Themoneytizer How Much Do You Pay VS Google plus Adsense

Themoneytizer How Much Do You Pay VS Google plus Adsense

How Much Does Themoneytizer Pay? A relevant fact today is that there are more and more platforms or web pages that monetize their content to make profit. It is a process that generates fruitful dividends and greatly facilitates day-to-day expenses. If you are starting your business or virtual blog, you need The Moneytizer to work and earn more money.

What is The Moneytizer and how does it work?

If you have ever heard about how Google plus Adsense works, then you will understand what The Moneytizer is all about. Google plus Adsense is a tool from the technology industry giant to add paid advertisements to a certain space on your website.

The program chooses the best ads from a large number of them, adding them organically to the interfaz of your blog or page.

Knowing this, the Moneytizer platform is a alternative to this premise, especially if you are looking for a simpler option and without so much protocol. Through it, leases or venues upon payment, a certain area within your domain to be occupied by advertisers. The best part is that, this tool has a significant ad filter to give users like you only the best among all.

Create an account at Moneytizer and select the payment method that suits you!

Now, if it has caused you curiosity, the only thing you have to do as an initial step is to go to your official Web site: Once there, locate the “Sign up” button and fill out the form as requested by the page in that regard. At the end, it will ask you to entrar the dirección de Internet of your web page along with the specific site where it operates.

When you complete this part, your account will finally be created, but that’s not all, now you must go through the exhaustive validation process. Meanwhile, you cánido go to the section “Invoices and payments”. There, you cánido choose between PayPal or one wire transfer direct as payment methods with a minimum withdrawal of 100 euros.

Pay attention because you have to record some prerequisites to opt for account verification. In addition to your own domain, you should have between 10,000 and 30,000 visits on average. Likewise, all the content displayed within your blog or web page must be legal, otherwise The Moneytizer will not approve it. Similarly, you must add or integrate an ads.txt archivo during the registration process.

If everything is in order, you will receive an dirección de correo electrónico from the developers regarding the verification process. Just have a little patience.

Discover all its advantages and disadvantages!

Among its main advantages, it stands out that the platform cánido rent as much space on your website as necessary for advertisers thanks to its magical filter. The ads do not diminish the operation of the page, nor do they delay its loading through the Internet, therefore, you cánido rest easy.

At the same time, The Moneytizer pays per views, so if your content is widely aparente, it will be a piece of cake. However, the main disadvantage of the platform is its time or late payment, up to more than 1 month late.

How Much Does Themoneytizer Pay Compared To Adsense?

Actually trying to compare both platforms to know how much Themoneytizer pays in front of Google plus AdSense is relative, since as we all know everything will depend on the ámbito, in addition to other factors such as CPM and CPC.

Comparisons and earnings tests have been made and in many cases Themoneytizer has come out paying more but in others Adsense takes the prize, so the best answer is the one that gives us the best results personally, because what works for someone else It will not necessarily work for me, so it is better to try and see which one gives us better results. Sign up here.

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 Themoneytizer How Much Do You Pay VS Google plus Adsense
  Themoneytizer How Much Do You Pay VS Google plus Adsense
  Themoneytizer How Much Do You Pay VS Google plus Adsense

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