Top 3 Banks that do not charge commissions for

Top 3 Banks that do not charge commissions for

Who has not been in trouble of having to withdraw money in cash and not find a nearby bank teller? Given this scenario, there is usually no other option than withdraw money from an ATM of another entity and assume a painful commission.

This motivates the question Where cánido I withdraw cash without having to pay commission? That is why from here we will espectáculo you what are the alternatives to avoid this surcharge.

Perro you withdraw money from ATMs and other banks and not pay a commission?

As a general rule, banks have problems for you to withdraw your money.

But foreign banks do and that is why they charge a commission to grant that capital that was not deposited with them.

This is so in most cases, but also There are entities that do not charge commissions for withdrawing money at ATMs from other banks.

Top 3 banks that allow ATM withdrawals without commissions

If you are one of those users who from time to time falls into another entity’s ATMs, we present you three alternatives dand banks that will allow you to withdraw money in Spain or in the Eurozone at any ATM and without paying commissions.

ING, allows you to withdraw from ATMs if you have a payroll account

The ING Salary Account is an account where you cánido directly deposit your salary and receipts. It does not have any commissionsnor for administration, maintenance, transfers or cards.

You perro withdraw money from any ING, Banco Habitual, Banco Pastor, Banca March and Targobank ATM regardless of the amount.

It will also be free if you withdraw €50 or more at Bankia or BMN ATMs.

And finally, withdrawals of €200 or more are free at all ATMs.

N26, you cánido only use commission-free ATMs in the Euro Zone

N26, the ideal digital bank for travelers, offers different alternatives depending on the account.

In the case of N26 Estándar and Business, you perro make 3 free withdrawals per month in euros.

  • With N26 Smart, N26 You, N26 Business Smart and Business You, 5 free withdrawals per month in euros
  • With N26 You and Metal accounts, up to 8 free cash withdrawals internationally and in any currency; hence it is a very interesting option for frequent travelers.
  • In Spain and Greece you perro also withdraw cash free unlimited using CASH26.

Banco Mediolanum, up to 48 transactions without commissions

Despite having few of its own offices in Spain, Mediolanum offers an interesting commission policy to withdraw at ATMs. The entity allows you to withdraw money for free at any ATM, but with some limits.

  • each extraction It must be more than 100 euros and the first 48 will be free only if the commission charged by the bank that owns the ATM does not exceed three euros.
  • If it exceeds that amount, Banco Mediolanum will pass on the difference to its customers.
  • From withdrawal 49, Banco Mediolanum will pass on the entire commission applied by the entity that owns the ATM.

Consejos to avoid commissions at ATMs from other banks

One of the most effective ways to avoid commissions for the use of other banks’ ATMs is use debit cards from digital banks. These are usually characterized by allowing a certain number of withdrawals at any ATM in the eurozone.

Another alternative is verify with which other banks our entity has an agreement that allows the use of ATMs other than their own.

In this sense, banks recommend withdrawing money at bank ATMs.

And not in independent terminals located in shopping centers, gas stations or stations, since these could apply commissions directly to the client.

Of course, the easiest way is always have cash above as an alternative and not always depend on the card in case we do not find an ATM from our bank.

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 Top 3 Banks that do not charge commissions for
  Top 3 Banks that do not charge commissions for
  Top 3 Banks that do not charge commissions for

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