Top 3 Best Aplicaciones What You Get Paid For

Top 3 Best Aplicaciones What You Get Paid For

Walk In itself, it offers a few health benefits; It allows you to lose weight, stay in shape, release stress, improve stamina, get in touch with nature and also slow down a little from hectic everyday life.

Now, imagine if, in addition to all these benefits, they paid you to do it. Well, technology and commerce have evolved so much that now it is possible to earn income just by going for a walk and in this articulo we are going to tell you how to do it.

You like to walk? There are Aplicaciones that pay you to do it

Earning money just for going for a walk is possible if you have the right aplicación on your mobile phone. But why would they pay me just to walk? Well, it’s all related to the advertising.

Those who download these aplicaciones tend to be those people who already walk a good number of steps daily and focus on taking care of their health, that is, they are an ideal potential client for the fitness and health product companies.

On the other hand, the geolocation that the mobile emits provides certain data and patterns that cánido be useful for certain commercial companies and thus take advantage of them.

Top 3 of the best Aplicaciones that pay you to walk in 2023

Taking all this into account, a large number of applications that are willing to reward you just for walking and in the following list we present some of the best so that you perro choose which one most attracts your attention.

Lympo, pays you for a healthy life

This aplicación gives you daily challenges that you must complete while you walk or run in order to earn money. Lympo keeps you motivated with routines that are rewarded with a virtual currency called LYM Tokens that have real monetary value.

The longer the tour you do, the more money you will be earning. At first the exercises will not be so complicated, but eventually they will increase in intensity as you progress with the sessions.

In case you cánido’t run due to a physical problem, you have the option of simply walking and you will still receive a reward.

Runtopia pays you through PayPal just for walking

runtopia It is one of the best aplicaciones that pay you to walk. It basically takes care of turn your walking routine into coins that you perro then exchange for products or a cash cómputo.

It offers training plans, histories, audio guides and different types of tasks, so you perro improve your health and grow as an athlete, while generating more coins within the platform.

Sweatcoin, Pay for every exercise you do

Considered one of the most innovative aplicaciones in the field, sweatcoin is based on a cryptocurrency of the same name with which you cánido make various purchases in their store or in the marketplace or even transfer cómputo to friends or donate it to charitable causes-

The Sweatcoin store is packed with products and services to redeemsuch as clothing, nutritional supplements, devices or digital tools, among other options.

But the highlight of this aplicación is that will pay you for the steps you have madeeven if you are just exercising at home or playing sports with your friends.

How to select the best application for walking and get paid?

We have already presented you with three more than interesting options. But there are also many other afín ones. What we recommend you to select the one that best suits your tastes is that you try one by one to see which one suits you best.

Although they are afín to each other, each one seeks to have something that stands out from the rest. Therefore, the best option to choose one is downloading one or several at a time and go for a walk to see which gives you the best results.

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 Top 3 Best Aplicaciones What You Get Paid For
  Top 3 Best Aplicaciones What You Get Paid For
  Top 3 Best Aplicaciones What You Get Paid For

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