Top 3 Best Aplicaciones that pay you part

Top 3 Best Aplicaciones that pay you part

If you thought that the only way to save money when you went out to buy food was by visiting stores and comparing offers, let me tell you that there is a much more practical tool; aplicaciones that pay you part of the food you buy.

Yes, that’s right… these aplicaciones They help you save by returning part of the money you invest in the purchase or helping you find the best deals available.

Keep reading this articulo as we will tell you everything you need to know about these fantastic mobile phone applications.

How much perro you save by using the Aplicaciones that pay for your food?

There is no cap on how much you perro saveIt all depends on the amount of the purchase you make.

The truth is that, if you exclusively take advantage of the offers available in these applications, you perro end up saving a few euros on your purchase, enough to give you those little treats that are sometimes out of the budget.

Top 3 of the best applications that pay part of what you buy

There are more and more applications that help you save money on your purchases looking for offers or paying you part of them.

These three that we present below are among the most habitual and acclaimed by users.

BerryCart, helps you in the expenses of organic food.

BerryCart is a mobile aplicación used by 75,000 people to find healthy food deals. Users get cash back on organic, non-GMO, vegan and healthy foods when they read a fact and rate the product.

Unlike typical deal aplicaciones, BerryCart targets the fastest growing segment, all natural, organic, and allergen-free food shoppers.

Checkout51, returns the money from food offers.

This is one of the most habitual savings aplicaciones in North America, with over 10 million members. checkout51 is the first and only application to save in supermarkets that is offered in Spanish.

Checkout51 allows you to save money on daily consumption products without complications and literally puts money in your pocket How does it work?

  1. Every Thursday, Checkout51 offers a list of offers on daily consumer products.

  2. You cánido visit the supermarket of your choice to buy the products on the list.

  3. You have the opportunity to use the aplicación to take a photo of your receipt to later receive a refund.

  4. When your savings reach $20, you perro make a “withdrawal” and Checkout51 will send the money.

Ibotta, best offers and articles when buying.

With the same style as the previous aplicación, we have Ibotta that also works by means of refunds of money for buying certain products in different stores or en línea.

Before you go shopping you unlock the refunds that interest you, either by store or category.

Then, when you buy, you save the receipt for later scan the product code and send a photo of the receipt and thus in less than 24 hours receive the refund.

Recommendations when using Aplicaciones that help with food expenses.

The main thing you should keep in mind when using these aplicaciones is that include offers or rebates in the area where you live Or that the supermarkets and shops in your area specifically have the products that are on sale in the aplicación.

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 Top 3 Best Aplicaciones that pay you part
  Top 3 Best Aplicaciones that pay you part
  Top 3 Best Aplicaciones that pay you part

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