Top 3 Banks that DO NOT charge Commissions for

Top 3 Banks that DO NOT charge Commissions for

Transfer fees are one of the most frequent charges you may have when sending money from one bank to another. The amount depends on the type of transfer you do (immediate, national, inside or outside the SEPA area) and from the bank in question.

Although it is almost impossible to avoid it, there are banks that are beginning to not charge it and here we are going to tell you what they are.

What is the average amount of commission for interbank transfer?

Depending on the type of transfer, the costs for making it vary depending on the bank.

  • A urgent national transfer It usually has a surcharge that ranges between 0.5 and 1% of the total amount with a minimum that cánido range from €6 to €30.
  • The immediate national transfer and the SEPA domestic transfer (member countries of the European Union together with Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Monaco and San Marino) have a commission that, depending on the bank, cánido be from €0.9 to €8, although sometimes a percentage close to 1 is usually charged % of the transferred amount.
  • The most expensive are SHA and OUR transfers that have a cost that goes from 0.6% to 0.7% with minimums that go from €18 to €36.

Cánido you make transfers between banks and avoid commissions?

To avoid transfer fees, the main thing is open one for you commission-free account so that you do not have to pay anything for carrying out this operation. Many banks currently offer this type of benefit for new customers.

Another alternative is fulfill the binding conditions required by the entity to avoid commissions.

Otherwise you cánido withdraw the money from your account and make a deposit in the recipient’s account, or make the transfer through Bizuman aplicación that allows you to make transfers without paying commissions.

Top 3 banks that do not have commissions for transfers

Many banks have started offering commission-free accounts for those customers who purchase their products en línea. Among the most prominent we cánido mention the following:

BBVA does not charge any commission through your en línea account

Becoming a BBVA customer through its en línea account has multiple benefits and that is why it is the favorite of the Spanish. Among its many advantages are that:

  • There is no commission for en línea transfers in the European Economic Area
  • It does not charge commission for debit cash withdrawals at the more than 4,500 BBVA ATMs in Spain.

Openbank, through its open account, you do not have commissions for transfer

The Open checking account not only allows you to manage your money, direct debit your receipts and through it to contract all Santander products, but also there are no commissions for estándar or intra-EU transfers.

It also has more than 7,500 commission-free ATMs of Banco Santander in Spain.

Abanca, eliminate commissions without having to be linked

The en línea account without Abanca commissions It stands out for giving you the possibility of taking €300 if you direct deposit your salary of more than €1,200 and for having Apple Pay, Google plus Pay.

  • And with Bizum that allows you to make instant transfers from mobile to mobile without paying commissions.

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 Top 3 Banks that DO NOT charge Commissions for
  Top 3 Banks that DO NOT charge Commissions for
  Top 3 Banks that DO NOT charge Commissions for

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