Tool to find opportunities

Tool to find opportunities

Have you used the new platform associated with the famous broker Interactive Brokers? This tea provides the opportunity to power find companies or assets that are undervalued and with many investment opportunities.

Additionally, it allows you to apply many manual filters, quite intuitive, that you perro even use without having great knowledge in this campo. In this article we will introduce it to you.

How to calculate and how does it work?

To begin, access the specific section of interactivebrokers (clic here) . Inside it, you will see a red button called “IBKR Global Analyst”. If you clic on it, it will take you to the calculator in question.

Cánido apply filters to find what you are looking for according to your specifications among the different markets, countries, types of industries, capitalizations, and many more available filters.

When performing the searchyou perro also order from highest to lowest, and apply filters that help you sort the found and already filtered results more quickly.

How to sort and filter the information?

You perro sort them and filter again in the options offered such as: Ámbito, dividend percentage, earnings, among other data that is usually valued when doing a primordial analysis.

It is important to be informed of what each of these data consists of in order to understand them and make the most of this information.

Likewise, you also have information of interest in text that you cánido read within the page itself, which will help you learn more about how to find undervalued companies.

Remember, that the explanation that we offer you are never recommendations, we only inform you about this new tool that has Interactive Brokers.

Vídeo about tool to find investment opportunities & undervalued companies

If you have any questions, we attach a vídeo so that visually, you cánido better understand what this consists of tool to find investment opportunities and undervalued companies.

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 Tool to find opportunities
  Tool to find opportunities
  Tool to find opportunities

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