Top 16 Free Games To Win

Top 16 Free Games To Win

Have you ever considered playing a free game that pays jugadores immensely? whatYeah? This guide is just for you! Contains all the information about free games to win NFT games or crypto games. All you need to do is scroll down to know more about these games.

What are NFTs?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets that are verified using blockchain technology and cannot be exchanged for something else of equal value.

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How do NFT games help jugadores?

The model “play to win“, facilitated by the use of cryptocurrency and NFT, allows jugadores to have more control over their in-game time and resources, while offering incentives such as discounts or special elementos earned by completing in-game missions with earned currency called “ gems”, and also allows game companies to develop a more vibrant in-game economy and maximize revenue from users who purchase virtual goods with real money to unlock advanced content for them.

What are Play to Earn games?

Axie Infinity, a habitual NFT game, has paved the way for a new era of play-to-earn gaming, with jugadores earning up to $50 a day or more, and the growing popularity of NFT gaming has led to the emergence from many other crypto games that offer jugadores more control over in-game assets through blockchain technology and digital currency, while preserving rarity and uniqueness through NFT features, allowing jugadores to create or breed new characters, buy digital elementos in native markets, and unlock more content through hard work and skill.

16 Best Free Games To Win NFT Games

So what do you think about earning while playing? It seems interesting, right? Here we have put a list of 16 best free to win NFT games for you to consider in 2022.

So let’s take a look at them:

1.Axie Infinity

Why not start the list with the first NFT game that started and hit the market? Although many alternatives to NFT games have emerged in recent times, this NFT game is still considered to be one of the best and is still running in the market with immense popularity.

If you plan to invest in free play to win NFT games, without a doubt, Axie Infinity could be your ideal option.



In the list of free to win NFT games, CryptoBlades is inspired by another RPG.

Like other war games, this game is also followed by fighting enemies, defeating them and earning skill tokens as prizes.

While playing the game, jugadores perro spawn weapons and even sell them in-game on the market.

To start the game, jugadores need to purchase a character.

Therefore, a minimal fee must be paid to continue fighting battles and the game, which then allows jugadores to earn rewards in the form of ability tokens.


Plant vs.


This typical play to win game is a platform game where a player needs to buy seeds to play this game.

This is a habitual NFT game where the player will buy seeds from the market using PVU tokens.

Later, while playing the game, you cánido trade these tokens with a especial crypto exchange consisting of PVUs under your field.


The Sandbox Game

Have you heard of Metaverse? Sandbox is another excellent NFT earning game that has gained massive popularity since November 2021.

It was established and has been around since 2012, but recently gained traction when Metaverse became a bit expensive.

It has a vast marketplace where jugadores cánido buy and sell a variety of NFTs.

Considering the market and its safety, the Sandbox game is one of the safest long-term investments one cánido make when investing in game models.

5.Star Atlas

With its unique graphics technology in NFT games, Star Atlas is considered one of the best multiplayer NFT games.

This is an interesting game where jugadores perro sell and buy NFTs in-game, build cities, create micro-economies, and create Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

The special effects and graphics of this game are derived from Unity Engine 5.

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Illuvium game features more than 100 Illuvials/monsters that will roam a vast alien world.

You cánido capture, merge and upgrade them to fight against your opponents in this risky platform NFT game.

The flood creatures in this game are unique and dangerous.

They cánido be captured, merged with other jugadores, or used to fight opponents! There is always the risk of being left behind if you escoge not to play your part well enough.

However, it may pay off in a big way when all is said and done because jugadores will never get an opportunity like this in the game.


Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a new card trading game that will shake up the genre by infusing NFT elements into an already familiar format.

Cards cánido be purchased from other jugadores or earned in PVP matches, with more emphasis on skill and strategy than luck at this point, as rankings determine who wins games.

These cards cánido be traded through any type of native or open market.

There are many types of cards available for purchase, including commoner versions called “common italics,” which have minimal artwork but offer basic functionality.

They are perfect if you don’t want to spend too much money but still enjoy playing your favorite vídeo slots.

The game is also featured with GODS tokens which perro be used to purchase in-game assets which cánido further be traded or sold at a premium.

Gods Unchained is an innovative free collectible card game that will allow jugadores to obtain unique virtual cards.

These powerful elementos perro be used in many ways, including PVP battles to determine who has the best skills for success.



What if you could buy and trade cards that gave rewards just for playing? Sounds like a win-win situation.

And it is! Splinterlands allows users to earn while playing the game, afín to Gods Unchained; However, there is a big difference.

All your progress will be saved on the block chain instead of Fb or Google plus in this game.

You cánido start playing with an introductory paquete that includes ten cards after signing up during the onboarding process (where you only need to create an account).

To make things easier for newbies who don’t know how popular media works yet, you cánido also purchase additional paquetes from the in-aplicación store using the coins you’ve earned so far.

In some cases, rare elementos may appear among these first purchased sets, so make sure there’s plenty left over to collect more pieces and try your luck finding something great before it’s too late.


This upcoming game in 2022, Polygonum is a multiplayer survival simulation game where jugadores cánido buy and trade in-game elementos, and create their own regions with customizations for the three main zones, PVP (player vs.

other), PVE (hunting , fishing and exploration) and agriculture.

The single server allows customers to experience an immersive world full of excitement.

10.NFT Champions

NFT Champions is a story based game with lots of side quests for jugadores to keep them busy.

The world map consists of several regions; Each packed with unique characters and challenges that cánido be tackled solo or with friends.

You choose if you want your adventure to be independent but collaborative; It completely depends on what kind of fun tumbleweed suits your needs.

The game is all about collecting rare and powerful beasts known as Champions to build your perfect team.

Each is represented on the blockchain vía an NFT, which perro evolve into more powerful forms with different stats or attack abilities depending on how much effort jugadores put in throughout the game, all rewarding those who progress.


Gold Fever

Gold Fever is an upcoming game in 2022.

This is a game of oportunidad and danger, where jugadores navigate the lush jungle landscape to find their own way in this bustling gold rush.

Anyone cánido own land through NFTs or buildings built on parcels that generate passive income while increasing their fortune.

It has different factions of jugadores with Brics preventing transparency, but making sure 100% squat proof makes it impossible for others to jump into any competition without being fair enough.

The map offers various paths for jugadores to take as well, if it’s just about gathering resources then there are plenty of options available; But when mining becomes necessary, know that only especial places will provide what we need, which is gold palitos de pollo galore.


Sidus Heroes

This is one of the newest free to win NFT games on the market.

This game focuses on space explorations and battles that have a massive universe to conquer.

The game’s secondary token, known as SENATE, will be used to purchase land on different planets within the SIDUS metaverse.

This allows jugadores a passive income opportunity by building infrastructure and generating resources that they perro then sell to earn money without doing any work themselves! This game provides other features such as monsters, raw materials, land, and equipment that cánido be sold on the market.


The Untamed Isles

The Untamed Isles is a new free MMORPG like no other.

The game combines monster hunting and taming gameplay with breeding to genera a captivating experience for jugadores.

The game features an open-world environment, which means there’s always something going on around every corner, whether it’s quest lines asking you to help out some villages by finding the missing ingredients needed in specific locations on various islands; The boss fights to wait inside hidden caves deep below its surface.

Unlike many free to win NFT games, it features voice chat so you perro trash talk while you play.

14.Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is an upcoming game.

This exciting platform allows you to earn NFT assets while participating in an RPG game with your friends.

You will build equipment and complete dungeon quests while earning resources that perro be converted into profit or used as materials to create elementos within this fantasy world.

As with other games, collecting these necessary components allows jugadores to access new areas, but this is how this game works differently.

Instead of just exploring at their leisure (which could take hours!), members must first be actively involved.

There is also an emphasis on building communities, or guilds, working together towards common goals such as mutual prosperity among members.


Neon District

The world of NFTs is an intriguing one, and Neon District offers jugadores the oportunidad to get involved.

This is an upcoming 2022 game that focuses on how users cánido collect characters from various games and equipment and craft elementos by purchasing them for sale with their in-game customers.

Like everyone featured in this guide, like CryptoPunks and The Virtual Economic Revolution, any asset found here comes backed with blockchain technology so you have full rights to how much money goes into which service when selling.

The goal is to build teams and compete against other jugadores in the mission.


Battle Racers (Discontinued)

Battle Racers is a new game that takes inspiration from habitual titles like Super Mario Kart and F-Zero.

The iniciativa behind it, as you perro probably tell from its name, “Battle racers”, involves combining different weapons or parts to create the most powerful cars for an arcade-sized track.

Here, jugadores will be able to mix two elementos at once for purposes ranging from increasing speed, power, etcétera., all while trying not to get hit by other opponents also dying for victory! You cánido register your winning vehicle on the blockchain vía NFT.

NFT Games: Pros and Cons

Here is a list of the pros and cons of free play to win NFT games on the market.


  • Transfer of ownership: trade in your game treasures at any time and receive a fair price.

    The buyer becomes the current owner by transferring ownership, which is also recorded on the blockchain!

  • Security and uniqueness: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the future of blockchain gaming.

    They are so exciting because NFT is unique, which means that no one except you could own it unless you sell it.

    It means that they are not rare, but unique!

  • Transparency: Thanks to blockchain, the presence and history of the property are immutable.

    Each item is offered with 100% transparency.

    Agregado, explorer transactions check scarcity against a public ledger for eternity, so you know what’s worth owning when it’s time to buy, sell, or hold.

  • brand and creativity– NFTs allow you to increase brand awareness and spark new interest with creative features and adoption by incorporating new features into designs.


  • Concerns about uncertainty: The current mania for buying NFT digital assets is reminiscent of an economic bubble that could eventually burst.

    Value growth has been steady, but the potential still exists to allow more people to access cryptocurrency trading with these unique types of investments.

    However, numerous experts compare this current situation to another previous crash where everyone lost their money because there were no regulations or guidance on what could happen when things crossed certain limits until it did.

  • Environmental issues in blockchain technologies: the decentralized nature of blockchain perro genere serious problems for the environment.

    For example, no entity in charge would be able to make decisions about how this new technology should be used or developed, so its potential impacts remain unclear at best for now.

    This is a big concern.

The dominance of Play to Earn games over teléfonos inteligentes

Teléfonos inteligentes have become a major source of games to win as 78% of mobile jugadores will be using Android by 2020, and 43% of phone usage is gaming related.

In developing countries like the Philippines there has been a rise in popularity of free to play and win NFT games such as Axie Infinity.

These games offer exceptional rewards and the opportunity to own unique digital assets that perro increase in value over time.

By participating in these games, jugadores cánido help the growing industry of non-expendable tokens while enjoying an engaging and rewarding gaming experience.

Check out our list of the best free NFT games to play and win and start your next gaming adventure today!

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 Top 16 Free Games To Win
  Top 16 Free Games To Win
  Top 16 Free Games To Win

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