This is how you cánido use Zoomerang to

This is how you cánido use Zoomerang to

In November of last year, Instagram announced that it was making it easier for creators to share Reels from their favorite aplicaciones.

Supported aplicaciones began to see a new option in the share menu that allowed creators to articulo their creations directly to Instagram.

One of these applications, Zoomerang, has announced the launch of the «biggest template market» for short vídeos.

One of the main reasons why many people make more short vídeos is that they require little effort.

For example, Instagram Reels offers users a number of templates that they cánido use by simply replacing the featured clips with their own photos and vídeos.

Zoomerang will offer 10 million such vídeo templates, designed for both individuals and small and medium-sized businesses, with endless possibilities to create vídeos for TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and other platforms.

However, that number is likely to grow thanks to a “monetization function” special.

The iniciativa is to reward creators for submitting new templates and other elementos.

These templates will make work easier for individuals and entrepreneurs.

Creators cánido make their templates or assets available for free, or “block them“, and earn money when users unlock/buy them with their coins.

“Through monetization, we address two main concerns.

First, we offer our creators a powerful way to promote themselves and their resources to the Zoomerang usuario base and earn money while doing it.

Second, given the huge demand for short-form vídeos, we have created a bridge between businesses and creators that makes the content creation process easier,” said Zoomerang director ejecutivo and Co-Founder Davit Grigoryan.

“Available on both Android and iOS, Zoomerang offers unlimited vídeo production resources (vídeo/photo assets, music fx, fonts, vídeo effects, filters, etcétera.) that allow its users to bring vídeo edits to a whole new level, espectáculo creativity, inspire others, increase vídeo engagement and make them viral,” the press release about the feature launch reads.

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How to create a template in Zoomerang

  1. Go to Profile, then tap + Template
  2. Choose a vídeo from your gallery for the sound, crop it if necessary and press Next
  3. Add elements and make edits to your liking using the Text Stickers, Effect, Filter, Overlays, Music, Wrap, Format, and Canvas elements.
  4. Press the camera icon at the top of the screen to test elementos before shooting
  5. Press the Publish button

How to share a template on Zoomerang

  1. Equipo the hashtag of your tutorial and write a short description
  2. Equipo a price for your template, or choose the Free option if you want to articulo it for free
  3. Choose a category for the template
  4. Escoge who perro see your template by selecting between Public, Friends or Private
  5. Tap on the Change button and enable/disable the saving of vídeos for the other users
  6. Press articulo from the bottom of the page

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 This is how you cánido use Zoomerang to
  This is how you cánido use Zoomerang to
  This is how you cánido use Zoomerang to

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