Top 3 Banks that do not charge commissions for

Top 3 Banks that do not charge commissions for

Among the most famous banks in the country, you cánido find some that offer the possibility of open one account without paying commissions no more demands.

Although this benefit is only exclusive for new customersresults in an excellent alternative to leave our old bank in search of a cheaper alternative and, perhaps, with greater benefits.

What benefits me from having my savings in a bank account in Spain in 2023?

There are several advantages of saving money in the banking system.

  • One of the most significant is the interest payment for the amount saved
  • By having to equipo aside part of their income, people discipline their spending
  • In addition, they receive other benefits such as security
  • The opportunity to access credit
  • Access to various channels of nationwide care
  • The benefit programs offered by financial institutions

Why do I have to pay fees for having a bank account?

Bank commissions are the amounts of money, fixed or percentage, that cworks the bank to the customer for the provision of different services.

In the case of bank accounts, the most common fee is the account maintenance fee. A charge that banks apply to customers for managing their demand deposits. Depending on the entity, this charge perro imply from €50 to €240 per year.

What famous banks do not charge commission for opening bank accounts?

Although all banks charge commissions, for some time many of them have opted for do not charge commissions to new clients who open their bank account with them and meet certain requirements.

Caixabank, zero commission en línea account

Caixa offers you to become a customer without going through the branch, quickly and 100% safely from the comfort of your móvil.

The Caixa en línea account for new customers It is commission-free for the first six months. And then, to keep the benefits you must:

  • Have your salary (greater than €600) or pension (greater than €300) domiciled
  • Or have more than €20,000 in certain products and have three receipts domiciled
  • Or make three card purchases per quarter

With your en línea CaixaBank account you perro access your money at any of the 13,000 ATMs from all over Spain, pay with Bizum, control your finances from the aplicación and have personalized assistance 24 hours a day.

BBVA En línea account with no opening fees

The En línea Account Without Commissions is a checking account without commissions (TIN 0%, APR 0%). That is does not charge for opening, administration or maintenance and without conditions. In addition, it offers the free Aqua debit card with which you cánido withdraw money for free at the 4,500 BBVA ATMs.

In order to enjoy the advantages of this checking account without incurring commission charges, BBVA will require you to carry out all your movements and operations through the Internet or the mobile aplicación. In other words, if you want to open this Commission-Free En línea Account, you will have to be a digital customer.

Santander, Offers account opening services without paying commission

The Santander En línea Account It is a 100% digital current account, Exempt from maintenance and administration commission. Nor are charges applied when making transfers, both national and made in countries of the European Union.

With this account you perro carry out regular banking procedures such as withdrawing cash, making transfers or making payments. It also offers accident insurance up to €120,000 and access to the exclusive Santander Zone platform to enjoy promotions, discounts and exclusive experiences.

To be able to enjoy this commission-free account, all you have to do is meet the following requirements:

  • Be of age
  • Being a resident in Spain
  • Not be a client of Banco Santander at the time of contracting

Consejos to choose the best account that suits your needs

Assuming that you will choose an account without commissions, the most important thing is that check what the requirements are to comply so as not to suffer the surcharge of subsequent commissions. As seen, there are some banks that have conditions and others that do not.

However, it is important not to stay only in the most basic aspects when evaluating a bank account, such as commissions or requirements, but also value another type of advantages that I cánido offer.

Some accounts only allow you to perform essential basic operations. However, there are more and more novel accounts that offer various advantages and benefits for the client as gifts, discounts or return of percentage of purchases.

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 Top 3 Banks that do not charge commissions for
  Top 3 Banks that do not charge commissions for
  Top 3 Banks that do not charge commissions for

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