The secret to improve your life by 3600%

The secret to improve your life by 3600%

I want to improve my life.

This is perhaps one of the greatest searches within personal development.

However, the way we are trying it may be the reason why it has become so complex.

The problem with personal growth is that we all think and aspire to big changes in life.

We believe that overnight we will lose those plus kilogramos, we will become high performance athletes and we will change our lifestyle.

We have too high expectations for the near future; which requires amazing results in the short term, which in most cases we will not be able to meet.

To improve your life, you need more than motivation

At first, when we are fully motivated, it is habitual to believe that this time we will be able to achieve that change.

We begin to see those immense goals that are very achievable, and we begin to imagine that new life that we dream of so much.

Everything is going perfectly.

However, motivation runs out. It is impossible to get up every day with the desire to go out and eat the world, to work for our goals and break the limits.

There will be days that it will rain and we will not want to go footing; there will be unnecessary expenses that we will make and that oppose our financial goals, there will be days that we will not want to do anything…

Those days are the ones that make us throw in the towel, and when we see the magnitude of our objectives, we prefer to give up mentally and look for new horizons.

The lack of motivation and the fear that we feel of failing (again) is a very lethal combination for our dreams.

Despite this evidence, we continue to adopt this methodology for our personal growth.

We know each other, we know the possible results, and yet we continue to insist.

How to improve my life without the need for big goals:

In this article I would like to propose something different.

Something that does not require big goals or a big effort.

This is known as the Kaizen Method and without a doubt, it offers you a better oportunidad of success.

In fact, this method allows you to improve your life by 3600% every year.

So what is it about? The first thing you must understand is that you cannot continue aspiring to make big changes in your life overnight.

Although this sounds a bit contradictory, since I am telling you that to improve your performance almost 40 times you must stop aspiring to great things, it is totally true.

As strange as it may seem, this methodology that I propose consists of improving only 1% each day.

You don’t have to plan your next marathon or 2-hour training session.

Neither aspire to eliminate your debts in a matter of three months or quit smoking overnight.

This strategy requires minimal effort and has big results, like improving 3600% per year.
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The Kaizen Method and its compound effect

To fully understand how this method works, you must have the magic of compound interest.

Basically this states that your only goal is to start as soon as possible and Focus on improving only 1% compared to the day before.

When you least expect it, you will have performance that you never thought you had achieved.

Here is a performance table:

At first you will think that this push-up you are doing is pointless, but after a month, when you are doing 35 in one attempt, you will understand the power of this methodology.

The same for your changes in your personal finances, in your harmful habits or in a lifestyle change.

If your way of growing personally is to get up and do 35 push-ups on your first try (as you’ve been trying all this time), you might just get it, but the next day you’ll be so tired you’ll think twice about doing it again.

This does not happen with 1%, since it is something so fácil and easy to do that you will not have any impediment in doing it.

It’s too easy not to.

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Now, for the days you don’t want to do it, when you don’t have the motivation or just cánido’t, it will only affect your performance by 1%, so you won’t have the disappointment of failing again.

You don’t need the new year to start, you just need to make the minimum effort (1%), to embark on the path of great changes in your life.

If you commit, one year from today you will have improved 3600%.

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 The secret to improve your life by 3600%
  The secret to improve your life by 3600%
  The secret to improve your life by 3600%

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