Top 10 Paid Careers to Choose From

Top 10 Paid Careers to Choose From

Knowing which are the best paying careers of the future is vital if you are thinking of filling out your university applications soon, or if you want to prepare yourself in a field that will exceed your professional, employment and financial expectations with success.

Undoubtedly, studying higher education will give you the necessary knowledge to entrar the job market satisfactorily, and although naturally you may have interests in a specific career, the truth is that it doesn’t hurt to know the options that the best cánido offer you. results.

In this sense, we want to present you the 10 best paid careers of the future, and we will also tell you why they are so promising and attractive.

The 10 highest paying careers to choose your future:

According to data from the Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO), people who complete their university studies generate 80% more income than those who only finish high school.

This means that the salary gap between those who have professional degrees and those who are bachelors is really large.

Consequently, we want to motivate you to pursue second level studies and choose professions that hold a promising future for you, such as the 10 best paying careers that we will share below.

1. Aviation:

Aviation is one of the most in-demand careers today, and everything indicates that its popularity will continue to grow in the coming years as the aeronautical market is booming.

Those who study this discipline are in charge of designing, developing, manufacturing, operating and using aircraft for private or commercial purposes, and therefore, they are professionals who play a primordial role in the aeronautical world.

It should be noted that the aerospace ámbito is experiencing great expansion in certain European countries, such as Spain, as tourism is also growing by leaps and bounds.

Statistics from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) espectáculo that in 2018 total air passenger traffic registered an increase of 6% in this country, which represented an increase of about 14.5 million passengers in relation to past year.

So, if you are interested in studying aviation, which tops the list of the 10 best paid careers of the future, you should take a look as soon as possible at the most attractive and competitive academic offers on the market.

2. Robotic Engineering:

Robotics is one of the main branches of mechanical, electrical, biomedical, electronic and computer science engineering, and consists of designing, building and operating robots by combining various disciplines.

This is another of the best university degrees of the future, especially since there are more and more companies interested in robotizing processes, operations and services, in order to increase their positioning and competitiveness in the market where they are immersed.

A robotics engineer is trained to design and build intelligent robots by directing large engineering projects.

So your profession is in great demand in the medical industry, machinery, telecommunications or new technologies.

3. Chemical engineering:

A Chemical Engineer is an integral professional, but above all, multifaceted. This means that he is capable of studying, simulating and operating a wide variety of chemical and physical processes, as well as designing new materials and cutting-edge technologies.

In this sense, it is not surprising that it is also considered one of the best paid careers of the future, both in Latin America and Europe.

In fact, only in Spain the level of employability of this type of professional is 75%, according to data from the Conference of Directors and Deans of Chemical Engineering on the strength of Chemical Engineering studies in the Spanish territory.

4. Architecture blockchain:

This career has become one of the best paid since the use of technology blockchain has undergone an extraordinary rebound in recent years globally.

Indeed, there are more and more sectors that trust it because it serves as one of the safest and most decentralized payment methods on the market.

As a result, the expertise of an Architect in blockchain It is increasingly required in the logistics, food, terrestrial or financial field, and this has generated that the academic offer on blockchain has diversified to the maximum in Latin America in the last couple of years.

4. Economy and finance:

Currently, experts in economics and finance are also required in multiple sectors, and this has allowed them to perform very quickly as banking, tax, insurance or investment advisors.

They are professionals trained to analyze the causes and consequences of economic phenomena that affect local or international society, and also to anticipate market trends with total efficiency and diligence.

Today they have a lot of participation in mutual funds, especially since the investment instruments have branched out exponentially, and therefore, more and more people are interested in investing their money wisely and intelligently.

5. Programa engineering:

This profession combines knowledge in computer science, mathematics, and various branches of engineering to create programa programs that are reliable, functional, and above all, profitable.

And since we live in the information and communication age, there is an increasing demand for Programa Engineers worldwide, which means that the number of universities that include this degree in their academic offerings is on the rise.

According to data from the Bureau of Tarea Statistics, which is a unit of the United States Department of Tarea, the demand for these professionals could grow by 30% in the coming years.

6. Mechanical engineering:

Mechanical Engineering is another of the best paid careers since the development of profitable projects and businesses related to the construction, repair, manufacture or assembly of structures, industrial plants, and energy facilities is imminent.

The field of action of this profession is really wide, so it is not surprising that mechanical engineers are so required in the productive, energy or electrical sectors.

Although it should also be mentioned that they have a place in areas related to the construction and mechanics of solids or fluids.

7. Medicine:

Medicine has been one of the highest paid careers in the world for decades since the expansion of the health ámbito is completely evident, especially on a European and North American scale.

The field of action of this profession is very extensive, and therefore, those who graduate as doctors usually entrar the tarea market satisfactorily.

It should be noted that Spain is one of the countries with the highest demand for Doctors at a European level.

9. Civil engineering:

Everything seems to indicate that the construction campo will not suffer contractions in the immediate future, and therefore, the demand for civil engineers will be maximized.

These professionals design, build and maintain infrastructure such as dikes, airports, bridges, dams, canals, etcétera., and are fully trained to work on large-scale projects with resounding success.

According to data provided by the Hays company, Australia is one of the most attractive markets for civil engineers, and everything indicates that it will continue to be so in 2020 and in the following years, since the federal government will carry out numerous construction projects.

10. mining engineering:

This specialist is capable of coordinating the extraction of natural resources that are in the mines, and because there are multiple geological deposits in specific areas of Latin America, it is very common for this professional to be in such high demand in the Hispanic region.

In addition, it should be noted that this profession is deeply concerned with caring for the ecosystem, which gives it an impressive appeal today.

Very promising professional careers

In conclusion, the careers that we have just presented to you are considered to be the best paid in the future, taking into account their demand, their possibilities of diversification, and above all, the positive impact they will have on the finances of those who practice them professionally.

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 Top 10 Paid Careers to Choose From
  Top 10 Paid Careers to Choose From
  Top 10 Paid Careers to Choose From

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