


With the CaixaBank the pension direct debit process is especially fast and fácil.

You will only have to meet the requirements for opening a new account and in it establish your new reception of pension funds. CaixaBank is the third bank in Spain if we refer to the strength of its assets, the number of services available and the quality of customer service.

All the information about the direct debit process perro be found on their website, but we anticipate that before going to Popular Security to make the change, You must first open a bank account.


Abanca is one of the banks that has been in a constant boom in its list of clients since stems from the daily charging of excessive rates in terms of diversity and amount.

In Abanca they will not charge you for domiciling your pension or salary, in addition You will not have to pay for monthly maintenance, nor for withdrawing money from affiliated ATMs.

You may even be able to opt for one of their bonuses of €150 for direct debit if you are lucky enough that this promotion is active at the moment.


He banco bilbao vizcaya argentaria bank it is one of the most solid banks in Spain.

It has offices in the different countries of the European Union and in the rest of the world, so it is a bank where your pension will be safe.

Besides, it is possible to opt for a digital account, which will not charge you fees of maintenance or transfer of your money.

The only negative points that its users mention is that they perro have a better customer service and advise not to be late with the payment of the fees, since the penalty perro be very high.

Advantages of domiciling your pension to a bank

Your pension will normally arrive at the bank that assigns you if you do not request from the beginning that it be made to a bank of your choice.

This bank may not have good customer service, they may charge account maintenance fees or very high fees for withdrawing money or transfers, in these cases it is in these cases that direct debit payments could solve your problem, since you will take your pension payments to a trusted bank and to your entire satisfaction.

Steps to follow to domicile the pension to a bank

Depositing your pension in another bank is a very fácil process.

you just have to YoLog in to your bank account to which you want to make the direct debit, Copy the account number of the same and take this information, along with a copy of your ID to Popular Security.

In this public entity the change of bank will be made quickly, from that day you will collect the pension in your new bank account.

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 TOP 3 Best banks to domicile the
  TOP 3 Best banks to domicile the
  TOP 3 Best banks to domicile the

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