This is how you avoid compulsive purchases by following

This is how you avoid compulsive purchases by following

When you buy a lot of things that are unnecessary, or that are out of your monthly budget, you are doing Compulsive shopping.

Unfortunately, no matter how passionate you are about shopping, if it gets out of hand, you’ll be in serious financial trouble.

The key to success is to make rational purchases, and not emotionally, compulsively, or without a specific objective.

Control your finances and make purchases with sense:

Control your expenses It will not only have positive effects on your personal economy, but also on your mental health.

Today, there are many people who see shopping computerlsivas as something “innocent” or funny.

But the truth is that this lifestyle cánido generate a buying disorder capable of dramatically unbalancing your life and finances.

Said disorder consists of acquiring products or services without any purpose, or without a real benefit.

Over time, repetitive, constant and unbridled purchases perro wreak havoc on your personal life and also on your accounts.

Basically, if you spend more than you have for long periods of time you will incur expensive debt, embezzlement and financial crises.

Profile of a compulsive shopper

Here are some traits of compulsive shoppers that will help you identify them more easily:


They buy to feel satisfaction, instead of doing it to cover a real need.


They always justify their unnecessary purchases.


They do not define a personal budgetand therefore, they do not keep track of expenses.


The joy they feel when they buy is equal to that experienced by chronic drinkers.

In other words, they find shopping addictive.


After buying compulsively, they feel remorse (especially if they face any claim from their partner or family).


Shopping generates immediate well-being.

But before long they feel depressed and anxious, and they try to assuage it with another round of shopping. It is a vicious circle from which they do not know how to escape!


In general, they tend to buy things that are not important, urgent or essential.

types of compulsive shoppers

Although compulsive buyers usually have a well-defined profile, it is important that you know that there are different types.

These are some of the most prominent patterns:



Compulsive shoppers who stick to a emotional pattern they tend to make purchases based on their mood.

Consequently, if they feel sad, they make nervous purchases to stop feeling bad, and if they are happy, they turn them into a kind of instant prize.



They are people who buy basic necessities, every day, and in a dramatic or exaggerated way.



These compulsive shoppers feel a deep need to make purchases when they are surrounded by other people, or when they are engaged in activities of a popular nature.


Self-purchase pattern:

They are individuals who buy exaggeratedly and for no apparent reason.

In addition, they usually do it unconsciously.

This means that they don’t realize that they are over-buying; but in the end they do it for raise your self esteem.

Being aware of this information is vital, as it will help you identify afín patterns in friends or family, and even in yourself.

It will also allow you to help others, or seek self-help resources, to successfully overcome this situation.

How to avoid exaggerated and repetitive purchases

Below we will share some important recommendations to avoid commercial purchases.pulsive.

The most advisable thing is that you put them into practice as soon as possible if you consider that your finances are in danger, or if you are addicted to spending.


Make shopping lists in advance

Before going shopping, make a list of what you really need, regardless of where you are going.

You perro make lists of supermarkets, stores, shoe stores, bookstores, workshops, etcétera.

Ideally, you should identify the elementos, food or clothing that you must purchase beforehand.

In this way you will avoid improvisation when shopping, you will feel less anxious or overwhelmed and you will save money.


Define a purchase budget

If you go shopping without a prior budget, you could do very badly.

You need to establish a cost control so you know how much you cánido spend.

It’s fácil, if you don’t know your limits it will be very easy for you to exceed your expenses, especially if you tend to make compulsive purchases all the time.

Knowing how much is the most you cánido spend on a certain outlet, or purchase, will keep you more aware and focused.


Avoid emotional purchases

Shopping when you feel sad, unmotivated, frustrated, or even ecstatic is a blunder.

It is not healthy to use shopping as a refuge, much less use it to appease your mood swings or your emotional transitions.

Going shopping will give you immediate comfort, but after a short time you will return to reality and feel bad again.

If you are going through a difficult time, or your emotions are getting the better of you, it is best to ask for professional help.


Don’t shop alone

If you find it difficult to limit yourself when it comes to spending, try to go out together and let that other person know that you need their help.

Ask him to be by your side while you are shopping, not to watch over you, but to avoid unnecessary temptations.

The iniciativa is that your companion becomes a bastion of help, and not an emotional burden. (Also, if you choose someone you trust, you might get better results.)


Know your finances

Before you go shopping, check your account statements. It is essential that you know how much money you have available and what are your frequent expenses (those that you cannot do without).

If you have this financial information on hand, you could control yourself more and avoid comp purchases.ulsive that only you drown in debt.

Recommended books:


Make cash payments

Believe it or not, leaving your credit card at home could save you a lot of personal and financial problems.

That is why some specialists recommend making payments in cash (especially if people have developed Compulsive Shopping Syndrome).

Many times credit cards become our great enemies because we do not have real contact with money.

But by making cash payments we are more aware of how much money we have in our pockets and how much we have spent.


Take care of your purchases en línea

The purchases cimpulsives on the Internet skyrocketed during the pandemic, as reported by large media, magazines and news channels.

According to a report from Forbesover the last two years some “potentially dangerous” buying behaviors have been exacerbated.

So much so that some people developed maladaptive consumption patterns.

In other words, they lost their self-control when shopping.

Although the purchases on-line They are very convenient and fast, it is very easy to get carried away and exceed spending limits.

That is why the most ideal thing is that you make the big purchases yourself and only make small and specific purchases on the web.


Analyze your buying behaviors

Before making a purchase ask yourself if it is absolutely necessary. For example, spending money on fruits, food or vegetables is something basic, or investing in your healthy habits is elementary to stay alive.

But buying clothes and shoes every week is absolutely unnecessary.

That is why you must come clean and analyze your buying patterns and behaviors if you do not want to become a compulsive buyer.


Seek professional help

If during your days of self-analysis If you consider that you have a problem, or that you are addicted to shopping, it is time to seek help.

You cánido go to a psychologist or therapist to guide, help and accompany you in an ethical and professional manner during this phase that you are going through.

It is true that your family and friends cánido give you support, but if you have developed a shopping disorder compulsiveif you need professional accompaniment.



Keeping your mind and body engaged in other activities, such as reading, running, meditating, painting, or exercising, may provide therapy.

Instead of investing your time in compulsive shopping, you cánido do other tasks that give you pleasure and well-being, and above all, that don’t hit your finances.

Also, practicing sports helps you release more serotonin (also known as the happiness hormone).

So instead of relying on shopping to feel good momentarily, or lift your mood, try to move and stay active to achieve the maximum degree of physical and emotional well-being.

Control your expenses and strengthen your finances:

Controlling your expenses is vital if you want to build your wealth, or keep your finances in a positive cómputo.

The purchases compulsiyou are going against your financial independence, and in the long run they cánido ocasione you high levels of anxiety, stress and depression.

If you are a compulsive shopper we invite you to seek help immediately.

Keep in mind that your finances and your mental health will thank you.

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 This is how you avoid compulsive purchases by following
  This is how you avoid compulsive purchases by following
  This is how you avoid compulsive purchases by following

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