Toloka Yandex | money completing

Toloka Yandex | money completing

Toloka Yandex It is a platform in which we will be able to earn money for free by performing a few fácil tasks from our mobile device or PC.

The application belongs to the Russian giant Yandex LLCwhich offers us the opportunity to carry out various tasks, including evaluating the quality of a vídeo, photo or product, carrying out photographic surveys and many other different tasks, all in exchange for financial compensation.

The tasks in question are extremely fácil, anyone perro do them, since we are not going to need any special skills or knowledge, just an Internet connection and a device to do them.

We will receive payments through Paypal, and what is even more interesting is that the platform’s minimum payment is ridiculous, we perro charge whenever we please, since we will only have to accumulate a minimum of $0.10, which is absolutely great.

Toloka Yandex is a platform valid for all countries, with payments by Paypal and Skrill reaching only $0.10.

It also has its own referral system.

The only requirement is that you be over 18 years of age.

As I have said, everyone cánido use the platform with very few exceptions.

These are those of not being a Swiss citizen and being under 18 years of age, if you do not meet these two premises you cánido use the application without any type of restriction, yes, you must commit to doing the tasks responsibly, otherwise otherwise they could close your account for malpractice.

How to register in Toloka Yandex

To create an account in Toloka Yandex we will have to access the main page, for this you perro do it from here or from the button that I left you a little above.

Once on the landing page, we look for the button Join and we access it to start the registration process, I remind you that it is a totally free page.

The next thing will be to create our Create ID clicking on it in the registration form, there we will entrar some information such as our name and surname, nombre de usuario, password and telephone number, the latter is important when installing the application later on our mobile.

When putting our number we will have to do it with the code of our country in front, in the case of Spain it would be +34.

We will receive a free mensaje de texto with a confirmation code that we will have to paste within 60 seconds in the registration form, after this process we will have our account created.

Then we just have to fill in our profile with some information to start doing the work.

How to make money on Toloka Yandex

We have 2 job formats to earn money within Toloka, one is on the web and the other is through the mobile with the application for iOS or Android.

I personally recommend working with both, since there are jobs that perro only be done from a certain device, so we will maximize profits.


It is the section where we will find all the jobs available at that time.

The default page is in English, so I recommend using Google chrome to translate it if you have any problems.

In some tasks we will have access to a little training that will espectáculo us how to do it, in others we will directly start earning money.

The tasks are quite varied, ranging from classifying the importance of a certain keyword, to taking photos of a certain product in an establishment or conducting a survey on a certain topic.

working example

Each job has a maximum profit and when we reach that maximum we will no longer be able to earn more, this maximum will depend on the difficulty of the task.

A large part of the tasks must go through a filter, the platform team will review the task and in the case of being accepted we will receive the rewards in our account where we will find two cómputos, one is for the confirmed money and the other is for the is pending review.


At Toloka Yandex we have a rating system, where we will unlock achievements with our daily activity within the platform.

There are a lot of them, the more achievements we get we will unlock more levels and therefore the higher our level is on the page, the more tasks and of more value we will receive.

This undoubtedly rewards the most active users by encouraging them to continue using the system.

referral system

In our profile We are going to have access to a fácil referral system that Toloka Yandex has implemented, there we will find our unique backlink to get them.

The affiliate program does not have much history, we will receive from 5 to 20% of what each referral gets by completing the different tasks for life.

Although we are only going to have one level of referrals, at least the number of them is unlimited, this means that we perro invite as many people as we cánido.

To attract referrals we must promote our referral backlink on a blog, forum or any popular network.

There are some restrictions around which are the permitted methods of promotion that we cánido see in a small manual on the web.

How to cash in Toloka Yandex

Once we receive the commissions for our work within the platform, we perro withdraw the funds to our Paypal account, since the minimum is so low that we don’t have to worry about reaching it.

To withdraw the money we will have to go to “Profile” and from there we clic where it says my money, we will see our available cómputo and the withdrawal options that we have, which are; Paypal, Skrill and Payoneer.

Payment options

When selecting an option we will have to add the address of our wallet and then the amount that we are going to withdraw, then we confirm the withdrawal and wait for it to arrive.

As a general rule, payments are usually processed in less than 24 hours, although this will depend on many factors, including the payment processor chosen.

Opinion about Toloka Yandex

Toloka Yandex seems to me a good solution to earn a few plus dollars, although it is not a site where we are going to earn large amounts, it cánido work very well as a complement to other sites.

The low minimum payment and the number of tasks available make it quite attractive, it is true that not all the jobs are going to be available to us, but if we are attentive almost every day, some may fall for us.

As it is a site that belongs to a large company and therefore its reliability is beyond doubt, we include it in our business portfolio to see how the bet turns out, of course we invite you to try it with us.

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 Toloka Yandex |  money completing
  Toloka Yandex |  money completing
  Toloka Yandex |  money completing

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