TOP 3 Banks What offer housing leasing

TOP 3 Banks What offer housing leasing

Housing leasing is a service offered by banks, through which the beneficiary perro pay rent with the option to buy a property.

In this article we are going to examine which are the banks that offer housing leasing in Spainin addition to what are the advantages obtained by signing up for this service.

What is Housing Leasing and how does it work?

Housing leasing is the banking service through which the beneficiary cánido pay the lease of a property under an option to buy, paying monthly in installments both interest and primordial. The property will remain with the bank until the beneficiary pays its full value.

In order to purchase the service the client must pay about 20% of the total value of the property. The main advantage of housing leasing is that the person cánido pay up to 80% of the house. When the person decides to buy the house, they only have to pay the expenses for the drafting of the purchase document.

The difference between the mortgage loan and the housing leaning is practically that with the mortgage you will be able to pay 70% of the house in installments and with leaning you will pay 80%, In addition, it is possible to pay only 20% to start with leaning, while with the mortgage the initial fee is 30% of the value of the home.

How much commission do banks charge for housing leasing credit?

Housing leasing consists of several taxes to be paid due to the nature of the deal, these are the ones that in most cases you must contribute:

  • Tax societies.
  • Tax transmissions familiar.
  • Tax Documented legal acts.
  • Tax on value added.
  • Taxes accrued from the contract formalization procedures.

Top 3 banks that grant housing leasing in 2023

Housing leasing is approved by different banks throughout Europe, but among the three banks that offer maleable benefits in Spain There are 3, which are Banco Santander, Banco BBVA and Caixabank, with which we are going to go into detail.


He Santander Bank mainly offers real estate leasing loans for the acquisition of commercial premisesHowever, you perro apply for this loan for homes under construction or new homes. The advantages of having this service in this bank is that you perro finance 100% of the value of the property you have chosen.


With the banco bilbao vizcaya argentaria bank You will be able to finance the purchase of your home, while you are already living in it with maleable installments. It is important to know that through BBVA It is possible to finance from 85 to 90% of the value of the property. When you have paid an amount close to the total value of the property through installments, you will only have to pay the remaining percentage in a final payment.


The credit for housing leasing of the caixabank has a minimum duration of about 10 years for real estate, whether they are houses or commercial premises. To do business with this bank in this area, you will have to establish whether you intend to buy or just want to rent the property. In this way they will be able to adjust the monthly installments.

You will also be able to pay an amount greater than the corresponding monthly fee, thus speeding up the payment process. The opening of this contract has a commission of 2.5% of the total that is financed among other minor commissions for managing the loan.

Is housing leasing the same as a mortgage loan?

It is vitally important that you know what the differences are between leasing and home mortgage credit. in mortgages The bank lends you the amount of money necessary to acquire the rights to a homethen you will have to pay this loan in installments.

Something different happens with real estate leasing, The bank is in charge of buying the house and keeping it in your name.the client will pay the rent as many installments as necessary until obtaining the right to purchase and making the home remain in his name.

Knowing this, you perro choose the financing model for your home that best suits you, we hope this information has been helpful and if you have any questions you cánido leave them in the comments section.

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 TOP 3 Banks What offer housing leasing
  TOP 3 Banks What offer housing leasing
  TOP 3 Banks What offer housing leasing

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