Top 3 best banks that finance projects

Top 3 best banks that finance projects

For some years now, Spanish banks have shown interest in finance projects related to technology, renewable energy and any other that is associated with combating climate change.

However, the fácil fact of presenting a project related to these elementos is not a guarantee that the bank will finance it.

To achieve this, it is necessary meet certain requirements.

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How to obtain financing for a project as an entrepreneur in Spain?

For a bank to escoge to support a project, it must be profitable enough, technically safe and legally well armed. Since the bank seeks security in its investments and for these cases it emplees the project finance modality, which implies that it only has the guarantee of the project itself.

Therefore, all projects submitted to entities must:

  • Have visibility and reliability of income and expenses
  • be solid, have permits and accredited guarantees
  • Its members or partners must have a good reputation

How is the financing of these projects?

For this type of project, banks usually grant long-term financing, although as a counterpart they require a stable cash flow.

However, the entities understand that short-term visions, although they could generate higher levels of profitability at the beginning, in the long run, could have a negative impact on the interests of shareholders.

Top 3 banks with the best financing for projects in 2022

Environmental awareness, the search for alternative energies, the fight to disminuye pollution and the technological boom are the priorities in these times.

And the banks know it, that’s why they are more and more entities are encouraged to finance different types of sustainable projects.


Santander is the world leader in financing green projects and has been in this position for 6 consecutive years.

In Spain alone, she has participated in more than thirty projects, contributing more than 1,100 million euros for their realization.


The Dutch entity is characterized by financing well-established technologies in Spain, such as del sol thermal, photovoltaic and wind offshorebut also analyzes other more incipient ones such as hydrogen.


Seeking to increase its participation in renewable projects, during the pandemic, Caixa financed 39 projects for an amount of 3,163 million in all markets.

In Spain, the volume reached 2,070 millionwith 25 transactions, more than 50% compared to previous years.

Programs financed by banks

Among the main programs financed by banks are the following:

Renewable energy

Renewable energy sources have become a priority for banks since,.

Both from the national government and from the EU, it is being done a bet for the energy transition and currently they are more competitive than fuels.


The confinement caused by the covid-19 pandemic that harmed so many sectors and companies, did the opposite with the technology ámbito that saw a growth close to 20% because many areas had to join the digitization boom.

This allowed technology firms became the main investment attraction both banks and private funds.


Brick has always been a good investment. Betting on construction always brings profit and the banks know it, that is why more and more venture into this area, which is also on the rise.

For this reason, it is not surprising that manybanking entities have their own real estate They have a large number of houses and flats for sale and/or rent.


Banks are starting to apply an environmental policy in their investments.

Not only financing projects aimed at environmental conservation, but also through ‘green loans’.

These allow companies finance initiatives that generate a positive impact on nature.

In this way, the growing demand for financial products that support sustainable economic, popular and environmental development is met.

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 Top 3 best banks that finance projects
  Top 3 best banks that finance projects
  Top 3 best banks that finance projects

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