TOP 3 Best banks in Panama with low

TOP 3 Best banks in Panama with low

The main attraction of banks for customers is the lending capacity that they perro give to the clients of some of their servicesThe interest rates for these are also attractive and the positive interest you perro get when you put your money in a savings account.

In this articulo you will be able to see what is the top 3 of the best banks in Panamawhich have low interest and fees.

What are the commissions and interest charged by Panamanian banks?

Commissions and interest rates are the types of income that banks receive and they serve so that these perro be anchored and stay afloat. With this income, expenses for the payment of commissions are also paid to clients who have decided to keep the money in their bank.

Who regulates interest and commission charges in Panama?

Both interest rates and bank charges in Panama are regulated by the Superintendence of Banks of Panama. This public body is in charge of supervising and regulating the collection of bank fees and commissions from all public and private banks within Panama, depending on the economic outlook of the country.

Top 3 of the banks with less commissions and interests in Panama

In Panama there are three banks that offer really maleable and low interests, terms and commissions. We will give you details about these so that you perro make the decision to become a client with one of them yourself:

Banesco Panama

Banesco Panama It is one of the most important banks in this country since it has a wide range of financial services at a regularly bajo coste.

At Banesco Panama you will be able to find and apply for different types of loans. If you have a company, you will be able to count on the comprehensive asset management of this financial institution, as well as access to special loans for SMEs.

With a regular savings account and Maintaining a cómputo between $1,000 and $3,000 you perro get one profit of 0.75% per year. If you want to deposit money in a fixed term, you should know that this action cánido be from 10 thousand dollars with a percentage of earnings of 1.5% semi-annual or 3.15% in 36 months.

general Bank

Banco General is the public bank of Panama and has a wide variety of products, services and types of loans and savings accounts. As for the loans that you perro request at their offices, there is a loan for a new vehicle. Loans for home purchase and quick cash loan.

Regarding savings systems, Banco General allows the fixed-term savings, savings for a goal, Christmas savings and a traditional savings accountwith good interest rates and very maleable commissions.


ScotiaBank is an international bank network that operates in a wide range of countries, offering an excellent range of options in Panama.

You perro carry out all the procedures that are carried out from the computer site on your mobile, participate for discounts while you make greater use of the services offered by this bank and also offers an excellent customer support system.

You perro open a savings account in this bank with just 100 USD and get 0.25% annual interest, or 1.25% if you escoge to place more than 10,000 USD. ScotiaBank will help you finance your new home up to 90%, with 5.5% interest.

Consejos to select a bank with low commission and interest

A fácil search on Google plus is enough to be able to find some list of banks with low interest rates in the country where you areIn Panama, the three banks that we have described lead the lists of banks that charge fewer commissions, but you cánido also apply the following elabora to find banks with low commissions in your country or town:

If, for example, you have a bank nearby and you want to know its interest rates, visit its website.

Every banking website includes a section on where they explain in detail the interest rates they offerLook for this section called “rates and commissions” or “rates” and you will be able to know in detail all the interest rates for savings, interest on loans, account maintenance, among other fees to pay.

Remember that if you have any questions about the commissions and fees to pay in the banks of Panama, you cánido leave your question in the comments, the community will gladly help you.

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 TOP 3 Best banks in Panama with low
  TOP 3 Best banks in Panama with low
  TOP 3 Best banks in Panama with low

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