This book changed my life in a week and

This book changed my life in a week and

Do you want to know how a single book changed my life in less than a week? Just as you read, and the good news is that it cánido radically change you too.

In this article I want to tell you how, simply by reading a book, I was able to change the way I did many of my daily routines, and finally change my life.

I will even tell you how I managed to change the way I equipo my goals and how I manage to enjoy each process that leads me to a especial goal.

The book that changed my life and perro change yours

To begin with, I want to tell you that it is not simply about reading a book and waiting for the magic to take effect.

Beyond knowing that investing in books is one of the smartest things you perro do with your money, everything will depend on what you do with that valuable information.

That being said, I would like to ask you: What inspiring books have you read lately that have made you rethink your life decisions?

Well, the book that changed my life in less than a week was Atomic Habits of James Clear.

If it is not yet on your list, it is time for you to go to the nearest bookstore or entrar Amazon to make one of the best investments you cánido imagine.

You will find versions in Spanish and English. I think that anyone will give you the value you need, but in my opinion, if you cánido read it in its original language, English, much better.

You should know that this is not a self-help book, but it will espectáculo you a different picture and you will be ready for your life to take a decisive turn.

Are you ready to know what I learned? Stay reading until the end.

How reading the book Atomic Habits gave me a new visión

When I started reading Atomic Habits, I understood that each person is a universe, and what works for someone may not be the solution to your problems.

However, there is an overview that perro be an effective tool for anyone who is determined to achieve their personal and professional goals.

In this way, I was able to internalize each example, each recommendation of the author, and make this fit my own visión of the future.

But before I continue, I want to tell you a little about the author.

Who is James Clear?

James Clear became a specialist in long-term habit formation after his career as an athlete came to an end.

He understood that the way in which his daily routines were given could be the key to being much more efficient and achieving his goals in a more sustainable way.

To share his knowledge he created his website ( where he shares his knowledge through en línea courses, publications, etcétera. There he receives more than two million visits a month, from people who have become loyal entusiastas.

Keys to get the most out of the book

The first thing I would like to recommend is that you always look for a time when your mind is fresh, in this way you make sure you are ready to take advantage of all the information without fatigue or distractions.

Personally, I like to make little aprecies; either in a notebook or in the book itself (and that’s what books are made for, unless you want to keep it impeccable by choice).

Highlighting the ideas that most attract your attention will allow you to return to the book in the future and remember those phrases that most impacted you.

You perro use separators or guides, to later find the parts that served you the most, the ones that you liked the most, or the ones that you could even share with someone else.

A book is like a friend, dedicate time to it daily, don’t leave it abandoned, be constant and equipo a deadline to finish it.

In addition, James CLrear proposes a series of exercises that you cánido put into practice as you read it.

Lessons that the book Atomic Habits left me

It is true that each one will find something especial that makes them resonate and decides to make changes.

Possibly there are people who read the book and do not feel any need to evolve or modify something in their lives, that’s fenezca.

However, I decided that I was going to put all the knowledge I had gained from the book to work and prove that it pays to get results.

So I want to share with you some of the things that helped me the most to make a change in my life.

1. It is not the result that matters, it is the process

Throughout my life, I sought to achieve certain goals:

With the book I understood that the suffering generated by this wait. Wanting to achieve something and feeling that it did not arrive, was given because I focused on the results and not on how to get there.

And that is what Atomic Habits is all about, discovering that the sum of small changes is what builds great goals in the end.

2. Enjoying the process is necessary

Of course, who wants to feel like they have to suffer to get something?

I personally believe that the sacrificial mentality is misguided. You don’t have to suffer, what you have to do is work to get what you want.

In that sense, what could be better than enjoying the whole process, so that you don’t get the anxiety of achieving your goal.

Thanks to the book, I discovered how to make each step I take to build a habit lead me to design my own lifestyle that makes me immensely happy.

James Clear defines it as: “It is the iniciativa of ​​pleasure that we pursue.”

3. One step at a time

Surely it happens to you too, impatience is a trigger that is not very coincidente with the creation of habits.

I understood that in order to achieve sustainable change, I had to be patient and take one step at a time, but this step should be repeated over and over again every day, so that it perro give results.

You don’t have to start going to the gym every day, for hours, and feel that tiredness is the answer to doing something well.

I started doing very fácil exercises, for 20 minutes every day, and I cánido assure you that after a few weeks, I noticed that this became much easier and I was preparing myself to advance to the next level.

With this, I was motivated to do something I like, every day, without suffering, until I cánido equipo myself a slightly more complex goal.

4. We perro only be rational after having been emotional

You literally find this in the book, like a teaching that they leave you the four laws that you are going to learn in its content.

I don’t want to give you anything away, but the book develops the iniciativa that the primary way our brain works is with emotions.

They taught us that it was best to keep them under control, even to deny them, but the reality is that what we need to do is manage them better.

Once you manage to identify them and use them to your advantage, you will be ready to put it into practice and change your life.

5. Be consistent with what you want and do

Reading the book will not be enough for you to notice a change in your life, you will not achieve wealth, you will not have the financial freedom you so longed for, much less you will become a successful businessman overnight.

If you don’t get down to work, start doing the daily tasks required to reach your goal, then you will be waiting in vain for everything to improve in the blink of an eye.

Make smart decisions, repeat over and over again those routines that will lead you to achieve a goal, study, investigate, commit to the process.

Reading Atomic Habits perro change your life too

Finally, be kind to your growth, the demand is only positive if you understand that you do not need to meet anyone else’s expectations, but your own.

Define your dreams, put them down on paper and from there design a map that will guide you to them.

One step at a time, a habit that is repeated every day, a routine that you maintain over time and that becomes a lifestyle so that happiness is not the goal, but the path itself.

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 This book changed my life in a week and
  This book changed my life in a week and
  This book changed my life in a week and

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