Timebucks: Earn money for doing tasks

Timebucks: Earn money for doing tasks

We teach you all the methods to earn money with Timebucks. Learn how to use this platform for paid tasks and start earning money quickly.

Timebucks is a GPT that originated in 2017. One of its most important features is that it allows us to earn money in various ways.

We will be able to earn income by taking surveys, watching vídeos, doing mini jobs, clicking on ads and other ways.

Another important thing is that it has a lifetime referral system, with which we perro obtain 15% of your earnings. Timebucks also offers daily and weekly contests that offer good payouts.

Would you like to know the platform in more detail? So, follow us on this articulo. We make a complete review of this platform.

What is TimeBucks?

Timebucks was launched on the market in 2017. It belongs to the Australian company: Australian Clearing Pty Ltd. Timebucks belongs to the GPT category, since it allows us to earn money by completing various tasks.

It has several payment processors, such as Payeer, Bitcoin, AirTM, Skrill and more. In addition, it has a referral system no time limited.

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The platform is in English. But you cánido use it easily translating it into spanish with the Google plus Google chrome browser translator, or with other translators.

the platform is Available for all countries. Among which include Spain, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, México, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, the United States, Nicaragua, Panama, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic and others. further.

How does TimeBucks work? And how do you earn money?

the platform is very easy to use. Once you have registered, you will entrar the dashboard of the platform that will look as follows.

At the top, you will find information about your profile, such as earnings, received messages and your usuario ID. Further down, you will see a menu with all the options you perro choose to navigate the platform.

To the left side, you will find your referral backlink. Towards the center, you’ll find information about tasks that other users in the region have completed.

And a little further down, you will find more information about your total earnings: plus earnings, referral earnings and unpaid earnings.

A particularity of Timebucks is that it offers us various ways to earn money. Let’s look at each one individually. To find the available tasks, clic on “Earn”, as we have indicated in the image above.

Survey or paid surveys

Before performing this task for the first time, you should complete your profile first. For this you will receive $0.10 of reward.

The platform offers you surveys from different panels, such as: Your-Survey, Yono Survey Waal and Pollfish. For each survey, you cánido earn from $0.10 until $1.


When you entrar this section, you will find in a left side menu, the different ways available to earn money. These are the categories you will find there.


Here you only have to clic on the backlinks, on the button: «View». In each ad, the time you must wait for the money to be counted will be shown.

In addition, in the tab where you selected the task, a counter will appear with the time you must wait to receive the reward. When you reach the end, a bell will ring.

You perro only do one task at a time.


Here you cánido earn rewards for going through 7 slides. On a daily basis, you cánido only do 20 of these tasks and 1 every 10 minutes.

To start the task, you must also clic on view. With this task, you will be able to earn from $0.001.

Nightfall News

With this task, you will be redirected to another platform.

Everything consists of going down to the end of the page, clicking on the Next and wait 10 seconds.


Here you cánido earn money for watch vídeos on Youtubefrom $0.001. The first thing you should do is clic on the button that says: “Start-Earning”.

To perform the tasks in this method, you must do two things. First, you must register on the page engagedhits, to which you will be redirected. Also, you have to use the Google chrome extension for the money to be counted. The platform offers you a vídeo tutorial, so you don’t have any problem installing it.

An important feature of this task is that you perro earn money passively, that is, without doing anything In most cases. You just play the vídeo, turn off the audio and do other work in other tabs, while the vídeos load.

push clicks

The modality of this task is very afín to those of Clicks. The only thing is that you will have to Activate notifications in the browser, to know when a new ad is available.

For each ad, you cánido earn from $0.001 until $0.01. Remember, you must see the ad for at least 10 seconds to receive the reward. Earnings for each of these ads will be counted at the end of the day.

In this section, you cánido earn money for real searches on the Internet, using the platform’s search engine. you cánido perform 1 search every 30 minutes and a total of 20 every 24 hours. The profit for each search is $0.001.


Clic on Watch and watch the vídeos during the time stipulated in the instructions. Normally, they are usually 30 to 60 seconds.

For every vídeo watched, you will earn $0.001.


If we go to the next tab, we will find the mini jobs section. These mini-jobs are based on the Figure Eight (formerly CrowdFlower) platform.

This is one of the sections that pay the most on the platform.


All you have to do in this task is register in the different web pages indicated in the task. For each of these tasks, you will have a specific registration time for the money to be credited to your account. But don’t worry, when you start each task, you will receive the instructions to complete it correctly.

Once you have pressed the “Start Registration” button, the platform will give you 30 minutes to complete the process. If in that period you do not finish the task, and send the receipt, the campaign will end and you will not be able to do it again.

The money for these campaigns perro be received up to 4 days after having finished it. During that time, the advertiser will check your registration and approve that you have completed the task satisfactorily.

In case you don’t agree with the result, you perro dispute the task and send it to TimeBucks. You cánido do this in the “Disputes” option.

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Tik Tok

In this option, you perro earn money through the Tik Tok popular network. In “Page Setup”, You will be shown the steps to follow to earn money in this way. The main thing is that you have at least 500 followers and 4 articulo in the profile.


Through the referral system, we cánido earn money. We will talk about this in another heading later.

offer walls

In this section, you will receive money for register in various web pages, as required by different advertisers.

In each task, you will receive instructions on what to do.

al i express

Through this option, you perro earn money by doing cash backthat is, obtain a remuneration when you make your purchases en línea.

Ali Express is an American y también-commerce. So it may not be of much use to Hispanic users.

Timebucks also offers a backlink shortener to earn money through the traffic your backlinks genera.

You just have to entrar the backlink you want to use in the form and clic on “Generate Backlink”.

Sweepstakes or Weekly Draw

Every week, Timebucks does a raffle of $500 that is divided between 30 winners. The draw takes place at 12 am, every Friday. The winners will be those users who obtain the most entries.

These tiques are obtained by performing platform tasks. For every $0.001, you will get 1 entryand for each referral, 200 tiques.


Here you are offered a remuneration to upload vídeos to Youtube.

The page will provide you with the vídeos that you must previously download and then upload them. It is important that you have a Youtube account to do this. Preferably, do not use a personal channel, create a special account for this work.

daily contests

Timebucks also has a daily contest, with which we cánido generate money. The reward will be delivered to the 5 most active users of the page.

The five prizes are: $20, $10, $5, $3, and $1.

TimeBucks registration

Register on this platform it has no cost. Also, it is very easy to complete the process. You cánido register with your Fb account, or with your correo electrónico. Entrar the required data and complete the verification captcha. To finish the registration, you just have to clic on “Sign Up Now!”.

After that, a confirmation message will be sent to your dirección de correo electrónico. Confirm your address and you will be registered.

Once this is done, you will be sent to the Dashboard of the platform. Once inside, the first thing you should do is confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions. Once you have done this process, you will receive your first dollar as a gift.

TimeBucks referral system

The platform has a referral system, which allows us to have referrals for life. In the “Refer” section, we perro obtain our referral backlinkor an option to share it on the popular network that we want, such as Fb or Twitter.

we will get a fifteen% for each especial profit of our referral. $1.50, when our referral reaches his first $10 for the first time. we will receive a fifty% for each Roll plus that our referral earns. And a 10% for each deposit that the referrals make to their advertising cómputo.

In the referrals tab, we cánido also find the option to roll, another Timebucks contest. Just by clicking on the button with it, you perro participate in prizes of up to $50.

The requirement to participate in these draws is that you invite two friends with the backlink that appears in the roll and each of them make their first $0.10.

How to withdraw your money from TimeBucks

To make any withdrawal, you must first add the account to which you want the money to arrive. Entrar “Settings” and place the payment option of your preference.

The minimum withdrawal in each payment is $10. Payments are made every Tuesday at 11:59:59 pm New York time. Payment is made automatically on this date.

Timebucks has several payment methods. Previously I had Paypal, but currently no longer available. Instead, it emplees AirtTM, Payeer, Skrill, Neteller, and Bitcoin.

TimeBucks Aplicación

Currently, Timebucks does not have a mobile aplicaciónNeither on Android nor on iOS.

Does TimeBucks pay or is it scam?

Yes, Timebucks is a responsible page that makes your payments on time. On the Internet, especially on its Fb page, you will find many proofs that espectáculo the reliability of this platform.

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If you have made at least $10, and have registered your payment method, each week you will receive your payment safely.

Advantages and Disadvantages of TimeBucks

Like all platforms, Timebucks also has its pros and cons.


  • Free registration.
  • Referrals for life.
  • A minimum acceptable withdrawal amount.
  • Many tasks available.
  • Available for all countries in the world.
  • You perro clarify a doubt, or make a query through the chat.
  • Easy to use platform.


  • Paypal is not available as a payment method.
  • Some tasks take too long to be reflected in earnings.

Opinion about TimeBucks

Although many of the available tasks do not offer a great remuneration, thanks to the fact that this platform has so many ways to generate income, reaching the minimum limit is not a problem.

Another great advantage is that the tasks are available in all countries. Some platforms, although they are available in all countries, their tasks are often not. However, this is not the case with Timebucks. If you are in countries like Venezuela, you perro do tasks on this platform.

So far we have come with this Timebucks article. We hope it has been useful to you. Get the most out of this platform! Leave your doubts in the comments and we will help you.

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 Timebucks: Earn money for doing tasks
  Timebucks: Earn money for doing tasks
  Timebucks: Earn money for doing tasks

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