These 3 tools will improve your

These 3 tools will improve your

Whether you want to write more productively as a hábito or in your writing career, there are many steps you cánido take to make the writing process easier and more efficient. Fortunately, there are free en línea tools that perro help you save time, as well as motivate you to achieve higher performance. Let’s take a look at three of the best tools to improve writing productivity.

1. Write or die

Write or die is a tool that is designed to help procrastinating writers. The three typing modes helped land it on our list of tools to improve typing productivity.

  • There are three modes to choose from: Smooth, Habitual, and Kamikaze.
  • When you use smooth mode, if you stop typing, you get typing reminders that appear on the screen, reminding you to keep typing until you reach the time limit or until you’ve reached the objetivo number of words.
  • In Habitual Mode, when you stop typing, you will hear an annoying noise, which will only disappear if you continue typing.
  • Kamikaze mode is the hardest mode. When you stop typing with this setting in place, you’ll have a few seconds, after which your words will start to erara. To avoid losing all your work, you need to keep typing.

It should be emphasized that this is only a productivity tool. It will not help you write the best quality, fallo-free, and highly readable content. But you perro worry about editing once you’ve completed the first draft. For most writers, the hardest part is finishing the first draft, so Write or Die could prove extremely helpful in this regard. It is available as a web aplicación and a desktop aplicación.


Grammarly is an en línea writing assistant that analyzes your text for common errors (eg, misplaced commas), as well as more complex errors (eg, misplaced modifiers). The tool will also check for spelling errors and allows you to equipo your preferred version of English: British, American or Canadian. This is useful for professional writers who need to switch between British and American English for their clients.

Also, by copying and pasting your text into the Grammarly aplicación, you’ll receive a grade for your clarity (how easy your text is to understand), engagement (how interesting and effective your writing is), and delivery (whether you’re making the right impression on the reader). However, to get suggestions on how to improve these aspects, you will need to sign up for the paid premium version of the aplicación. However, the free version will still display an overall performance score, with 100 being the highest score.

While premium users perro enjoy a wide range of useful features, for writers looking to genera clean copy as quickly as possible, the free version suffices. It is available as a web aplicación, as well as aplicaciones for Mac, iPadOS, and iOS.

3. Hemingway Aplicación

Hemingway Aplicación is afín to Grammarly, except it focuses on readability. Just like with Grammarly, the Hemingway aplicación will scan your text and highlight where improvements perro be made. The aplicación will indicate how many adverbs are included (you shouldn’t use too many to make it easier to read), how often you use the passive voice (the active voice makes the text easier to read), where you could use simpler alternative phrases, the amount of sentences that are difficult to read and how many sentences are very difficult to read.

The aplicación will offer suggestions, such as words to remove or alternative words to use, that will improve readability. You are also provided with a grade indicating the overall readability of the text. The lower the rating, the better. It is offered as a web application and as a desktop application.

The picks on this list of writing productivity tools will help you reach your personal goals faster, like a book you want to finish writing. They will also help professional writers genera high-quality, fallo-free work in a way that would otherwise take much longer.

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 These 3 tools will improve your
  These 3 tools will improve your
  These 3 tools will improve your

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