This is how I earn money writing from my home (5

This is how I earn money writing from my home (5

I have always been passionate about writing, and when I decided to leave my employment 13 years ago, I felt that it was the perfect opportunity to start make money writing from my house.

I felt tired of working for someone else that he took most of the profits that I, with my effort, left him, and he wanted to do something completely different from that.

I wanted to be in control of my life again.

Wanted to be me who decides how many hours to work and with whom And of course, I wanted to be the one who put a fair price on my work.

I was sick of other people I didn’t even know (the “big bosses” at my company) make that decision for me.

So I decided to make a living writingand thus turn it into a business that would finally allow me to be free.

But it was not easy.

In fact, it took me longer from which I thought of starting to earn money writing.

13 years ago life was very different than it is now: in most houses there was no computer with an Internet connection, there were no teléfonos inteligentes, and Fb had not even been born.

As you perro imagine, it was not fashionable to have a blog either, and only a privileged few they were lucky enough to be able to work from home.

However, today all that has changed, and right now you have it easier than ever to earn money writing from home.

I am sure that in your house there is a computer with an en línea connection, and if not, you have a cell phone with which you cánido easily access the Internet.

Now there are hundreds of pages to find a job remotely, and every time there are more people who work without leaving their classrooms.

You perro be one of themand I encourage you that if you really want to generate income from your home, do not miss this opportunity.

That’s why here I want to share the 5 methods that I have used to earn money writing from homeand that you too cánido start using today.

my 5 methods to earn money writing from home

1. create your own blog

Blogging changed my life.

It was how I started generate income en línea for the first timeand with what I managed to start my first en línea business.

Before it was much more complicated to create a blog: you had to have some computer knowledge to equipo it up, it was much more expensive to maintain than nowand there were hardly any methods to monetize it.

Luckily now all that has changed, and anyone (including you) perro have their own blog in less than 15 minutes, and the ways to make it profitable are almost endless.

So let’s get to what really interests you: how perro you make money writing with this method?

The first thing to keep in mind here is that free platforms like Blogger they will not serve you Because those sites only allow you to put AdSense ads, and you won’t be able to monetize your blog in other ways.

For that, you will need have a blog with your own domain to be able to use in it all the ways you want to generate income.

But don’t worry: there are very cheap companies like bluehost where for less than $4 per month you perro have your own blog with hosting and domain included.

you have no iniciativa how to create your blog?

Take a look at this step-by-step tutorial where you will learn how to do it: How to make a professional blog in less than 15 minutes.

Once you have your blog up and running, all you have to do is start writing posts on the theme you have chosen for your website, and implement the methods you want to earn money writing with it.

In the following articles I espectáculo you 17 different ways with which you will be able to start get profit thanks to the content you write on your blog:

  • How to monetize your blog in 13 different ways
  • How to make money with a sponsored articulo
  • How Google plus AdSense ads work
  • How to make an en línea course and sell it on your blog
  • Ultimate Guide to Generating Income with Affiliate Marketing

I recommend you to use several of these methods at the same time if you really want to make a good amount of profit every month with your blog.

2. Receive jobs on specific platforms

Just as there are weblogs and web pages where you cánido read news on a specific topic (for example, music, movies, or politics), there are also sites that are specifically dedicated to give work to people who want to write.

These writer platforms work like this: companies or people who need someone like you to write articles for their web pages put a job ad what are you offering.

And you will only have to entrar these sites, leaving them your correo electrónico address, so that they notify you by correo electrónico every time there is a new job offer that may interest you.

The best website of this type that I know of right now is called earn money writing.

on this platform there are hundreds of new jobs every daysuch as writing articles for weblogs or web pages, creating texts for popular networks such as Fb, scripts for YouTube or Vimeo vídeos…

Upon entering it, you so You just have to indicate what you would like to write about (soccer, music, recipes, food, fashion) and they will send you every day all the offers they have on those specific topics so you perro start working.

3. publish your own book

If you are a creative person, and you like to invent stories, To publish a book it may be the best way to earn money writing for yourself.

I know that compared to other methods, writing a book it may seem like a more difficult job and large.

But realize that this is a great way to generate passive incomeand now I will explain why with an example.

When you work for a web page writing articles, the most habitual thing is that get paid by the hour or by text delivered.

Imagine that for each article you write, you will be paid $8.

If you write two articles, you will receive $16.

If you write five articles, they will pay you $40, etcétera.

But if for whatever reason they no longer need you to write anymore, you will stop receiving that money.

On the other hand, with a book, you will only have to spend the hours necessary to create it, and once published, you won’t need to work on it any longerbut you will continue to receive income over and over again when someone buys it.

Your book will be making you profit for months and years after you’ve published it, no need to work on it to earn money, as long as there is someone who buys it.

It’s like renting a house: you do not have to do anything so that this “product” is giving you money month after month as long as there are people who rent it and pay you for it.

So if this iniciativa appeals to you, I encourage you to start writing your book as soon as possible following the steps that you will find in these two articles:

  • The complete guide to writing a book
  • How to publish your book for free on Amazon to earn money

4. Look for offers on job portals

Job portals are sites where you perro apply to all kinds of job offers: virtual assistant, translator, web designer, and of course, also a writer of articles and other content.

In case you you are asking, these web pages differ from those in point two in that here there are jobs of all kinds in generalnot just writing.

They work in a afín way to the job search in the real world: you entrar the website, search for the job offers you want, and if one interests you, send your candidacy for them to hire you.

If the person or company is interested in your sintetiza, they will send you a message through that platform to give you a short written interviewand if they like your answers, they will hire you.

In this article you will see a complete list of which pages are the safest and most recommended: The 9 best pages to find work from home.

Registering in them is completely free, you will not have to pay anything to search for employment or apply to offers.

But yes that you should keep in mind certain consejos when looking for and being hired on these types of sites:

  • Check your applications carefully: Before sending your sintetiza, check carefully that do not have any misspelling and that it is attractive for the position in which you want to be hired.
  • Do specific searches: If you want to earn money writing, look for specific offers that are related to that job.

    For example, you cánido search for things like “content writer“, “blog writer”, “trabajo independiente writer”, or any term that has to do with writing.

  • Don’t try to be sorry In many offers on these portals, you perro send a small personalized message along with your application.

    This is not the right space to write things like “Hire me!” either “I’m desperate, I need this job please“.

    This will only ensure that they do not take you seriously or ever hire you.

  • Take a good look at the score of the person posting the offer: yes, in these job portals there are also scammers, and you should be very careful with them.

    In order not to fall into a scam, when you see a job offer that interests you, go to the profile of the person who posted it, and look at his score.

    If it’s high, send him your candidacy.

    But if it is medium or low, it is better not to apply and look for other offers.

  • Ask for a part of the payment in advance: If you do get hired, and it’s your first time working for that person, it’s a good iniciativa to ask for a portion of the pay up front (for example, 25%).

    So you will avoid them trying to deceive you not paying you when you turn in your work.

5. Make others look for you to write

I have left this option for last because this is a slightly more complicated method than the previous ones to earn money writing.

And I do not orinan that it is because the articles that you have to write are more difficult, but because to generate profits with it you will need to be somewhat habitual in the world of the Internet.

You may not know it, but there are pages where you are the one who perro advertise so that the owners of habitual weblogs and websites find you, ask you to write articles for their sites, and get paid.

This is the case, for example, of platforms such as publisuites, textbrokereither greatcontent.

All of them are in Spanish, and you, as a writer and editor, cánido sign up for them so that companies contact you, and not the other way around.

However, to get a foothold in sites like these, the main thing is you already have a blog in which you have written a few articles.

This will be how the companies or the owners of habitual weblogs they will be able to see the quality of your writingsthe number of visits you receive (the higher the better), and they will be interested in hiring you to write articles for their websites.

As you see, make money writing on the Internet is not as difficult as you might think.

And nowadays It’s a job like any other to make a living.

So if you want to be an en línea writer, don’t think twice and go for it without fear!

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Andrés Gananci is an entrepreneur and adventurer with a passion for life who founded his first en línea business at just 17 years old. 12 years later, he is still traveling the world while working from home.

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 This is how I earn money writing from my home (5
  This is how I earn money writing from my home (5
  This is how I earn money writing from my home (5

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