Top 27 Most Profitable Franchises In

Top 27 Most Profitable Franchises In

While it is true that starting a business cánido be exciting, there is no doubt that it is also a great risk.

To start a business you have to make an investment that if things do not go as expected, you end up losing.

But the solution to this problem is the franchises, which are businesses that have already demonstrated their proper functioning and in which, therefore, the chances of losing the investment are minimized.

You only have to pay what the franchise costs to start a business that already has a name in the market.

If you want to know what are the best franchises with which you perro earn money in Spain at this time, continue reading and we will tell you what it is about.

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Franchises that you cánido equipo up in Spain and are profitable

In our country there is a significant presence of franchises, belonging to different sectors such as hospitality, food, personal care, fashion, etcétera.

We recently talked about en línea franchises in Spain with which you could obtain very good profits, but today we open the list and put both en línea and physical.



This Spanish clothing brand has a very prominent position internationally, where it has managed to become a one of the firms that sets the trend.

It has stores open in 110 countries, and has different lines: Mango Woman, Mango Man, Mango Kids and Violeta.


It is a brand of dietetic products and nutritional services with presence in 31 countries. They have their own method to guide the eating habits of their patients, through advice, the sale of food products and free personalized follow-up.


brass band

Charanga is a children’s fashion store that has managed to become industry benchmark in Spain.

It has more than 230 stores all over the planet, some of which are franchises and the rest its own stores and corners in shopping centers.


These stores sell computer products and offer repairs and technical services.

Beep is one of the most profitable franchises in the campoand the one with the most points of sale, billing and the largest volume of computer manufacturing.



This franchise is specialized in the production and distribution of nutritional supplements, medicinal plants, foods and natural cosmetics with organic certification.

Carry more than a century in the market, which is why it is one of the great veterans in the dietary field in Spain.

He has more than 220 stores, including franchisees and his own stores.


In the Fnac stores, books, records, largos, vídeo games and technological articles are mainly sold.

They also offer special services for their members, such as discounts, advantages and special prices.

One of its franchises cánido be purchased for a price of from 600,000 euros, and it is possible to get a profitability up to 10%.



One of the major benchmarks in the food delivery ámbito It is undoubtedly Telepizza, which emerged in La capital de españa in 1987 as a family business.

Today it is present in more than 13 countries, and is the fifth company with the highest turnover in the world in the pizza category, and the first that does not come from America.



Although Tous began as a jewelry house exclusively, over time they have grown to offer other products such as perfumes, bags or wallets.

This is a family business that was created in 1920, and that enjoys great prestige both inside and outside Spain. In fact today it is an important multinational.


General Optics

General Óptica has managed to carve out an important niche in its campo, already exceeding 200 establishments between Spain and Portugal.

Since they opened their stalls in 1955, they have been increasing their offer, and even today they also offer audiology services.


Carte D’Or Gelateria

The Carte d’Or Gelateria Club launched this chain of ice cream parlors, launching a complete offer designed to cover different seasons and time slots.

In this franchise they do not focus only on ice cream, but on “turnkey” solutions of drinks, panqueques, waffles, buns and coffee



This supermarket chain combines its own stores and some 500 franchises throughout Spain.

It is a reference brand in the food campo, so with this business you invest in a stable company with good numbers.


VIP Group

Vips already has almost five decades of experience in the lugar de comidas campo in Spain, where it is growing with the chains Vips Cafeterias, VIPSmart and Ginos, The WOK, etcétera.

They already have More than 350 owned and franchised stores distributed throughout Spain and Portugal.



The new configuration of the Simply supermarkets as Alcampo supermarkets was an important boost to the brand.

Alcampo is a prestigious brand which has become a good choice for millions of buyers.

14.Phone House

If you like the world of technology, particularly telephony, Phone House is undoubtedly a choice for you when setting up a franchise.

It is a Leading business on its field, so the success of the business is practically guaranteed.

In 18 months you will be able to amortize the investment and begin to achieve profitability.


Marco Aldany

Marco Aldany is an important network of hairdressers that, thanks to its franchise system, has managed to position itself as a benchmark in the campo.

It has more than 600 establishments between own stores and franchises.


100 Montaditos

This famous network of restoranes belongs to the Restalia Group, and it is a different concept of hospitality business that has swept Spain.

It has more than 500 establishments open to the public, and with it you perro get a return of 15% on billing.


My Laundry

In a country where a large number of people live a hectic pace of life, having a laundry where you perro wash and hang clothes quickly is a great help.

And Mi Lavandería is a franchise that offers this possibility, so it is another option to take into account.

Besides from 15,000 euros you cánido have a business that leaves you profitable and really competitive.



Europcar is a car rental franchise with presence in 140 countries, so it is evident that it is a business that works and that it has been revealed as successful.

Its ability to attract new customers has made it an important opportunity for many entrepreneurs.

In addition, in less than two years the investment perro be amortized.


Your Well-being

It consists of a franchise focused on caring for the elderly at home, and it has been achieving more than notable success for some time now.

These companies are very professionally managedand there is a special backlink between the franchisee and the headquarters.



It is an urgent parcel and documentation transport company, leader in the Courier Express segment not only in Spain, they are also in Portugal and Andorra.

Its services are of high quality and use the most advanced technologies, reasons for which it mainly owes its success.


El Corte Inglés

Everyone knows El Corte Inglés, but not everyone knows that it is also a franchisor that has several successful franchise chains.

And the truth is that bearing the seal of this brand in a business is a guarantee like few others when it comes to starting a business.


Adolfo Dominguez

If it is a question of betting on a franchise that works, Adolfo Domínguez is a great option.

This signature enjoys great popularity and recognition, which is why it sets a trend.

usually to be located in the best streets of the cities in which it is present, and already exceeds 250 stores.


Today Ikea is one of the main references in brands of furniture and products for the home, and probably the biggest if we talk about elementos with low prices, since this is one of its main signs.

As is evident, the handicap is the cost of getting one of these franchises, but whoever cánido afford it has at their disposal a business that cánido reach 20 million profit and between 5% and 10% profitability.


New Cash Technology

New Cash Technology is a chain of companies dedicated to the purchase and sale of technology products, with more than a decade of experience.

Right now it only has a few stores in Barcelona, ​​but Its turnover exceeds one million eurosso it is revealed as a really interesting franchise option.


Arena Gaming

Vídeo games and gaming form a especially powerful campo in the economy worldwide and in Spain.

That is why Arena Gaming is another excellent alternative if you want to start a franchise in this country.


Serseo Inbound Marketing

He digital marketing It has also reached the world of franchises with these agencies in which the objective is to help other companies to get more sales and customers with the 3-step methodology: bring traffic, get qualified contacts and have them become loyal customers.


Order Now!

He change in our consumption habits It has allowed this company to surge.

Today practically everyone wants to have the option of buying food by phone and buying all kinds of products from home as well.

And that’s why Ask Now! It is a business with a future.

Other franchises also very profitable

  • Coca Cola: franchise profit of more than 900 million euros.
  • MC Donalds: turnover of 1.5 and 4 million euros per franchise with profitability of 20%.

    Expense of up to €800,000 per franchise.

  • Burger King: profit between €200,000 and €400,000 per franchise.
  • 7-eleven: invoice 84,000 million euros.
  • zara: a local only manages to invoice 120 million euros and with a profitability of 10%.
  • Mango: you perro win from 150,000 euros to several million.
  • Benetton: benefits that cánido exceed one million euros per franchise.
  • Hilton Hotels.

    more than a million profits.

    It is possibly one of the most profitable franchises.

  • holiday inns: profitability of 10 to 20% per franchise.
  • kfc: benefit between €200,000 and €400,000 per franchise.
  • Pizza Hut: profitability that exceeds 15% and €200,000 per franchise.
  • Notices: 5% return on a well-established brand in the Spanish market.
  • Hertz: turnover of 14,000 million euros.
  • subway: 45,000 stores worldwide.

    €100,000 profit per store.

  • Wendy’s: they bill 9,000 million and earn €200,000 per store.
  • Marriott: profits of a million euros per franchise.
  • Taco Bell: 20% profit on sales.
  • Dunkin: returns that reach 20%.
  • Carrefour: profitability of 5%
  • Auchan Group: French brand of Supermarkets, move at 5% profitability.
  • Midas: they reach 10% profitability.
  • Armani: from 5% to 10% profitability.
  • Louis Vuitton: from 5% to 10% profitability.
  • Audi: from 5% to 10% profitability.
  • bmw: from 5% to 10% profitability.
  • Volkswagen: from 5% to 10% profitability.
  • Mercedes Benz : from 5% to 10% profitability.
  • Toyota: from 5% to 10% profitability.
  • The Body Shop: from 5% to 10% return.
  • Ford: from 5% to 10% profitability.
  • manchester united shop: 10% return.
  • Adidas Store: from 5% to 10% profitability.
  • Ferrari Store : 10% return.
  • NBA franchises: 10% return.
  • MSL: 10% return.
  • Disney Store: 10% return.
  • Hard Rock Café : 20% return.
  • yves rocher: 10% return.
  • calzedonia: 10% return.

Is it worth investing in a franchise?

Yes, experience has shown that It is very interesting to bet on a franchise when starting.

There are many reasons why you should choose this type of business, so let’s see which are the main ones:

You don’t have to create a brand

There are many businesses that fail because their system does not work.

But that does not happen in the case of franchises, in which the systems already exist.

And also someone previously made a strong investment to test it on different sites.

You cánido use an international brand without having to start a multinational

One of the primordial reasons for opting for a franchise is that you perro use an already known brand, without going through the whole process of creating an international company.

You start earning money from the beginning

By not having to improvise, all the money you invest is going to give you results.

Which is a great advantage in a country like Spain, where there are sectors in which it takes a long time to achieve benefits, because you have to work hard to make a difference compared to the competition.

But with franchises this does not happen, and although of course you have to face certain expenses, in the end it is a profitable business.

Your business will work automatically

There are many people who seek to have a business that allows them passive incomethat is, from which obtain profitability without having to be physically in them.

Well, franchises also provide this advantage.

In these companies, everyone knows what they have to do, and everything is designed to make the business work.

That’s why It is not necessary to be pending all the time that things go as they should.

Thus, there are people who put more than one store of the same franchise or of several different ones, and they multiply the results.

You save a lot of money on advertising

franchises advertise on television and other media through which they reach many people.

Think if you had to make that investment yourself; most likely it was impossible.

But since franchises are part of a brand that is already equipo up, they benefit from large advertising campaigns without having to pay for them separately, since their cost is part of the price of the franchise itself.

Now that you know what the best franchises you perro bet on in SpainDo you dare to bet on a profitable and safe business? We wish you good luck!

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 Top 27 Most Profitable Franchises In
  Top 27 Most Profitable Franchises In
  Top 27 Most Profitable Franchises In

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