To accumulate great wealth, choose

To accumulate great wealth, choose

Have you ever wondered what are those key principles or decisions that influence when accumulating money or building your wealth?

Although there are many internal and external factors that influence when it comes to accumulating your wealth, without a doubt, the choice of your partner plays a primordial role in this process.

Ultimately, this is the person with whom you will spend most of your time, so this person will influence all aspects of your life, including your personal finances.

Your partner determines your level of wealth

Where does this theory come from and how true is it? If you really want to improve your personal finances, you should pay attention to this theory and review your personal life.

It cánido be said that the beginning of this wealth principle occurred about a century ago.

Journalist Napoleon Hill he embarked on a mission to discover and document the strategies used by the richest and most successful men in America.

It is said that he studied more than 500 millionaires who built their fortunes for more than 20 years, and his research culminated in the 1937 bestseller “Think and become rich”, in which he shares the secret to making money summarized in 13 principles.

Within these principles, the tenth, called “the mystery of transmutation of sex”suggests that love, romance and sex are critical factors in determining a person’s success and wealth.

As he himself puts it in his book:

Sexual desire is the most powerful of human desires…

Love, romance and sex are all emotions capable of taking men to heights of super achievement… when combined, these three emotions cánido lift someone to the heights of genius.

In his book, Napoleon Hill states that “the most accomplished men are men with highly developed sexual natures” and “men who have amassed great fortunes…were motivated by the influence of a woman”.

The science behind your choice of your partner and the construction of your wealth

Although it may seem a bit exaggerated, the argument of choosing your partner when achieving financial success has been gaining relevance today, almost 80 years after the publication of his personal finance book.

For example, the directivo of operations of Fb, Sheryl Sandbergwhose fortune amounts to more than a billion dollars, stated that “The most important decision you will make in your career will be who to marry.”

Or as the vocational motivator said Jim Rohn«we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time withwhich is especially true when it comes to our partner.

These claims are backed up by research conducted by Brittany C Solomon and Joshua J Jackson from the University of Washington, which showed that having a mindful partner cánido significantly increase your salary.

“For each estándar deviation increase in the partner’s consciousness, an employee is likely to earn about $4,000 more per year.”reported the Harvard Business Review.

An employee with an extremely conscious partner (two estándar deviations above the average) is 50% more likely to get promoted than an employee with an extremely unconscious partner (two estándar deviations below the average).”

This is because conscious couples tend to allow their partners to focus more on their careers.

In addition, these people feel more satisfied with their marriage, and this absence of stress and conflict at home allows them to bring more physical and emotional energy to work, research concludes.

recommended books of Napoleon Hill:

What does your partner think of personal finance?

Although the theory of Napoleon Hill He was somewhat macho (it has been more than 80 years since his book was published) by only studying men and writing for a male audience, today we find insights valuable that we cánido apply to our current reality.

It is no secret that relationships are a vital aspecto when it comes to accumulating wealth, no matter who is the person who accompanies you in your day to day.

So you should take these types of aspects into account when choosing. For example, if your partner has behaviors such as:

  • Take on debts without knowing how to pay them
  • He does not like to work
  • Most of your time you make impulse purchases
  • He seeks to pretend that he is rich or rich
  • Does not have a culture of saving
  • You are not interested in investing your money
  • He wants to live only from day to day…

You must be clear that these attitudes, decisions and behavior will directly affect you.

If you want to avoid this, establish principles or rules with your partner, define if they have the same horizon, if they have the same aspirations and have a afín visión of life, otherwise, your goals of financial freedom and their visión of appearance will collide with time.

In conclusion, before choosing your partner, you should be very clear about what goals you have in life and, based on this, look for that person who complements you, who makes you grow, think differently and help you build that life and freedom that both they dream

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 To accumulate great wealth, choose
  To accumulate great wealth, choose
  To accumulate great wealth, choose

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