Top 3 Best Aplicaciones that you get paid for

Top 3 Best Aplicaciones that you get paid for

One of the best functions that our mobile phones have is undoubtedly that of the photographic camera.

Year after year, devices evolve in technology and with them the quality of the photographs that they allow you to take, to the point where we cánido obtain shots with a sharpness and definition that contrincante those of a professional camera.

If we add to this the possibility of make money for those pictures, we may be talking about a new way to make some plus income. Do you want to know how? Well, there are aplicaciones that pay you for your photos and in this article you will discover what they are.

Perro you generate income by selling photos?

Because many websites need original images so that they perro be used by other people or to create their own content, there are digital companies that are willing to pay to get good quality photos. This practice is called depósito photography and is gaining more and more followers.

However, it is not enough that a photograph is good for it to be bought. It must meet certain size and resolution requirements, as well as be original and functional to what people, companies and agencies demand. These images are called neutral photographs, that is, they do not carry a very loaded or confusing message.

How much cánido you earn for each photo sold?

Depending on the website or applications in which you offer your photographs, you may be earning a minimum of $5 for each image sold or a percentage that is between 20% and 35% of the value given by the site in question.

Top 3 aplicaciones that pay for your photos in 2023

There are a large number of portals and applications that pay for a good photograph. However, it is not an easy activity and it is not enough to earn a living, but if what you want is to earn plus income by selling photos, we recommend these sites.

Fotolia, the largest database of photos on the web

Created in November 2004 by Oleg Tscheltzoff and Thibaud Elziere, Fotolia is a bank with more than 90 million royalty-free images where you perro buy, sell and share photos, vectors and vídeos.

In order to sell a photograph it must be done through AdobeStock. Fotolia contributors receive a 33% commission on the sale of each image. Each sale is counted as credits in an account. These are equivalent to euros. Once the minimum amount of 50 credits has been reached, you perro request your payment by PayPal either Skrill.

Foap, sell your photos big

Foap It works like a popular network where you perro upload photos, comment and follow other people, that is, it is afín to instagram with the exception that all your photos are for sale. You just have to download the aplicación, create an account and upload your first photo.

Anyone perro access the Foap website and buy images that Foap users have uploaded for just $10 each ($5 for the photographer + $5 for Foap) and use it in any medium, for as long as you want and as many times as you want, as well as being able to editar or alter it.

Stockimo, Making his way in the community of photographers

Stockimo is a division of the photo agency of Depósito Alamy who specifically specializes in iPhone brand cell phone photography.

Images from your mobile uploaded to Stockimo will appear for sale in the Alamy interfaz. When a shopper searches for a keyword, relevant photos from both Alamy and Stockimo’s portfolio will appear in the results list.

Stockimo pay a 20% share of the purchase price of each image.

What are the photos with the most demand on the web?

The most demanded themes are the following:

  • People working or doing some activity.

  • Business photography.

  • Health, medicine and technology.

  • Nature photographs that allude to sustainability.

  • Photos of events and habitual celebrations.

  • Photos of food or raw materials.

  • Photos of artistic expressions.

  • Backgrounds and textures and popular gatherings.

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 Top 3 Best Aplicaciones that you get paid for
  Top 3 Best Aplicaciones that you get paid for
  Top 3 Best Aplicaciones that you get paid for

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