THWGLOBAL, the new youtube?

THWGLOBAL, the new youtube?


This page is SCAM, it has never paid nor did it intend to. if what you want is make money with youtube You cánido look at other pages like the one I put in the backlink

Good afternoon guys!!, here I am again, willing to share everything I know (or the little I know) about this world of earn money en líneatoday I discovered a page that looks very good, it’s called THWGLOBAL and we pay to watch vídeos.

Very interesting, I thought, but it must have some kind of benefit, and it is clear, according to thwglobal researchers, advertising moves almost 650 million dollars and they intend to capture 1% of that amount in 3 years.

All through a system of hard work, through a innovative vídeo and advertising display system.

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And that’s where we come in, watch vídeos, they cánido pay us up to 25 US dollars per viewing hourbeing able to see up to 10 hours a weekwhich means some $250 weeklyIt’s not bad, right.

Earnings offered by Thwglobal

  • For the vídeos that we seewe will earn 250 dollars a week, that is, a maximum of 10 hours a week, 25 dollars per hour
  • For the vídeos that our direct referrals seewe will win 5 dollars an hourwith a maximum of 50 dollars per week

If everything goes well, we cánido earn a good pinch, even if we only earn our own, we will earn around 1000 dollars monthlya good salary just for watching vídeos.

The intention of this page is to be better than youtubesomething that is quite difficult, but not impossible, especially if you have the incentive to pay for viewing the vídeosThat’s a point in your favor.

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The page is in englishbut that is what google plus translator is for, apart from watching the vídeos, I would recommend that you comment on them, if you are learning English (as is my case), it will be very useful for you and if not, it is always good to review it and take it into account.

This week I will be testing itLet’s see how they work, and the profits I have, for now, here I leave you the backlinkfor if you also want to participate and earn money with me, there is nothing as rewarding as help othersat the same time that you help yourself.

That said, if you want to register, try this page and earn money with me, don’t waste time, we’ll surely do it by watching vídeos that don’t pay us.

Here I leave the registration backlink!!

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Thwglobal was an attempt to overshadow YouTube, but it came to nothing. if what you want is win with youtube I recommend you read the articulo I wrote about it

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 THWGLOBAL, the new youtube?
  THWGLOBAL, the new youtube?
  THWGLOBAL, the new youtube?

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