The secret that NO ONE wants to tell you about

The secret that NO ONE wants to tell you about

The year 2017 was too stressful for me: I needed money to pay for my classes at the university, and that’s why I decided to find a job that would give me that income.

I had already worked teaching classes before, so since that was what I knew, I decided to go back to it.

But I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be for me.

I found a job at an academy that was quite far from my house, so every day It took me an hour to go and another to come back (they were exhausting two hours by autobús), in addition to the time he had to spend there working.

In the mornings I went to class and in the afternoons to work, but that position was taking up a lot of my time for my studies and to be with my family.

However, I was holding on, but I felt that with each passing month, I was getting more and more exhausted, Until one day I exploded.

I woke up every day without illusion because I knew what awaited me during the day, and I slept worse and worse thinking that if I quit that job, I wouldn’t be able to help with household expenses or pay for my studies.

I had to do something, and that’s why I looked for a way to generate income from my home en línea.

So I went to Google plus, And what I found chilled me…

The titles of the results that appeared to me were interesting, but as soon as I clicked on them and entered those pages, the deceit was smelled for kilometers.

I admit that this demotivated me quite a bit.

One day, reading a newspaper from my city, I saw an advert on the right side in which they announced something that said that you could make money talkingand I was curious, so I clicked there.

It took me to a page called Hablaula in which they promised to tell you how start earning money from home just with your voice

The website was well made and seemed reliable, but before taking any chances, I preferred search the Internet for opinions of other people that they had already tried it to know more about it and be sure that it was going to be a good method.

But what I found surprised me: there was a secret about Hablaula that no one told, and about which I knew nothing until I started working with them.

That is why I have decided to write this article for you, because perhaps you are also in the same situation that I was in, and Here I am going to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about this platform, and what is the secret that nobody is telling.

What will you find in this article?

whatWhat is Hablaula and how it works?

Hablaula It is a platform where they teach you how to work recording texts with your voice to earn money.

It works like this: the client sends you a text that you have to record with a microphone or with your phone reading it out loud, and once it’s recorded, you just have to send the audio archivo back to them.

But besides that, Hablaula teaches you with a fácil course everything you need to know so that you perro improve your voice and apply to the jobs they have for you.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to have a perfect or announcer voice.

Hablaula is not looking for someone who has an angelic voice, but someone who is capable of speak normally and record good texts according to the needs of whoever hires you.

Hablaula offers you all the training you need in the 6 modules of its course, but its main mission with you is make yourself available to customers so you cánido start working from home as soon as possible.

They not only give you the course to start learning how to record texts with your voice: they will also include you in their job bank.

This means that as soon as you are ready to start using your voice, They will start sending you job offers. to which you cánido apply to work as soon as possible.

What kind of jobs perro you do?

Everything will be related to your voice, so anything that requires you to speak is within your means when we talk about what job you will be doing specifically.

The best thing about Hablaula is that you are the one who decides what types of tasks you want to do, although these are some jobs what you cánido find:

  1. Put your voice for vídeos commercial.
  2. record a sound for YouTube vídeos.
  3. give your voice to characters of televisión.
  4. read a text and just record the audio.
  5. Vídeos or audios for classes.

There are a wide variety of jobs you perro get where your voice is involved, so if you want something flashier like lending your voice for vídeos or something more reserved like just reading a text to someone, you’ll get those too.

If you are a seguidor of vídeo games, you cánido also find your participation by recording audios for example for game guides.

Networks and pages like YouTube, Fb, Instagram and many others, are looking for many people who are willing to give their voice and the job could not be easier and more well paid.

go figure win 43 dollars for just sending an audio that only took you an hour to record: well, these types of jobs are what Hablaula offers.

Most of the jobs that you will get through Hablaula do not require much time unless they are long-term, and best of all, each of them offers you a good payment.

whatHow to start to work with Hablaula

1. Go to Hablaula page

Join Hablaula It’s very fácil: you just have to go to their website, register with your name and dirección de correo electrónico, and they will send you the first introductory vídeos for free.

It didn’t take me two minutes to do this.

The Hablaula page is very intuitive and easy to use, so you will not be lost at any time, and you’ll know how to navigate it in no time.

I recommend that if you are interested in this method to earn money from home talking, you register as soon as possible because the quota is limited.

They only have a few places that open from time to time.

For example, I enrolled, finished the course, and began to receive offers and immediately work with them.

But shortly after working I recommended it to a friend, and when she went to the Hablaula page, the slots were closed.

So she had to wait until the following month so that they would reopen the places for new members, and be able to register.

Therefore, if you are interested even a little in this, I advise you to register right now by clicking on the backlink above, and so you perro have your place reserved now so that they send you the first free vídeos as soon as possible.

2. Write your name and correo electrónico

To enroll in Hablaula and not lose your place, you only need write your name and correo electrónico in the form that you will find on their page like the one in the image below.

Once you have written them, clic on the orange button “Subscribe now”.

3. Receive your first vídeos for free

After you have registered for free in Hablaula, go to your dirección de correo electrónico: there Hablaula will send you your first introductory vídeos who will espectáculo you more about the course and teach you some secrets beforehand.

One thing to keep in mind is that for access the complete Hablaula course and receive job offers to earn money with your voice on their platform, you will have to pay your membership.

This membership is priced at $97, although you will only have to make the payment once, and with that you will be able to access forever to all job offers what they have.

For me it was a small investment that paid off: the course took me just two days to finish it.

And when I finished it I received two job offers which I accepted at the moment; one of them was to engrave a fácil text for which they paid me $39.

The other was to give voice to a vídeo on YouTube that lasted 10 minutes (they sent me all the text I had to say), and for this they paid me $125.

So in my first week, I had already recouped the investment in the membership that I had made, and I had got 67 dollars just for me.

My experience with Hablaula (and the secret that nobody tells you)

Hablaula It is a platform that was born in 2017, but I did not know about it until January 2018. I met her by oportunidad while searching the internet. New ways to earn money from home.

As I told you at the beginning of this article, I had a very stressful time in my life: I was studying at the university, and in order to pay for my classes and some expenses, I also started working teaching classes to earn some money.

But those classes were saturating me too much because I had to go to an academy to work that it was quite far from my house.

So every day I wasted two hours going to and from my job, and there I had to work for 3 hours, so in the end i was wasting a lot of time that I needed to use in my studies in exchange for a fairly low salary.

That was the reason why I decided to look for some source of income from my house: I needed something where I only had to work a couple of hours a day, and save me the autobús ride time it took to get to my job at the time.

The first thing that occurred to me was search for something related to writing since I am passionate about it, and it is what I really want to dedicate myself to when I finish my studies.

But what I never imagined is that the competition was going to be so tough: I registered on pages like Upwork, but there for each writer offer, Hundreds of people applied for the same position.

I’m not going to lie to you: I admit that this demotivated me a lotAnd I almost lost hope.

I already saw myself overwhelmed for a longer time having to continue teaching and combining my classes at the university.

Luckily, I am quite an optimistic person, and I quickly realized that I had to create a plan B.

So I decided to look for an alternative, and find something easy but that I could do with my computer from my room.

I found several sites that in Google plus for their titles seemed perfect, but when clicking on them and entering their pages, they smelled of scam from kilometers.

So I preferred to stay away from them because I didn’t want to fall into a trap.

One day I was reading my hometown newspaper en línea, and on the right I saw an ad of these that Google plus puts with their advertising, and they are sometimes so annoying.

But this time, it caught my attention too much…

I remember that it put something like “Do you know how to speak? Earn money with your voice! and I was immediately curious; so I clicked on it, and that’s when I got to the Hablaula page.

It seemed like a reliable website, and the information they gave was pretty good.

But before I risked it, I wanted to know more, and That’s why I looked for opinions on the Internet.

But this is where I realized of the great secret that nobody was telling: that Hablaula is actually a platform to find a job.

When I googled reviews, everyone said that it was a good place to learn how to record texts with your voice and make money with it.

But no one said that besides that, they also sent job offers.

And right now you will be thinking: And why doesn’t anyone tell?

Very easy: because that way there are fewer people who register on the page, and those who are already registered the offers are distributed among them without having to share them with more people.

Therefore, if you look for Hablaula opinions on the Internet, you will see that 95% just talk about how good the page is, but they don’t explain anything about how it works.

And that’s why I’m writing this for you.

He took working with Hablaula since March of this year, and so far my experience has been 10, and it has allowed me to work comfortably at home with my own hours, and I perro perfectly mezcle this job with my classes at the university.

The first thing I did, as I have already told you above in step 1 and 2, was entrar your website, and put my name and correo electrónico, and the second a new screen appeared with the first vídeo that was also sent to my dirección de correo electrónico.

The first introductory vídeos are completely freethey are sent to your dirección de correo electrónico, and they give you a pretty good iniciativa of ​​what you cánido expect from this platform.

Coming to the last vídeo, I wanted to know more about it, but I found that to access the full course had to pay a $97 membership (this is another of the things that the weblogs I visited did not have), and that disappointed me a bit.

However, I felt that I was before a unique opportunityso I contacted Hablaula support to ask them a couple of questions.

I asked them if that membership had to be paid every month or every year and they told me no, that it was only once to be able to access forever to the course and job offers.

Here I admit that I was surprised.

Job offers? I thought this was just a course!

So I asked them again, and they explained that the modules with vídeos to learn were only a part of their page; the other part was Get clients for whom you perro record texts with your voiceand thus start working with them.

They also told me that if I was not happy with that, I could complain and I would get 100% of my money back.

I didn’t think twice, so I paid for the membership, and right away they gave me access to all 6 modules to start learning everything I needed.

I finished them in just two days because they were so easy to follow, and they had vídeos that made it even easier.

In the first they taught me the most common mistakes that are usually committed.

In the second, where to get the tools you needed for free, and the secret to working in a good environment.

In the third module I discovered some vocal techniques that later helped me get better clients.

in the room I learned how to earn more money with my voice spending fewer hoursin the fifth they taught me advanced tricks to recording, and in the sixth how to equipo my prices and double my income.

As soon as I finished all of them, I sent a message to Hablaula support to tell them, and Two hours later I received my first job offer..

It was just reading a fácil text that it took me 10 minutes to record it because I was a little nervous since it was my first time, I wanted to do it as well as possible, and I repeated it about 3 times to send it perfect.

After sending it, I had to wait about 4 hours, and then Hablaula sent me an correo electrónico telling me that the client was happy with my audio, and he would pay me the 39 dollars that we had agreed.

I thought that after that they would stop the offers for a few days, but no.

The next day I received another task, and this time the price was much higher: $125 for recording audio for a YouTube vídeo.

I’ve been working like this for 3 months now, and I never lack offers to work; for some they pay me more, and for others a little less.

But I am always getting every month between $675 and $850 every month thanks to which I no longer have to worry about paying for my classes.

Here I share a proof of payment from PayPal for the first three jobs I did: the first for which I was paid $39, the second for which I was paid $125, and the third for which I was paid $147.56.

My experience with Hablaula It has been satisfactory and, although I had doubts at first, now I do not regret taking a risk and joining this platform at all.

What types of texts would you like to record in Hablaula? Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think.

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 The secret that NO ONE wants to tell you about
  The secret that NO ONE wants to tell you about
  The secret that NO ONE wants to tell you about

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