TOP 3 aplicaciones that give you money back for

TOP 3 aplicaciones that give you money back for

Cashback is a type of refund that consumers receive when they make a purchase.

Cashback generally refers to the money back percentage that shoppers receive from stores for every dollar spent.

It is often used as a reward for loyal customers and as an incentive to shop at certain sponsored en línea stores.

If you don’t know which stores to buy to receive this generous cashback, we espectáculo you a top 3 of aplicaciones that give you money back for buying in en línea stores products you were going to buy anyway.

What is a cashback and why is it different from a discount?

This type of refuta program is becoming more habitual with consumers in recent years, so many retailers have begun offering cash back rewards for purchases made en línea or in-store, which goes as far back as the days of made the purchase.

Often comes in the form of an electronic gift card or refuta check and cánido be redeemed at any time.

Many people confuse them with discounts, but these are offers that customers receive before making a purchase and sometimes these are conditioned, for example a 10% discount on your purchase, free shipping on orders over $50 among other conditions.

In general discounts expire after a while.


Letyshop is a Hungarian company which is dedicated to finding customers for different en línea stores and physical businesses.

It does so through cashbacks, where it establishes a percentage of return to the buyer in exchange for buying products from a certain store and categorysuch as household elementos, cleaning, clothing, appliances, mobile phones, among others.

In LetyShops you will be able to find a store for each type of sales category, it currently has more than two thousand stores and more than 41 million purchases through this great virtual store.

It houses among the stores that large product chains sponsor such as y también-Bay, Amazon, Aliexpress and Mediamark.

Something important that you should know is that to obtain the cashback you must make the purchase from the backlink provided by this application, otherwise the system will not know that you have made a purchase in the same.

If you are a loyal usuario of the platform, the cashback percentage will increase by 10, 20 and up to 30%, leaving you with a plus each time you level up.


Wikibuy is an application that is negotiating with thousands of virtual stores and taking customers to them in exchange for a percentage of the sales that occur.

To attract customers, this platform establishes a cashback system if you buy the products who are promoting these stores.

It does not matter the country where you are, if you have a VISA or Mastercard debit or credit card In dollars or euros you will be able to buy in the stores that Wikibuy sponsors.

The best thing about this aplicación is that it sends you notifications about new bargains recently launched in the best Internet stores and you perro install an extension in your browser, which will indicate if the product you want to buy, for example, in Amazonis available in a Wikibuy store at a better price or with a cashback percentage.

mega bonuses

If you are already going to buy en línea, what else does it matter to buy under the recommendation of Megabonus and save a few euros? This company has an extension that actively espectáculos you which products are being sponsored by it, helping you choose those with which you will get cashback after purchase, but this is not all.

Some of the products promoted by Megabonus have an amazing 40% cash backIn other words, if you buy a €400 product you perro receive up to €160 in your Megabonus account to continue making purchases.

Currently the extension of Megabonus It has more than 3,000 five-star reviews.Although you perro also use their website, where you cánido find all the offers directly, if you are interested in any of them you perro buy and receive your discount in cashback format.

If you are looking for something specific you perro filter by categories or use the search bar to find a specific product.

Cánido you tell us how much you have saved with these applications once you use them? We love knowing that we have helped you save.

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 TOP 3 aplicaciones that give you money back for
  TOP 3 aplicaciones that give you money back for
  TOP 3 aplicaciones that give you money back for

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