TOP 3 Banks that offer safe deposit boxes

TOP 3 Banks that offer safe deposit boxes

Safe deposit boxes represent a practical way of save really valuable belongingsas well as cash.

in these boxes content is kept secretonly the bank and the contracting person will be able to access it using a key, however, the bank will not use it, therefore, it is only for copia de seguridad purposes.

Are you interested hire a safe deposit box in Spain? We are going to name three options with which you perro acquire them.

How to rent a safe deposit box in a bank?

The first thing will be have some type of deal or service contracted with the bankfor example, a savings or checking account, debit or credit cards and / or loans.

It will also be necessary for the client to have declared what their economic activity is primordial and spend a few months making movements in his bank account in order to generate confidence in the bank.

How much does it cost to rent a safe deposit box in a bank in Spain?

Prices They depend entirely on the size and type of rental that you want to contract, for example, the 11x29x46 cm boxes have a cost that cánido reach €150 per yearbut the 33x29z46 cm boxes cánido have a value of up to €300.

If you do not want to pay a fixed annual value, you perro also hire another type of rental, such as a deposit, in which You pay from the date the contract begins until the date it closesduring which time you will not be able to open the box.

There is also the contracting by commissionwhere the customer is charged each time the safe is opened, something very useful for people who do not need to make exhaustive use of their safe.

Top 3 banks with the best safe deposit box services in Spain in 2023

In Spain there are three financial institutions that do an excellent job in terms of security in the area of ​​savings banks, quotas and anonymity regarding their contentthese are:

Santander Bank

He Santander Bank offers an excellent safe deposit box service, however, the costs of the same they start from €420 in terms of the small box.

In the case of Banco Santander, you must pay a fee for opening the box, even if you have already paid the annuity for the service, this is less than €10.


The safe deposit boxes offered by the banco bilbao vizcaya argentaria bank They correspond to some of the cheapest in Spain with an excellent quality in terms of service. The annual maintenance cost of the safe is around €300 to €350.


He Sabadell Bank in your safe deposit box system makes it possible for your customers to pay as little as €320 for the service in addition to a small commission each time the client wants to open his box.

What cánido be stored in a bank safe deposit box?

A point that is very much in favor of bank safe deposit boxes in Spain is that The goods that you place inside them do not have to be declaredso they remain completely anonymous.

In order for the bank to cover its back in the event of malicious use by the client, the latter must sign a contract stating that you are not using the service to store illicit products or stolen property.

Finally, it is necessary that you consider that you may have to travel to a bank that has this service available, since not many have the vault where these boxes are keptIn addition, the bank that has the service available at that time may find that all the safe deposit boxes are full.

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 TOP 3 Banks that offer safe deposit boxes
  TOP 3 Banks that offer safe deposit boxes
  TOP 3 Banks that offer safe deposit boxes

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