Top 18 Career Skills

Top 18 Career Skills

Are you looking for a job? In that case, it is important that in your curriculum vitae you reflect what your professional skills are.

We tell you which are the most valued by companies, and how they differ from attitudes.

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In any job you will be looked at better if you are a person who knows how to work with colleagues well, since normally you have to collaborate more or less with other people.

Ultimately, a worker who doesn’t fit in well when they have to be in a group perro become a problem for the company.



Languages ​​will always be a point in favor of a sintetiza.

There may be positions that do not require it among the requirements, but knowing languages ​​never hurts.

Now, the important thing is to be able certify the level of that language, through an official title.

That of the “intermediate level of English” is not well seen in a curriculum.



The ability to adapt is essential when arriving at a new job.

If, for example, you have had some experience in another job that has nothing to do with what you are going to do now, in the new company they will realize that you are a person who adapts well to changes.


Digital skills

In the time we are in, getting along with new technologies is essential when it comes to finding a job.

It is not about being an expert, but about knowing how to handle them at the level that is required for the job you are applying for.

If you have courses related to digital skills, don’t forget to include them in your sintetiza.



If you have some kind of achievement that espectáculos that you are a person who knows how to work hard, do not hesitate to credit it.

The recruiter will think that if you have done it in the past, you cánido repeat it.



A creative person is always interesting for a company, since there are many day-to-day situations that require ingenious solutions.

To espectáculo that you are, you perro tell something that has happened to you in the past at another job, or espectáculo a special project, for example.



Having communication skills is necessary so that dealing with people from the company itself and from outside it is as fluent as possible.



Proactivity is the ability to anticipate, take the initiative and make the right decisions before a problem arises.

As you cánido imagine, a very important quality for any company.


Be multifaceted

It is true that you cannot be good at everything, but if you have the capacity to participate in different areas of work, better.

You cánido prove it by accrediting those knowledge that you have that may be related to different departments.



All work requires organization.

So if you cánido espectáculo that you are an organized person, you will add a bit.

Comment on any experience you have had on another site that proves that you are.


People skills

You may think that if you are not going to face the public, you do not need to know how to deal with people.

But none of that, since in reality having the gift of people is necessary for easy to work with you.

Therefore, if the recruiter sees that you have this aptitude, it will be something that favors you.


Time management

Knowing how to manage time is another aptitude that is highly valued in companies, especially those where the pace of work is very high.

It consists of organizing in the best way to get the most out of time.



Just as there are times when teamwork is required, in others it is necessary stand in front of a group and take the reins of the same.

That is why it is highly regarded in companies to have leadership skills, which means that you integrate into a group of people and you know how to guide them well.



This means not being stuck in crisis situations, but rather assess the possibilities to solve them and make the best decision possible.


Orient to goals

In commercial jobs it is especially important to know how to focus on objectives.

This supposes work based on company goalsseeking the greatest effectiveness in this regard.


Analytical capacity

Analytical ability means being able to manage data in the fastest and most effective way.

As is logical, this is an aptitude that is taken into account in those positions in which this type of information is handled.



That a worker is motivated is primordial so that perform your duties to the best of your ability.

Luckily this is a skill that perro be worked on, although it is true that the work environment in the company greatly influences this aspect.


Stress management

Stress cánido be a handicap in any type of work, but there are some in which it is easier to suffer, such as those in which you work for objectives.

For this reason, companies tend to look for people who have good stress control, which means deal with this feeling in the most effective wayand without affecting you emotionally.

Difference Between Attitude and Professional Aptitude

It is easy to confuse both terms, although they refer to different things. An aptitude is a characteristic of a personso you have a certain predisposition to develop it, or you cánido work well.

Instead attitude refers to how you approach work.

You cánido also have a certain tendency to have one or another attitude depending on the way you are, but in the end, it is more related to how you escoge to face a certain situation.

These are the professional skills most valued by companies, and their difference with attitudes.

But above all you must do a job of honesty, and not fill your sintetiza with qualities that you do not have, since you perro give a bad image that, as a result, will be counterproductive for you.

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 Top 18 Career Skills
  Top 18 Career Skills
  Top 18 Career Skills

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