Top 3 Best Banks in México with casualties

Top 3 Best Banks in México with casualties

In this article we will see which are the banks in México with the lowest commissions.

We will analyze the different offers and conditions of the largest banks in México, and based on that we will present the best ones for you to choose based on your tastes and needs.

What are the most common commissions of banks in México?

The Bank of México defines commissions as “any charge, regardless of its name or modality other than interest, that a financial institution charges a client”.

The collection of bank commissions is related to the elements that make up the ecosystem in which the institutions and their users participate.

Services associated with financial products They usually charge commissions whose amount depends on a equipo of factorsincluding the cost of providing services and their demand.

For the provision and operation of these services, banks They use both their own and third-party infrastructure. Additionally, the operation of payment services requires means of access and the infrastructures of the financial market.

That is why the provision of these services gives rise to the following charges: types of commissions:

  • entry fee: they are usually charged in a unique way, such as the granting of a mortgage loan;
  • maintenance fee: they are usually charged periodically, as in the monthly payment for the maintenance of a deposit account.
  • Commission for use: related to the use of any service or operation associated with the product, such as sending an electronic transfer through a deposit account.
  • Commission for breach: It is charged in the event of a breach of an obligation by the client, as in the case of late payment of a credit.

Top 3 Savings accounts that do not charge commissions in México in 2023

In México 30% of the total income of banking entities comes from commissions that they charge their customers.

And a large percentage of Mexicans are unaware that commissions are charged and what they are.

Commissions perro take a lot of our money over the course of a year.

That is why it is important to know Which are the banks that are willing to offer us their services with the lowest commissions?.

These are some of the savings accounts in México that do not charge commissions:

HSBC Maleable Savings Account

The HSBC Maleable Savings account does not ask for a minimum opening amount and you have access to your money.

It also does not require maintaining an average cómputo to enjoy your profitability and of course, it has no commissions.

Also, to keep your money andThe cómputo of your savings account is not shown in ATMsnor is it linked to an HSBC debit account.

Scotiabank savings

The Scotiabank Savings account offers a nominal GAT of 0.34%, while the real GAT is -3.03% for an investment range of $1,000 to $9,000 pesos.

If you maintain an average minimum cómputo of $5,000 pesos, you receive life insurance at no cost for accidental death for $50,000 pesos.

To start your savings A minimum opening amount of $100 pesos is requested and no commission is charged for opening, maintaining or managing an account.

Azteca Bank Guard

The Banco Azteca Guardadito Account offers a nominal GAT of 0.01%, while the real GAT is -3.48% for an investment range of $1,000 pesos at a term of 365 days. It does not charge commissions for opening, account management or minimum cómputo average.

The amount minimum opening for this account is $1 peso and you have the ease of having your money at the time you want.

How perro you avoid plus commissions in Mexican banks?

To avoid plus commissions, when choosing a bank, compare through the National Catalog of Financial Products and Servicesthe commissions of the product that you are interested in contracting to compare and choose the one that best suits you.

Once you have chosen it, Calculate how much money you will allocate for payment of commissions, ask yourself if you will be able to cover that expense in the future to prevent the debt from growing.

Check your account statement periodicallyin case you consider that you have been charged an excessive commission or that it does not correspond, go to your Financial Institution to request a clarification.

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 Top 3 Best Banks in México with casualties
  Top 3 Best Banks in México with casualties
  Top 3 Best Banks in México with casualties

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