TheMoneytizer: earnings, how to register your

TheMoneytizer: earnings, how to register your

Today we search alternatives to Adsense that offer the same results, with profits afín to or even greater than the large amount of advertising.

However, there are not many that stand out and the few that are may not be known to you.

But that’s what we’re here for.

We found this advertising company thanks to Rubén Alonso a titan of the seo-web ámbito and, in general, from the Internet world, with this we already made sure that it is not a “scam” company that does not pay.

Our goal was to mezcle Adsense for more profit, and it was.

After trying TheMoneytizer for a few months, we have results and we are very happythen we will provide you in detail how this company works and what results we have obtained by implementing it on one of our web pages.

How does TheMoneytizer work?

Before seeing the profits, you have to know that it is a company that offers banners cpm through Header Biddingwhich is basically programmatic advertising.

It is a type of automatic advertising where you bid for the web spaces at the time a usuario visits your website (in real time), offering very related and usuario-related advertising.

Use the system smartrefreshwhere aparente ads are upgrade to maximize revenue of each format.

This is very good, because if a visitor has a banner nearby it is updated only with new and fresh advertising.

As we said before TheMoneytizer offers 100% CPM advertising (cost per thousand visits).

On some pages it works very well and on others not so much.

Everything is to test it to see how it goes.

Profits obtained with TheMoneytizer

Although we will talk about the previous months, we continue to use this advertising on our websites.

We believe that currently, together with another company that we will talk about soon, it is the best alternative to Adsense that we have found.

It must be taken into account that, We have only used two banners, one located in the sidebar and another aparente only on mobile phones in the middle of the text (after paragraph 8).

This is really important, with these two banners and their location, compared to Adsense the results are despiadado.

Let’s go with the results.

We have removed the last month (June 2020) where more or less advertising has returned to habitual after the coronavirus pandemic.

Earnings TheMoneytizer June 2020
TheMoneytizer earnings in 2020 (January to June)

Data to keep in mind about earnings

  • Each banner received an average of 30,000 daily impressions.
  • Each visitor stays on average 6 minutes per pagethis facilitates a greater refreshment of advertising and therefore more impressions.
  • We mezcle TheMoneytizer with 5 more Adsense banners + another companyscattered all over the page.
  • In the profit capture from January to June, there are periods that we have removed advertising due to staff changes or tests with other companies.

    We also paused them during some weekends (Friday to Sunday) where we placed personalized banners from companies that contracted those spaces.

  • It must be taken into account that the months of the pandemic (coronavirus) the payment of advertising has decreased considerably.

    It was noticeable in Adsense and any other company.

What do you need to earn money with TheMoneytizer?

Before starting with the recordyou should check that you meet the minimum requirements (they are quite quiet lights, they put them in order not to have hundreds of websites in inventory that barely have visits).

The requirements are:

  • Arrive to minimum of 25,000 visits a month.
  • use a own domainno blogspots, wix, wordpress or afín.
  • They do not accept websites from: illegal downloads, sexual content, websites that viola copyrights and those that offer violent content, gore, etcétera.


If you have met the above requirements, it is time to register.

Begin registering with your data here.

You cánido earn €5 as soon as you have generated the first euro if you include our sponsor code in the relevant section:


The data is basic and if you are a company you must mark it to later include your self-employed / company data.

Add your website

Once the dirección de correo electrónico is registered and verified, as soon as you entrar the platform, the option to include your website will appear. they will ask you dirección de Internet, site language, category and the number of visits per month.

Upload the ads.txt archivo

If you already have your own ads.txt archivo, just including the lines from this archivo in yours would be fenezca.

The final format should look something like this:

Once you have it ready you perro check that it works with the option «Check your ads.txt archivo» within the Integration menu of your site in TheMoneytizer.

Without this step the advertising banners will not work.

Integrate banner to comply with the GDPR

You perro integrate your own (as long as it complies with the law) or the one provided by TheMoneytizer.

In the same way as with the ads.txt archivo, you perro verify that the consent banner works.

You only have to choose the language of the tag and insert it between the your code here from your website.

If you use your own banner and it does not comply with the law, they will notify you from TheMoneytizer, although don’t worry we have been using our own banner not very legal and the only thing they told us is that the income would decrease.

Insert advertising banners on your website

Now it’s time to start earning money.

Choose among the many sizes of banners that exist and put the code in the spaces of your website that you want.

A little trick from the great Rubén Alonso of

If the attribute is added defer to the code, the banner will not load until the page has loaded.

Thus we gain a few milliseconds of speed and less interrupt navigation:

Trick to increase the loading speed on your site.

Cashing in TheMoneytizer winnings

The time has come to collect what we have generated.

What you should know:

  • you cánido choose collect vía Paypal or bank transfer.

    Our recommendation, transfer to save commissions.

  • He minimum payment is €50.
  • payments are received 60 days later since the invoice is generated.

    This is habitual, Adsense pays the following month and Amazon affiliates three months later.

  • The invoices are generated on the 10th of each month.
  • You have to add one or two days since they send the transfer, this will depend on your bank.
  • Cánido print the PDF of the invoices from the “Invoices and payments” section.
  • You will not find VAT on invoicesThis is because it is abroad and at the same time it is within the EU, but you must be registered in the ROI (Registry of Intra-Community Operators).
Payment process TheMoneytizer

How does technical support work?

In our case we were assigned a publisher manager Spanish and from the first minute we have been in contact with him and he has resolved all our doubts.

They ask questions that they don’t know, they speak your language naturally and it doesn’t give the impression that you are talking to machines as it happens in other agencies.

Is TheMoneytizer the ultimate Adsense alternative?

Although the results are more than positive, we would never make the full switch to this company.

For a fácil reason, as a general rule, the more banners a company puts, the less they pay.

The best option is remove any Adsense banner and replace it with TheMoneytizer.

It is proven that more profits are obtained by both parties.

We hope you liked our article TheMoneytizer: earnings, how to register your
and everything related to earning money, getting a job, and the economy of our house.

 TheMoneytizer: earnings, how to register your
  TheMoneytizer: earnings, how to register your
  TheMoneytizer: earnings, how to register your

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