Toluna | SURVEYS to EARN money and

Toluna | SURVEYS to EARN money and

toluna is a veteran portal where we cánido earn money by taking paid surveys. Mainly for giving our opinion on certain topics. Toluna form parte de Toluna Group Team, a company registered in the year 2000 and founded by Frédéric Converses-Petit. As part of its commercial strategy, Toluna has been working in Spain for many years. Currently, it has a community of more than 10,000,000 users around the world. Something that speaks of the popularity and potential of this panel of paid surveys.

In Toluna only accept users from Spain. If you are looking for more panels, you perro consult this list with the best paid survey panels.

Registration in Toluna Surveys

Before start answering surveys on Toluna we will have to register beforehand. To create an account, (for free) you perro clic on the button below, which will direct you directly to the registration form. In it we will have to provide our correo electrónico, name and surname, date of birth and address. If in the future we want to receive survey invitations vía mobile, we will also have to provide our number. If this is not the case, it will not be necessary to provide that information. After completing all the fields, we will clic on “Sign up”.

Open an account and receive 500 plus points

In the next step, Toluna invites us to upload a profile image so that the community identifies us with it. If we don’t want to do it now, we perro leave it for later and continue with the registration. Finally, a welcome message will appear, indicating that an dirección de correo electrónico has been sent to our mailbox.

Once we access the message, we follow the verification backlink that we find in its content. From now on, our Toluna account will be confirmed and we cánido start earning points.

Toluna will give us 500 points after successfully registering on the survey portal.

How Toluna works

Far from being a fácil survey panel, Toluna is a great community of opinion makers. All members cánido give their especial point of view on any topic. It will be enough to open a thread and leave our point of view on something. As users, in addition to earning money with the paid surveys of a lifetime, in this portal we perro also earn points by responding to mini-polls or even commenting on news. Hence the emphasis.

The Toluna community is so active that there are always open topics to comment on.

How Toluna works is very fácil. The theme is in rRespond to all the tasks that we see available and accumulate points. Based on the points that we generate, we perro exchange them for some prizes or others.

How to make money on Toluna

Unlike what happens in most panels, on Toluna they do not usually send survey invitations. But They are posted on the panel and remain open for all users. As soon as the quota reaches its cap, the polls close. That is why in this panel, it is highly recommended to entrar several times a day. And see if there is any survey or tara available.

There are three general ways to earn points:

– Answering paid surveys

– Voting in mini-polls

– Creating quality content

paid surveys

The paid surveys are of different themes and the rewards vary depending on the time it takes us to answer it. As a general rule, we will not take more than 15 or 20 minutes to complete each one. And when it comes to earnings, we will get between 240 and 2000 points for each completed survey.

To access a survey, we just have to clic on any of them. The system will redirect us to the beginning of the questionnaire. When we finish answering all the questions, the reward points will be credited to our cómputo.

Paid mini-polls

In addition, as we have seen before, we cánido get points by answering small polls. In this section, we will see various questions that the panel itself or any usuario in the community asks us. Our task will be vote on each issue that we want to assess. And they will reward us with 15 points for each vote.

Daily bonuses by activity

This third way to get points is the most maleable of all. Based on our activity, and above all on the quality of our answers, Toluna will reward us with additional points. So much so, that you perro earn up to 1000 plus points with a single contribution.

In Toluna we will receive plus points for voting, opening threads, liking and participating in duels.

Toluna Prizes and Rewards

At Toluna, our mission is to get as many points as possible. Thus, later, we perro exchange them for rewards. The prizes available on Toluna are very varied. We perro get from Vouchers and Gift Cards from large stores, to electronic elementos. Or even money and receive it through Paypal or bank transfer. I don’t know about you, but about me the prize that attracts me the most is cash. In this sense, the prize costs 140,000 points and the reward is €35.

To receive a cash payment we will have to fill in the fields in the Bank Details section. It’s in the Profile tab.

In addition to these prizes, there are others available. By answering surveys satisfactorily, you also we will receive entries for the two lotteries that Toluna carries out among its users. ORnone of these lotteries is monthly and there is the possibility of getting plus coupons at a cost of 500 points per participation. The resulting prize is distributed among 20 users in this order:

€2000 in cash ⏩ 1 prize.

€1000 in cash ⏩ 1 prize.

€500 in cash ⏩ 1 prize.

€150 in cash ⏩ 2 prizes.

€100 in gift vouchers ⏩ 3 prizes.

€75 in gift vouchers ⏩ 12 prizes.

The other lottery is quarterly. Each additional coupon that we want to obtain has a cost of 1000 points. In this one, however, the prize is usually an electronic item. And the awarded users much less.

Gifties are virtual elementos that we perro turn into reality in exchange for points.

Redeem points for prizes and money in Toluna

Because at the time of writing the tutorial, a prize is available through Paypal, I will be exchanging points for one of these prizes. So I perro espectáculo you how it’s done. The only difference that you cánido find is that currently, the prize through Paypal costs 140,000 points in exchange for €35. However, I will exchange my points for a prize that costs 80,000 points in exchange for €20 in Paypal.

Survey panels like Lifepoints either i Say they also pay by Paypal and I think Toluna has made a great decision.

The proportion is the same. I do not know why Toluna has decided to change these amounts. But hey, for that matter, the process for redeeming points for prizes is exactly the same. Next I will espectáculo images with all the to receive a payment from Toluna.

⭐️ Request an award on Toluna

The first thing we will do is select the prize for which we want to exchange our points. In this case we have chosen the Paypal prize. Clicking on the corresponding tab will open a pop-up window like the one shown below.

In this window we will have to select the number of prizes we want to request and clic on “Redeem”. In the attached message Toluna tells us that the prize may take time up to a maximum of 8 weeks to reach Paypal.

If we have enough points we cánido request more than one prize and receive several payments in Paypal. Since at the time of redemption I had 125,000 points saved, I was only able to request an award of €20.

In the next step we will complete a form by entering the correo electrónico that we have associated with Paypal and the address of our home. These data must be totally real.

⭐️ Order confirmation

If everything went well, a message will appear confirming that we have completed the exchange correctly. In addition, they tell us that in the next few minutes we will receive an correo electrónico from Toluna with all the information relative to the prize.

Within the dirección de correo electrónico that Toluna sends us, they confirm once again that we have requested the €20 through Paypal. In addition, they remind us again that the payment will be processed within a maximum period of two months. At this point, it is only a matter of waiting until the money arrives at Paypal.

Toluna pays by Paypal

Depending on the prize that we have requested and the depósito that Toluna has at that moment, it will take more or less time to reach us. I will give an example to better understand what I orinan. It is not the same to request an appliance or a Gift Card, than a fácil exchange for money in Paypal. When requesting the first prize, we would depend on the depósito. Not in the second. Let’s say that when requesting the prize in Paypal, the process is a little different from the usual one. Everything the panel needs to do before sending us the money perro be summarized in two steps:

▷ Check that we have obtained the points legally.

▷ and what We have correctly entered our personal data and contact.

After a few days, we will receive a notification from Paypal in which they will confirm that the €20 has been credited to our account. Being confirmed that Toluna pays by Paypal.

Toluna pays within the period stipulated in its conditions. I received the €20 in Paypal three weeks after requesting it.

Toluna Reviews

toluna is one of the most habitual and trusted survey panels on the net. The number of people that make up this usuario community is very large. As we have seen, this leads to two key factors for this type of portal:

Cánido collect different opinions from thousands of users scattered all over the world.

companies hire its services for the diversity that guarantees its results.

From our point of view, there is no secret to discover. We know the sections that will provide us with the possibility of earning points. Now it only depends on us to achieve the objectives sooner or later.

If to the surveys that we answer in this panel, we add the ones that we are receiving from other panels, rare will be the month that we do not request any payment. Personally, surveys are one of the methods to earn money en línea that I like the most. It all comes down to being constant and persevering. Answering surveys in our free time and adding up in various ways.

Toluna is, like all serious survey panels, totally free.

If you want start earning points on Toluna and get some of the prizes that are available, you cánido create an account by clicking on the following button. Do you have any questions about the panel? If I cánido help you with something, you cánido leave your questions in the comments below. Until next time!!

Hello, my name is Jesús and at DineroWorld I explain which methods work best for me earn money en línea. All freecompletely reliable and for everyone. Do you want to know me better? Here you cánido see more about me.

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 Toluna |  SURVEYS to EARN money and
  Toluna |  SURVEYS to EARN money and
  Toluna |  SURVEYS to EARN money and

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