Top 3 Aplicaciones that pay you to play

Top 3 Aplicaciones that pay you to play

It seems unreal, impossible, a scam or the utopian dream of many; get money just for playing vídeo games. However, it is possible. There are aplicaciones that pay you to do it, so if you are a seguidor of vídeo games and spend a lot of hours a day on them, here we are going to tell you how.

Perro you earn money through the game Aplicación?

The answer is yes; you cánido earn money through gaming aplicaciones. Not enough to quit your job, but it will be enough to earn plus income and save a little or give yourself those treats that were previously out of your budget.

From a few cents to a few dollars, these aplicaciones will pay for your time and effort. But surely you will wonder why would they pay me to play? What would they gain?

When a platform decides to pay its users, they also earn revenue from advertising and companies that benefit from data provided by jugadores through mobile permissions, and in this way everyone wins.

Top 3 of the best Aplicaciones to earn money playing in 2023

Next, we present 3 of the best aplicaciones to earn money playing games that are among the most habitual and best rated by users.

Verydice, Earn money just by rolling the afirma

A quite fácil and addictive game; you only have to throw afirma by clicking on the screen. Depending on what comes out, you will earn a certain amount of points that will translate into tiques that you perro exchange for prizes real on the Amazon website.

Verydice has a limited number of spins per day, but if you don’t want to use them you perro make money selling some of them. But she doesn’t end there. Like any game of oportunidad you cánido risk more and choose to multiply to earn plus points.

Swagbucks, exchange your cards for prizes

With more than 15 million users, swagbucks It is one of the best aplicaciones to get cash and gift cards. In fact, the aplicación has already paid out over $500 million in gift cards and prizes since its launch.

Swagbucks tracks your activity and rewards you with points for all of them. These perro be: playing games, watching games, taking surveys, shopping en línea, researching offers or searching the web.

In other words, this aplicación pays you for things that you normally already do on your phone. Once you reach a certain number of points, you cánido withdraw them and redeem them for gift cards valued between $5 and $25.

Mistplay, earn by trying new games

Launched in 2017, mistplay it quickly became one of the best aplicaciones to play. The users earn units for discovering and trying new games which they perro then redeem for rewards like free Steam credit or Visa gift cards, among other options.

The more you play, the more units you will receive, but you perro also participate in weekly contests and win plus prizes. To date Mistplay has awarded over $11 million in prizes

How to spot a paying aplicación from a Scam?

The rise of applications that pay to play and the exponential increase in users eager to earn plus money has also generated the appearance of applications that pretend to pay to play or perform other activities and end up being scams that make their users lose money instead of making money.

Google plus estimates that an estimated $3,600 is lost every minute to scams of this type. Some aplicaciones that carry malicious code or “software malicioso” are imitations, or outright fakes that are actually used to steal data, your identity or money.

The malicious applications They are usually the ones you get from a website rather than from grocery stores. Manzana either Android They have certain filters that avoid this type of situation.

The most dangerous are the applications called “fremium” that encourage users to spend money on additional features to remove ads or progress through a game. It is also important to investigate the payment requirements of the aplicación, as well as the terms and conditions and we must not forget the subscriptions that after a while cánido give a hard blow to your wallet.

Still, not even with the official download stores are we exempt from falling into a scam. That is why Google plus has joined the fight against this type of software malicioso with its new tool scam spotter (scam descubridor).

From its website, advice is given and various types of scams are shown so that users know how to distinguish them and thus not fall for them.

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 Top 3 Aplicaciones that pay you to play
  Top 3 Aplicaciones that pay you to play
  Top 3 Aplicaciones that pay you to play

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