Toluna: What it is and how it works | Earn money

Toluna: What it is and how it works | Earn money

Toluna is a portal of paid surveys.

A page with which you cánido earn money totally free for giving your opinion.

It is one of the most experienced and famous survey panels in Spain (although it accepts many other countries).

Their surveys usually last between 15 and 20 min.

Easy to do and with a pretty nice interfaz.

If you are one of those people who complain because they do not get many surveys to do.

You cánido definitely try Toluna, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Below is a brief guide on what Toluna is, how it works and some tricks to earn more money with this page.

Toluna Features

Created in: Year 2000

Languages: Spanish.

Accepted countries: All the countries.

minimum payment: From 1,000 points.

Payment method: PayPal, Bank Transfer and Gift Vouchers.

Referrals: 1 Level.

Payment per referral: 500 points (€0.25) for each person you invite.

What is Toluna and how does it work?

Toluna is an en línea community that brings together a lot of people (us) to give their opinion and thus fill out the paid surveys provided by large companies.

Its operation is fácil.

With the information that we provide to these companies, they carry out market studies and make better decisions.

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and us they give us points that you cánido exchange for money hard cash or you perro also exchange for gifts.

How to make money on Toluna

In addition to being a site with which you perro Earn money for taking paid surveysToluna has other ways you perro earn money too.

Let’s take a look at all of them.


Completing your profile

First of all, I suggest 100% complete your profile.

Completing your profile after registering is not only necessary to receive more surveys, but they will also give us points for completing each section.

In this way you cánido receive more surveys according to your preferences.

So, I also recommend putting a little effort into filling out the profile.

It depends on whether they send you a larger number of surveys.


Do paid surveys

Obviously, being a panel of paid surveys, the best way to earn money is… watching ads… are you kidding?

Well of course, the most lucrative way that Toluna offers you is to take surveys.

These multiple choice surveys They last 15-20 min. approximately.

Therefore they are relatively quick and easy to do, much like Myiyo or Ysense surveys.

You cánido earn between 1,400 and 3,000 points for each correctly completed survey.


Make Offers

As in almost all pages of this nature, Toluna has a “Offers” section where you cánido earn some plus points.

you cánido earn points for visiting pages, for completing registrations, for making purchases (Cashback mode).


Sponsored Content

Toluna offers the possibility of earning points for the fácil fact of vote on sponsored contentwhich are published on the wall of your main panel

You perro find this section in the menu Community -> “Fast Votes” and start voting like crazy.


Monthly contest

If you are lucky and you are an active member of the Toluna community you perro win up to €5000 in the raffle they do every month.

To simply participate you will have to complete surveys and they will give you participations of the monthly lottery.

You must have uploaded a profile photo and complete a survey or vote before the draw is held.


For inviting friends

Toluna has an affiliate system that is not bad, although it could be a little better, why are we going to fool ourselves?

The backlink cánido be found under your profile.

For each person that you invite through your referral backlink you will receive 500 points.

That is, for each friend you invite they will give you €0.25.


With the mobile aplicación

We also have this platform in Aplicación format for mobile devices (Android and iOS) with which you cánido earn plus points.

You will earn 500 plus points for taking a survey from your móvil.

Also, they will give you 1000 points for the first content that you believe in the community from your mobile device.

Points and prizes in Toluna

When you accumulate enough points you cánido exchange them for gifts or money in section Awards.

You perro exchange your points for several options, I leave you some of them to give you an iniciativa;

Bank transfer -> €35 = 140,000 points

PayPal -> €35 = 140,000 points

Amazon -> €25 = 100,000 points

Spotify -> €10 = 40,000 points

iTunes -> €10 = 40,000 points

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There are also gifts of all kinds that you cánido see in the Community section -> Prizes area.

Toluna Consejos and Tricks

It is worth giving a review of some consejos to get more surveys and we cánido earn more money.

Next, I leave you a vídeo about some consejos to be selected in more surveys.

By the way, I forgot… I always recommend being “quite” honest when conducting surveys :).

Opinions about Toluna

This company has been active for a long time, so espectáculos that it is reliable.

Frankly, with Toluna you cánido earn a good amount of money by filling out surveys.

If we count that for each survey they give us an average of €1.

No tricks, no cheats, no stories.

You do your surveys and collect your money, easy, fast and without problems.

I also want to add that, the fact of being able collect our money by PayPal is a point in favor.

Although the limit is €35 by PayPal, which I consider quite high.

Even so, we have quite a few options with a minimum payment of €10.

The options that I like the most are those of Amazon and PayPal without a doubt, although there are many others that are very good.

It is undoubtedly one of the best paid survey pages in Spain.

They currently offer their services to a lot of countries, so you don’t have to be from Spain to use this page.

I hope this guide has been useful to you, if you have any questions, write them in the comments below! .

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 Toluna: What it is and how it works |  Earn money
  Toluna: What it is and how it works |  Earn money
  Toluna: What it is and how it works |  Earn money

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